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Jeremy Ausmus has recorded a live version of the Plain White Tee's song Hey There Delilah with alternate lyrics which have thrilled the poker world.

Poker players are multi-talented creatures. With it only taking an average of 70 hours per week for five or six years to ‘make it’, the best in the game often have plenty of spare time on their hands to become business investors, cryptocurrency experts or… singer/guitarists??

Mighty Poker Gods, Mighty Poker Song?

Yes, if you’re Jeremy Ausmus then you really can do anything. Not content to have won $13.2 million in live tournaments across a glittering career at the felt which has included five WSOP bracelets, Ausmus has turned his hand to music. Adapting the Plain White Tees’ song Hey There Delilah, Ausmus has reworked the lyrics and recorded his ‘cover version’ on film as he plays the guitar.

It’s unmissable content, and without further ado, let’s welcome the PGT, WPT and Poker Masters event winner to the stage.

It’s quite a performance, and the irony of Ausmus wearing a ‘plain white tee’ throughout the act was not lost on the poker fraternity. Universally loved, Ausmus’ skilful reworking of the lyrics to suit the world of three bets, all-ins and GTO is hilariously written and brilliantly performed.

The Poker World Praises ‘Guts’ of Ausmus

Ausmus’ peers have come out to support the Vegas-based star. Everyone seems to be an Ausmus superfan. WSOP commentator Lon McEachern said: “I know it takes a ton of time to put something like that together, every step of the way, and the guts of a burglar to put yourself out there like that. Nice going Jeremy!”

As Ausmus replied “I’ve done some other songs that were quick and easy but ya this one took a while. Thanks Lon.”, plenty more of his poker pals joined in the praise-athon.

“Can you please write infinite more verses?” said Josh Arieh. “But can you dance!?” asked Tom Wheaton, to which Ausmus quipped, “That’s the last thing I can or will ever do.”

Some went even further. Remko Rinkema, who won a Global Poker Award last year for his work on PokerGO, asked: “I demand we open the PokerGO Cup final table ceremony with you performing this song on stage.”

WPT Player of the Year and TV writer and producer Matt Salsberg joked: “Disgraceful you missed a Full House rhyming perfectly with Jared Strauss but strong piece nonetheless.  Kudos, sir.”

Ausmus’s Lyrics in Full

Amid the gushing admiration, promises of a new Global Poker Award category from Eric Danis and the showering of praise from the poker world, Ausmus’ lyrical genius could easily be missed. Sure, women want to be with him, men want to be him, but it’s lyricists everywhere who are jealous.

Here are the full lyrics from the latest pre-chart sensation that seems destined to hit the Billboard Top 100 in days: Jeremy Ausmus / Hey, Mighty Poker Gods.

Verse #1

Hey, Mighty Poker Gods what’s it like to decide it all,

to decide who hits two outers and who will have the downfall today?

That’s why to you I pray

Please don’t betray…

Hey Mighty Poker Gods, don’t worry about the bad beat

I know next time will be different and I’ll get into the lucky seat for sure

We’ll show my opponents what’s in store

We’ll leave ‘em poor…


Oh, give me good cards please, like angelic queens

Oh, give me good card please, like the holy pocket kings

Holy pocket kings

Hey Mighty Poker Gods, would it really, really be that hard,

To flop that guy a set but on the river, I hit my card

Well get him good,

We’ll send him to the rail like we should

Crush his manhood.

Hey Mighty Poker Gods, I’ve got much to confess

if every prayer of mine was answered,

I would not live to excess anymore

I’d set the GPI high score

And win gold galore…


Winning flips would earn a lot

Especially in a great big pot

I can’t win tourneys any other way

Fools waste time on GTO

But only the wise men know

To trust in you if they really wanna slay

SPRs and ICM don’t matter when all in and at risk to possibly bust

Or be left with dust…

Hey Mighty Poker Gods, I’d sacrifice my first-born child

And sign in blood my soul to you

To never ever lose again

I trust that you will have me win

Would that be such a godforsaken sin

Mighty Poker Gods, when oh when will the heater begin?


Hell, yeah.



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