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Las Vegas covid rates are lower than previous months but some casinos still want staff to be vaccinated

Las Vegas casino workers are now required to show proof of vaccination against coronavirus if they are to work in some of the city’s biggest venues.

As of Friday October 15th, most non-union and salaried employees required to work at venues such as MGM Resorts and the Westgate need to have been vaccinated in order to keep their jobs.

The policy from a number of Vegas casinos has come as the city seeks to keep its doors open to visitors.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many casinos and hotels close for a period last year and restrictions have only recently begun to ease. Now life is something similar to ‘normal’ again in Sin City, casinos are drawing up measures to keep it that way.

And financial analysts are keeping an eye on how both Vegas workers and tourists will react to the new measures. On one hand it is hoped that setting a deadline for vaccinations of employees will entice those as-yet inoculated against Covid to come forward.

However, Vegas is open for business and the job market is booming, which means those not vaccinated could leave and find work elsewhere.

Vegas Covid Vaccine Drive

Many of the biggest casinos and hotel resorts have already experienced success in their vaccination programs, which incentivized employees to get jabbed.

Back in the spring initiatives such as offering bonus pay that rose depending on the proportion of the work force getting the vaccine proved successful. Staff at the Cosmopolitan could earn as much as $500 each if everyone was vaccinated.

Casinos have also invested millions of dollars into ensuring their gaming halls and entertainment areas are more Covid-secure, with initiatives such as social distancing, face masks and cashless casinos being installed.

Gamble for Casinos

But despite all the efforts of casinos to ensure they are Covid-safe, not everyone wants to have the vaccine.

Friday’s deadline for unvaccinated staff may well incentivize more workers to get jabbed. But Vegas’ thriving employment sector means there are plenty of other jobs available.

And analyst Steve Budin recently told KTNV that he is keeping watch on how Vegas’ employment sector is reshaped following the new measures.

“Other (casinos) may copy and adapt the same type of policies,” said Budin. “Keep in mind, there’s such a high demand for workers right now that the worker might say ‘I don’t want to get vaccinated’ and they may move on to another property.”

With that in mind, other casinos are likely to be watching MGM and the Westgate to see how their staff react to this deadline. If it turns out that requiring workers be vaccinated has simply driven them away, then the Strip’s other venues may take a different approach.

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