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Is Las Vegas about to get another casino but this time away from The Strip?

Plans for Las Vegas’ next casino to be developed in the south west of the city could be held up by concerns of what impact the Durango Station mega complex will have on locals.

The Spring Valley Town Advisory Board has green lit Station Casinos’ plans for a casino and hotel complex on the 71 acre site that is currently a patch of scorched earth.

According to the proposal, the two-part development intends to be completed in 2022 and has already been “scaled down” following local opposition from residents.

The Durango Station Hotel and Casino will feature:

  • 99,000 square feet of gaming space
  • 452 hotel rooms
  • 20,000 square feet of outdoor dining space

Where Will Durango Station Casino Be In Vegas?

The development would be one of the biggest to be situated away from the famous Las Vegas Strip and indicates that the city is pushing to increase its tourism industry further afield.

Vegas is back open for business following the coronavirus pandemic and casinos are investing billions into their gambling and entertainment complexes.

However, it’s taking time to get the Durango Casino off the ground. Indeed, a stand-off between the casino company and the Culinary Union is threatening to overshadow the progress.

According to the Union, “the project has the potential to generate even more traffic on top of what is already anticipated with the completion of the UnCommons and Bend mixed-use developments nearby.” There are also concerns that Station Casinos’ union-free policy has exacerbated opposition to the development.

The Union argues that the property, with its proposed entrance on Maule Avenue, will:

  • Increase from 18,533 to 78,558 vehicle trips per day
  • Endanger children crossing the road
  • Impact access to the Red Ridge Family Park

Station Casinos hit back in a statement, saying: “We have grown used to decades of endless harassment by the Culinary Union. Instead of applauding a project that will pay millions in local taxes, create a beautiful new amenity for the neighborhood and create thousands of construction and permanent jobs, including jobs for people they supposedly care about, they take the low road and play petty politics. Nothing that comes from the Culinary Union can be trusted.”

What the Union can actually do to hold up the development remains to be seen, but the recent Spring Valley Town Advisory Board approval means the decision is now passed on to Clark County.

In a statement, Clark County commissioner Justin Jones said he will consider the input from residents during a meeting with the zoning commission in September.

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