Breaking Down the Action:
  • Early Levels Eliminate Trio of Stars
  • Wisbrod Goes Close Yet Again
  • Reixach Cannot Rule as Retour Bags Double

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Sergi Reixach fell just short of claiming this week's GGPoker Super MILLION$ title as the 'chip leader curse' went on.

A thrilling final table of action in this week’s Super MILLION$ finale saw GGPoker winner ‘RetourAuLobby’ claim a second win in the format in six weeks. As players such as Anatoly Filatov and Pedro Garagnani both missed out on the business end of the final table, the winner saw off the challenge of yet another cursed chip leader as Sergi Reixach fell short.

Early Levels Eliminate Trio of Stars

First to bust was one of the two Russians at the table as Nikita Kuznetsov bowed out early. All-in with ace-king of hearts, ‘XavierXu’ from China called with pocket eights and won the ‘coinflip’ after a cruel runout handed the Russian an ace on the flop but XavierXu a diamond flush on the river for $41,793.

Out in eighth place was Anatoly Filatov, as the second Russian left early too. All-in for a short stack with king-ten for five big blinds, Filatov busted to XavierXu’s ace-queen after an ace on the flop held for the Chinese-based player. That meant Filatov not only missed out on the heads-up of the tournament – where he was present last week – but the six-figure scores too, cashing for $53,515.

The third of three very big players busted next, as Pedro Garagnani left in seventh place. The Brazilian, who has sat atop the world’s online poker player rankings on numerous occasions, busted for $68,525 in seventh place when he was the victim of Israeli player Barak Wisbrod. Garagnani three-bet shoved with ace-ten of clubs and was well ahead of Wisbrod calling hand of ace-deuce, but the board had other plans and gave the latter a wheel straight to reduce the field to just half a dozen hopefuls.

Wisbrod Goes Close Yet Again

The most amusingly named player busted in sixth place. Montenegran player ‘Zombie Chow’ had survived until the final six players, but could go no further, slain for a cash prize of $87,745. Calling off his stack with pocket jacks, he started the all-in pre-flop hand well ahead of Wisbrod’s ace-ten, but the Israeli’s hand was suited and made a flush on the river.

It was XavierXu who busted in fifth place after three-bet shoving with ace-nine only to run into the pocket aces of ‘BananenBencb789’. The former hit a nine but could improve no further and slid out of contention for $112,355 in fifth place.

Wisbrod was the next player to leave as he once again got close to the title without managing to get over the line. The Israeli player called off his stack with a premium hand, holding ace-queen. But he was some way behind as the raiser in the hand, ‘RetourAuLobby’ showed ace-king and held through the board to send Wisbrod home in fourth place for $143,869.

Reixach Cannot Rule as Retour Bags Double

Sergi Reixach had gone a long way and seemed determined to ‘beat the curse’ of being a big chipleader but fell just two places short of doing so. The Spaniard won $184,221 when he had connection problems on the site only to reappear online in time to shove with ace-deuce. Calling with the dominating ace-jack, ‘RetourAuLobby’ couldn’t have been more grateful that Reixach’s Mexican broadband provider pulled it out of the bag, making the call.

In the end, RetourAuLobby’s jack kicker was good enough to win the pot and go into heads-up with a sizeable lead, holding 10.3 million chips to Austria’s BananenBencb789 with 3.5 million. With the big blind at 200,000, the Austrian shoved with king-four offsuit, but RetourAuLobby had the easiest decision in the world, clicking the ‘call’ button and holding with ease. BananenBencb789 was drawing dead by the turn and the Mexico-based RetourAuLobby claimed their second Super MILLION$ victory in six weeks for a top prize of $302,053, with their Austrian opponent claiming the $235,891 runner-up prize.

You can watch all the action on the GGPoker YouTube channel for free with presenting by regular host Jeff Gross and guest commentator Italian poker sensation Mustapha Kanit.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ December 20th, 2022 Final Table Results:

Position Player Country Prize
1st RetourAuLobby Mexico $302,053
2nd BananenBencb789 Austria $235,891
3rd Sergi Reixach Spain $184,221
4th Barak Wisbrod Israel $143,869
5th XavierXu China $112,355
6th Zombie Chow Montenegro $87,745
7th Pedro Garagnani Brazil $68,525
8th Anatoly Filatov Russia $53,515
9th Nikita Kuznetsov Russia $41,793




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