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Symplify US is an online casino tech provider for AI solutions

A Swedish company renowned for its tech and AI cloud solutions is expanding into the North American online casino industry, in the hope of contributing to the booming new entertainment venture.

Online gambling in America has been legal in certain states since 2018, and now more than half the country is able to bet online and play casino games.

This rapid expansion of a multi-billion dollar industry has caused heads to turn in Europe, where online gambling has been legal for the past two decades. And Swedish firm Symplify is seeking to get in on the action.

According to the company, Symplify has created a North American entity called Symplify US that will seek to provide the casino industry with the tech solutions it needs.

Robert Kimber, CEO at Symplify, said: “As part of the Symplify story, I am pleased to welcome the next and natural step of Symplify, establishing a permanent presence within the continental United States. The gaming market in the US is becoming home away from home for Symplify technology.”

Symplify US

Symplify US could prove beneficial for online casino players, with new tech, safety and management systems lined up

What Is Symplify?

Symplify is based in Stockholm and is a market leader for customer relations management and artificial intelligence. The firm has excelled in recent years by supporting the gambling and iGaming markets in Europe.

The company creates software and products that casinos and game operators can use to better improve their output. In turn, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and a wider range of games available to players.

Symplify offers iGaming and gambling operators a single CRM Ecosystem, so that multi communication channels can work in tandem. By integrating communication, retention and conversion strategies into one stream, Symplify aims to offer operators a more straightforward means of managing and developing their casinos.

Stephen Crystal has been appointed president of Symplify US and will continue to serve as founder and CEO of SCCG Management.

Kimber added: “We meet like-minded innovators who need a platform that understands the marriage of traditional casino entertainment and the expectation of the newly transitioned digital user.

“Applying our thorough understanding of the digital gaming market, together with SCCG’s close knit relationship with brick-and-mortar casinos, has proven to be very successful. Establishing a US base with my friend and colleague Stephen Crystal in charge, is an exciting and self-evident opportunity for Symplify.”

Why Symplify Can Help US Gamblers?

But what does this mean for actual players? There are millions of online gamblers across America and more are joining the community every day, as states complete their legislative processes to ensure sportsbooks and casinos can launch within their territories.

Casino operators like BetMGM and FOXBet, as well as land-based establishments, are always looking for the next tech solutions that can help improve their offerings to players.

Symplify’s CRM Ecosystem means operators can create highly personalized systems and content that suit individual players. It runs along in the background as a B2B tool, so gamblers are unlikely to know that Symplify plays a crucial part in their casino or sportsbook operation.

And gamblers could well see the benefit. Right now some online gambling operators struggle with the mass of data they must process when creating customer banks. The more customers an operator has, the more data it needs to retain, use and protect.

Creating new games, developing app software, improving player protection and increasing customer support for players is all part of the development process. And tools such as Symplify make it, well, simpler.

Stephen Crystal said: “The powerful capabilities created by the Symplify suite of solutions – powered by AI and Machine Learning – are not only industry-leading, but they’re also industry firsts. A decade ago, AI was a marketing term broadly plastered across products to draw unwarranted attention to the emergent technology.

“Now it falls to the team at Symplify US to help share the power of the Symplify solution with North American casino gaming operators. We want to let their marketing teams know that we have a CRM solution that adds value, without the cost of too much labour, time, and attention.” 

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