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Matt StevensonSeptember 24, 2015
February 02, 2018

Is The Wynn Casino Case A Legitimate Claim? One Judge is Unsure.

Resort and Casino placement is always a hotly debated topic, and this has certainly been the case for Wynn Resorts’ proposed casino in Everett. The casino, a 1.7 billion dollar project proposed by Steve Wynn has already received the license to build. They had, in fact, won the bid for licensing of the land against competing Suffolk Downs and Mohegan Sun earlier this year. However, Boston Mayor Martin J. Welsh has been legally fighting this license since the moment it was awarded.

The mayor believes that this casino would affect both Boston and Charleston residents. One of the main roads up to the casino, the Horizon Way, actually originates in Boston.  Because of this the mayor has decided to pursue legal actions against the Wynn resort to make sure that it does not get built. The much-anticipated trial finally took place this Tuesday, and the verdict was less than pleasing for either party.

Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders presided over the affair this Tuesday morning and after a two and a half-hour court session she seemed to be considering dismissing the entire case. Her reasons were that a decision like this should be made by a gambling commission instead of one judge. She stated that a matter like this could take such a commission several years to decide on, which is considerably less time than most people want to wait before hearing a verdict. As of now we can only wait and see what happens next.

It is impossible to tell how this matter will be resolved, but so far it doesn’t seem to bode well for either Mayor Martin J. Welsh or Steve Wynn. One option that was presented was that citizens in the area should be allowed to vote on the decision, since they are the ones whose lives will be impacted the most. In fact Thomas Frongillo, the lawyer representing the city of Boston stated that he believes the license was granted unlawfully. The location presented for the casino is partly over Boston city lines.

Now it is up to Judge Sanders to decide whether or not the Wynn casino is, in fact, a violation of Boston city statutes and whether the license was granted lawfully or not. Right now it is hard to say what the Judge will decide, and it will be interesting to see how this story unfolds.

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