How To Cash In With A VIP Program

What was once an experience reserved for the wealthy when they strutted into a fancy club or restaurant has spread to every corner of every day life. The VIP program is a way for your local grocery store, coffee shop, sub shop and mechanic to encourage brand loyalty. This practice is no different at online casinos where players are rewarded for that loyalty and continued attendance. In this guide, we’ll explain what a VIP program and loyalty bonus system is, the difference in programs, how it can benefit you, how to sign up and what type of rewards you can earn.

Best Online Casinos for A VIP Program

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Ignition Casino

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Wild Casino
Wild Casino

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$3000 BONUS 300+ Slots -

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Min Deposit $20

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Cafe Casino
Cafe Casino

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250+ Slots

RATING: 4.5/5

Min Deposit $20

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What is a VIP Program?

An online casino VIP program is another term for a loyalty program. You, the player, are truly a “very important person” to their business and they want to find ways to keep you around and engaged with the casino games for as long as possible. So, much like airlines offer “frequent flyer miles” to their top customers, online casinos offer VIP program promotions that are accrued simply by participating and wagering on various online slots and table games like blackjack, poker and roulette.

bovada vip program

VIP Program: Different Types

Points based

A points-based VIP program is geared towards those who appreciate instant gratification. The more you play and wager, the more VIP points you earn and those points can be converted into everything from cash, free withdrawals, free spin bonuses, reduced vig / juice, free tournament entries and more!

An example of this can be found at BetOnline’s casino and poker rooms where VIP Points are earned by wagering real money and buying into tournaments. For every cent you wager, you earn one comp point.

Tier Based

Most online casinos offer a tier-based VIP program. Imagine you’re participating in the Olympic games and working your way towards earning a bronze, silver or gold medal. That’s how many of these casino loyalty systems are structured.

A great example of this is Bovada’s tier-based VIP program where new players begin as a “Starter” before earning promotions to “Rookie”, “Pro”, “All-Star”, “Legend”, and “Hall of Fame”. To start, for every 2500 rewards points a “Starter” accumulate, they earn $1 whereas a “Legend” only has to rack up 1,000 rewards points to earn the $1. There are also generous casino, poker and sportsbook cashback perks at each tier. The cashback percentage improves as you graduate to higher tiers. This VIP program encourages brand loyalty longevity.

How Do You Get into a VIP Program?

In most cases, once you create a new account and make a first deposit, you’re automatically entered into that online casino’s VIP program. From there, their systems track your every move and bet. In short, the more you’re active and wager, the more VIP program points and prestige you earn.

Just like the VIP section of your favorite club or restaurant, some programs are invite-only and/or for high-rollers. Some of these loyalty programs aren’t advertised, but invitations are received by email or internal messaging service. These perks are highly coveted and, at times, very secretive. It’s really difficult to get a pulse of what is offered at this invite-only level, but rest assured, if you’re wagering big bucks – win or lose – the online casinos’ account big wigs are going to want to keep you around for a very long time and will stuff your pockets with kickbacks when they can.

What Rewards Can You Earn?

VIP program

As technology and VIP programs improve, online casinos continue to try and one-up each other in terms of creativity and higher cash back incentives. They know you’re shopping around – and if you aren’t, you should be – for the best promotional offers tied to the games they play most often. Just because you dip your toe into the sportsbook every so often and their sports VIP rewards system stinks, doesn’t mean that casino’s VIP rewards system tied to slot games does, too. Find what suits you best. While the list of rewards vary from site to site, these are some of the most popular.

An online casino VIP program is another term for a loyalty program. You, the player, are truly a “very important person” to their business and they want to find ways to keep you around and engaged with the games for as long as possible.

Cash Back

Who doesn’t want cash back for betting? Heck, at a brick and mortar casino, they feed you free drinks, the least an online casino can do is kick back a few bucks for the time and effort, right?

Circling back to Bovada’s VIP program tiered-system, their cash back offer at the “Starter” level is 6.5% at the casino, 3.5% at poker, and 2.5% at the sportsbook. These percentages increase the more levels and tiers you graduate to over time.

Tournament Entries

The World Series of Poker is a highly coveted ticket and some VIP programs offer free seats at their satellite tournaments to their most prominent players. To earn a poker tournament entry, a player would likely have to play X-number of hands, enter Y-number of tournaments or wager Z-number of dollars to rack up enough experience points to cash them in for the ticket. You’re playing poker anyways, why not take advantage of the free VIP program and parlay that experienced into a free tournament ticket?

Free Spins

Those who enjoy online casino slot games know the more they play, the more VIP points they earn and those are often cashed in for FREE spins on a weekly or monthly basis – sometimes automatically.


If an online casino works with third-party partners, sometimes those VIP program points can be exchanges for prizes like a big screen, HD television or high-end stereo equipment or headphones.

Online Casino VIP Program FAQs