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The state of Illinois has complex gambling laws in place and is currently in the process of legalizing online gambling for Illinois residents. In this overview, we break down the current law for Illinois resident that wish to gamble online and provide you with information about the laws that are that are in the process of being passed.

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Anyone who is reading this that wishes to gamble online in the state of Illinois should contact an attorney for more detailed information about the laws that we have summarized for you here. We cannot say it enough on this website, we are not attorneys or law experts, we only offer a summary of the most up-to-date Illinois gambling laws to assure players they are not committing any crimes. In this overview, we also provide Illinois residents with legal, legitimate gambling websites that accept Illinois residents and provide many online gambling options.

We want our readers to be aware that the gambling websites we suggest will not accept Illinois residents that cannot verify their age. In the state of Illinois, there are firm age limitations for gambling online or offline so please do not gamble until you are of age. Illinois residents that are 18 years old may play live bingo, lottery, live or online horse/dog races, online bingo, and online poker. Residents of Illinois that are 21 are able to play in live and online casinos, online sportsbooks, and live poker rooms.

It is a violation of the law to own or run an online gambling website in the state of Illinois. Anyone who does try to own or run an online gambling site in Illinois is in violation of the state gambling laws and will face charges if they are caught. It is unlikely that players of these illegal websites will not face charges, but owners and operators will. We provide readers with a list of the most enjoyable online gambling sites that are legal and accept Illinois residents.

There is a wide range of internet gambling sites that will accept Illinois residents. Some of the sites offered in search engines may not be reputable or licensed. Our suggested internet gambling sites are both licensed and reputable and offer a wide variety of games and gambling options for residents of Illinois.

Online casinos offer internet gamblers an assortment of games, betting options, and playing options. We provide residents of Illinois with the best internet casinos that offer all that and more. Our sites are safe, legal, legitimate online casinos that are always accepting Illinois residents.

Sports betting can be a way to make extra money or even a way to make a living when stakes are high enough. We offer dependable, trusted online sportsbooks for residents of Illinois who wish to place bets on their favorite games. Our comprehensive list of online sportsbooks are all legal, safe, and accept residents of Illinois. We also offer updated sports news and information as well as welcome bonuses and other promotions to bettors in Illinois.

Residents in the state of Illinois that are looking for trusted, dependable online poker rooms will find them right here. Our online poker rooms offer secure deposit and payout transactions, information protection, and the best online poker games and tournaments available to Illinois residents. The sites we offer for your online poker games accept Illinois residents and are legal and safe.

We provide Illinois residents with top of the line online bingo sites that offer hours of bingo entertainment. You can play for real money at these sites and never fear about breaking any laws or the safety of your information. Our online bingo sites protect player information, offer secure transactions, and are legal. Illinois residents are always accepted at our suggested online bingo sites and can enjoy various options for playing bingo games.

Illinois Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in the state of Illinois?

Online gambling is legal in Illinois when you play at one of our trusted, secure online gambling sites. These sites are legal, legitimate, licensed sites that accept online gamblers in the state of Illinois. Online horseracing was recently made legal in Illinois and is regulated by the state lottery. Illinois online horse racing may only be played within the boundaries of the state and players must be 21 and able to verify their age.

Are online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms legal in the state of Illinois?

These online gambling websites are legal in the state of Illinois if you chose one of our suggested sites found on this page. Our suggested sites are regulated offshore by a third party and are licensed and legal. If you feel you are in violation of Illinois online gambling laws please talk with an attorney about the online gambling laws and how they affect players in the state.

Can I be arrested for gambling online in the state of Illinois?

As far as we can tell, no one has ever been arrested for gambling online in the state of Illinois. Feel free to join one of our trusted, legal offshore gambling sites to ensure you are within the confines of online gambling laws in Illinois.

When will online gambling be legalized in Illinois?
There is currently a bill in the process of being made into a law by Illinois legislatures that will legalize online gambling in the state. The state of Illinois realizes that online gambling is a billion dollar industry that will benefit the state if it is legalized. As of this writing, the state of Illinois has not gotten the bill passed to legalize online gambling. We will keep Illinois residents updated as new information becomes available.