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Cash Back Blackjack Options

Would you like to play blackjack and earn cash back for your play?

I’m not talking about winning money. I mean getting money back when you win or lose.

Find out more about different ways to get cash back from the casinos for playing blackjack below.

Your Level of Play

Almost everything listed on this page is directly related to how much you play. If you play $500 per hand eight hours a day you’ll get a much better deal than if you play $10 a hand for two hours per day.

Every casino has a set percentage of play they consider profit for each game. The casinos use this amount to determine what they’re willing to give back in comps. Most casinos don’t let this information get out, but they might use 1% for blackjack.

For example, if you play 75 hands per hour at $25 a hand your total amount wagered per hour will be $1,875. If the casino uses a 1% profit figure they estimate your play is worth $18.75 per hour.

Any cash back you earn through a player’s club or other arrangement will be based on this number. They’re not going to give you the entire amount back, but whatever they’re willing to do is based on it. If they’re willing to give cashback of 25% of the projected profit you’ll get $4.69 per hour back.

This might not seem like much but it’s more than you’re probably getting now and it adds up over a playing session or trip.

If you play six hours you’d get $28.14 for the session.

If you play 75 hands per hour at $100 per hand using the same percentage you’d get back $112.50 for a six hour session.

Of course with good rules and perfect strategy most players can’t do better than a half percent house edge. This means your expected loss for the same six hour session at $100 per hand is $225.

Theoretically if you could get a deal offering $112.50 back it’s similar to a 50% loss rebate per session. You can learn more about loss rebates below.

The nice thing about getting cash back based on a percentage of your play is you get it whether you win or lose. When you play blackjack you’ll have some winning sessions and some losing sessions.

Getting cash back helps make your winning sessions better and helps soften the blow on losing sessions.

Ask and Receive

The number one rule about finding places to play blackjack and get cash back is you have to ask. Ask a casino host or player’s club employee.

Even if you get comps through the club ask if they have a cash back program and what you need to do to qualify.

If you don’t ask what you can get you won’t get anything.

Local Casinos

Land based casinos are the main places to arrange a cash back deal on your blackjack play. Most players will only be able to use the player’s club benefits but if you play a great deal and / or at high stakes you need to find out what you can negotiate.

Remember the more the casino stands to make from your play the more leverage you hold. Shop your play around to different casinos to see how much cash back you can get.

Online Casinos

Some online casinos have player’s club programs in place and some don’t. I’ve even seen a few who have cash back programs in place.

You’re automatically a member in some casinos and in others you have to sign up.

The best way to find out exactly what an online blackjack casino offers in the way of possible cash back is to contact the support department and ask what they can offer. Also ask what you need to do to become a club member.

You’ll find it more difficult to get a special deal not available to most players at an online casino. It’s not impossible, especially if you’re a big player, but it’s not easy.

Loss Rebates

Loss rebates are entirely different than earning cash back through a player’s club or other arrangement with a casino.

When you negotiate a loss rebate you get the casino to give you back a percentage of any money you lose while playing blackjack (or another game you agree to).

For example, you might be able to get 25% back of your losses. If you lose $10,000 the casino gives you back $2,500.

Casinos have been hurt by loss rebate deals by sharp players so they’re more reluctant to give them than in the past.

If you aren’t a big player you probably won’t be able to negotiate a loss rebate deal beyond what the player’s club offers.

An example of how a loss rebate can be arranged to hurt the casino is if you can get them to settle up after every session. If you can get them to agree to settle up after every six hour session you have a chance to profit from a multi session trip.

If you play 10 sessions you may be down on six of them and up on the other four. You get to keep your winnings on the four where you’re up and you get a rebate on your losses on the other six sessions.

Do you see how this could turn the tables on the casino?

Casinos aren’t in business to lose money but are in the business to get high rollers to play more. If you’re a high roller see what kind of deal you can get, but don’t expect anything that can hurt the casino too bad.

A Quick Warning

If you count cards you need to be careful about arranging a cash back deal. Once the casino figures out you’re counting they’ll cancel your deal and probably ask you to leave (if you’re playing where they can trespass you).

I don’t recommend trying to get cash back deals if you’re a counter. Master your edge by counting and try to stay under the radar as much as possible.


Most players don’t know about the possibility of getting cash back on their blackjack play. Now you know how to find out what you can get, so don’t play another hand until you start playing for a cashback deal.

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