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Hassle Free Blackjack Play

When online casinos started becoming widely available in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s the way you started playing was download a huge software package.

The games were loaded onto your computer and the software had a way to communicate with the casino to handle transactions.

Many players were fine with this because they didn’t have other options.

Then some casinos started offering games that didn’t require players to download the software to play. The early systems were designed using flash technology and you’ll still hear no download games called flash games by many.

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Flash isn’t the only way to design no download blackjack and other games, but it’s kind of like a brand name for no download games now. (Think of Tylenol. People say they want some Tylenol, but many of them mean acetaminophen, which is what Tylenol is. Tylenol is the brand name.)

Playing no download blackjack offers advantages over the old download systems. After you learn more about the advantages in the next section we’ll cover how to find no download casino games and the differences in some common terminology.

Advantages of No Download Blackjack Play

The major advantages of playing no download blackjack include:

  • The ability to log into your account and start playing instantly without waiting for a download.
  • The ability to play from multiple devices using the same account.
  • No big software packages cluttering up your computer hard drive.
  • Less risk of viruses as most viruses must be downloaded.
  • Play games in your browser.

Another possible advantage is the graphics and gameplay of the blackjack game. Many players claim they like the graphics and overall game play of no download games better than most download software platforms.

This is probably a matter of taste as much as anything, but I do remember the early flash games were more attractive than most download games.

I’ve found almost all blackjack games, either download or no download, playable. I’m much more concerned with the rules and the house edge than how the game looks. As long as it isn’t so bad that it makes playing difficult or it won’t work on the device I’m using I can play.

How to Find No Download Blackjack Opportunities

You can find the best places to play no download blackjack a couple different ways.

The first way is read recommendations on trusted sites like this one. Read our casino reviews about the blackjack game variations offered, sign up bonuses, availability in your country, and overall safety and security of different casinos offering no download play.

Another way to find no download blackjack games is using popular search engines. I don’t like this method as well because often the results aren’t from places I trust, but they can lead to other results and sites where you can learn more.

If you decide to search, here’s a short list of terms to use.

  • No Download Blackjack
  • Blackjack No Download
  • Flash Blackjack
  • Blackjack Flash
  • Mac Blackjack
  • Blackjack Without Downloading
  • Browser Based Blackjack
  • Web Browser Blackjack

You may have noticed I included the term “Mac Blackjack” in the list above and found it interesting because you don’t use a Macintosh or Apple device. The Mac operating system doesn’t work the same way as Windows based systems so casino games players who use them have to have no download games.

If you can find casino’s offering games to Mac owners you’ve probably found a casino that offers no download gaming.

One of the main reasons early online casinos started trying to develop flash based games was to open up availability to the Mac market.

What’s the Difference Between No Download and Mobile Blackjack?

If you’ve been following online trends and advancements in technology over the years and this may seem like a simple blackjack question. The rest of us can get confused, or at least have to stop and think, when all of the technological terms start getting thrown around.

I realize it can be a bit embarrassing to ask about some of these things or hard to get straight answers if there isn’t a child that knows more about the VCR than you do.

Yes, I realize the VCR is a dinosaur, for the most part extinct, replaced by DVD players and Blu-Ray players, etc. The point is still valid, when I want to know how to set the VCR (yes I still own one) or DVD player or what some fancy technological term means I always ask one of the kids. They either already know the answer or can find it about a zillion times faster than I can. If you don’t have kids befriend your neighbor’s kid or find a friend who has kids.

It’s amazing how easy it is to get kids to help. Most of them just want a little attention and when they figure out how much of an idiot you are (not just you, me included) they’re usually more than willing to teach you something. Just be warned they can get a bit impatient with slow “old” people.

I’ve already described that a no download game is one you can play in your browser or some other way without downloading any software.

A mobile game operates much the same way, usually operating without the need to download software.

The main difference is the normal no download game is played on a desk top computer or lap top computer and the mobile game is played on a phone, tablet, or notebook device. No download games can also often be played on mobile devices, but mobile devices aren’t desk top or lap top computers.

I’m sure a kid would’ve explained that much better. Go find one, ask them the difference and see how much better they can explain it than I did.


No download blackjack is a great way to get started playing as fast as possible or enjoy a game on the go. You’re no longer tied to your desktop computer so you can play blackjack on most of your devices, all using the same account.


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