The Ultimate Guide to Playing Mini Flush

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Mini Flush is incredibly popular in India. The casino table game is a dealer-conducted game that embraces most Poker rules and spins off some side bets for the players to consider. Our Mini Flush guide will walk you through Mini Flush’s basic rules, explain how the side bets work and payout odds.

Where To Play Mini Flush at Online Casinos in 2021

How to Play Mini Flush

The objective of Mini Flush is for your hand to beat the dealer’s hand and is played with one 52-card deck and on a felt table with an H (High) A (Ante) L (Low) and B (Bet) wager circles in front of each player. Before players receive their cards, an ante initial bet is required. Before the deal, players must also decide whether or not to wager on the High and Low side bets. We’ll dive into those a little more below.

After all bets are placed, the dealer gives each play three cards face down. The player can now review his 3-card mini flush hand and decide whether to BET, which is 2x the amount of the original ante or FOLD and lose his initial ante bet. It’s at this time he can also wager on High / Low side bets. Again, the goal is to bet that your hand beats the dealer, and Mini Flush rankings stack up like this (strongest to weakest):

Hand Definition
Trial Three cards of the same value, a.k.a. three of a kind, trips
Double run Three cards in sequential order of same suit, a.k.a. straight flush
Run Three cards in sequential order, a.k.a. straight
Flush Three cards of same suit
Pair Two cards of same value

Note: Ace is the highest ranked card followed by King-Queen-Jack…etc

The dealer’s hand only qualifies if they have a Queen high. If their best card is a Jack-or-worse with no cards paired, their hand does NOT qualify and all players are paid out on the ante and bet wagers.

Mini Flush High and Low Side Bets

The objective of Mini Flush is for your hand to beat the dealer’s hand and is played with one 52-card deck and on a felt table with an H (High) A (Ante) L (Low) and B (Bet) wager circles in front of each player.

The most important thing to know about Mini Flush High/Low side bets is that either can be won regardless of the dealer’s hand strength. If you want to wager on the High or Low, it must be at least 2x the amount of the initial ante. The objective to win the HIGH side bet is to score a pair-or-higher, while the LOW’s goal is holding a 10-or-lower high card that IS NOT part of a straight flush or flush.

If you play a HIGH side bet, you also must BET to have a shot at ante/bet AND HIGH bets winnings. However, if you play a LOW side bet, you are allowed to FOLD and you still get paid on the LOW side bet should it qualify. You can see LOW qualifying hands in the table below.

The payouts for HIGH side bets are as follows:

High Payouts Odds
Trial 100-to-1
Straight Flush 75-to-1
Straight 4-to-1
Flush 2-to-1

The payouts for LOW side bets are as follows:

Low Payouts Odds
5 Top 50-to-1
6 Top 15-to-1
7 Top 4-to-1
8 Top 2-to-1
9 Top 1-to-1
10 Top PUSH

Mini Flush Sample Hand

  1. Let’s sit down at a Mini Flush table with a $5 ante.
  2. We place our ante bet of $5 and a HIGH side bet of $10 and skip the LOW side bet.
  3. The dealer gives each player at the table three cards face down that we keep to ourselves.
  4. The dealer gets three cards face down
  5. We review our cards and see we have a King-King-2 and because of this we know that no matter what the dealer has, we are getting paid out.
  6. To continue in the game, which to cash in on High side bet, we must BET 2x the original ante in the bet circle on the table. We bet $10.
  7. The dealer flips over Ace-Ace-5.
  8. Their two Aces beat our two Kings and we lose the original $5 ante and $10 BET.
  9. However, since we bet the HIGH and paired Kings, we check the paytable infographic and learn we PUSH on the pair. So, we don’t lose the $10 HIGH bet.
  10. Winners are paid and a new hand begins.

Odds of Winning at Mini Flush

For those unfamiliar, the house edge is the casino’s mathematical advantage over the player. These edges are baked into each table game on the floor. In Mini Flush, the house edge will vary based on the Bet, High and Low payout odds.

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