How To Play Online Scratchies In Australia

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Aussie online scratchies players don’t have to rely on the old style physical scratchies to win big prizes. Most Australian players are familiar with the concept of a scratchie, but if you’ve never heard of it, it is a luck-based, instant-win form of gambling, similar to a lottery ticket. It is familiar to many who used to purchase a card and use a coin or key to scratch away the metallic panels and reveal the symbols lying beneath. If you unveil a winning combination on these lotto scratchies, you instantly win a cash prize of a pre-determined value.

Now, those physical instant scratchies are online and you can access them at any time of the day from your computer or mobile device. The best online scratchie games are available online at a range of licenced and regulated sites. You can play a variety of scratchies games and win thousands in real money, just with the click of your mouse or a tap on your mobile anytime and anywhere.

The Best Online Scratchies Sites in 2021

Some scratchies you can play have growing jackpot and others don’t. Those without a jackpot normally pay out between 2,000 to 10,000 times your stake. Those with growing jackpots pay as much as A$10 million.

Each card that isn’t a jackpot winner contributes a small amount to the jackpot and as more and more scratchies are purchased, the value of the jackpot increases. Unlike most bonus draws on lottery games, the cash is paid out straight away. 

How Do You Play Online Scratchies?

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To start playing online scratchies, you will need an account at one of those licenced sites, which you need to be 18 years old in Australia to play. Once you create an account and visit the game lobby, you simply select the scratchie you want to play.

The next step is to place a bet on your scratchie. Once you have placed a bet, you are ready to start playing the game. You can scratch the card virtually using your mouse.

This takes time, but many players prefer doing this as it gives them the experience of playing a physical scratchie. If you are in a hurry though, you can select “show card” and the scratchie will be automatically scratched off for you and you can see the prizes and multipliers that lie beneath.

The best way to get started is to buy simple 3×3 grid scratchies, where you need to match three identical symbols. The win is determined by the stake: whatever you win on the scratch card is multiplied by the stake wagered on it. Hopefully, you scratch its top prize, and win instant money.

Going back a step, just choose your scratchie of choice by clicking or tapping on “New Card” (or some variation) to buy a new card and you’re all set to play. As a general rule, the bigger the prize, the lower your chances of winning are.

Online scratchies typically have a Return to Player percentage of around 90 per cent, compared to 66 per cent on offline scratchies bought in brick-and-mortar shops. The reason is online operations have less overheads, so players can expect greater value in terms of payouts. You can play online scratchies with your browser and don’t need to download any added software.

All you need is a solid internet connection and you can play anywhere in the world.

Where Can You Play Online Scratchies?

Just like with online pokies, you can try out some of the best scratchies that are available online.  Advances in online gambling software means the beloved scratchie is now available online and ready to play in the comfort of your own home. It’s exactly the same concept as the physical version, but without the mess and wasted cardboard.

You can also play scratchies on your mobile device and access them from any of your trusted online mobile casinos, where you might typically find online pokies and other games. When playing online scratchies with real money, you will have access to more games, free spins on pokies, extra match bonuses and offers, and also free scratch cards. Online casino reviews are also a good place to find out which sites have online scratchies.

The best online scratchie games are available online at a range of licenced and regulated sites. You can play a variety of scratchies games and win thousands in cash just with the click of your mouse or a tap on your mobile anytime and anywhere.

Instant payouts and higher payout percentages make online scratchies more attractive than ones you might buy with your lotto ticket. All of the top online casinos will allow you to purchase online scratchies and play.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, online scratchies have grown in number and availability. The internet has heralded not only a range of great ways to keep in touch with friends and family, but also a variety of online gambling websites and casino games for keen players who like to play for big odds and win big payouts.

You can play scratch it games online at internet casinos, and if you’re looking for a straightforward lottery sort of experience with the same chance of winning on each card, then it is the game for you.

Advantages to Playing Online Scratchies

There are several reasons why playing online scratchies is better than playing physical scratchies.

  • There is no need to go to the local newsagent to remember to bring any winning tickets back to be cashed in when you play online scratchies. Just fire up your computer or phone and enjoy. It might not be like having Matt Hart announce that you have the prize-winning instant scratch card, but you get your top prizes instantly.
  • Not only is playing at a registered and recommended online casino safe, but gone is the worry of losing a winning scratch its top prize and it falls into the wrong hands. There’s also no fuss and no mess and even an added bonus or two.
  • Online casinos offer all kinds of bonuses and incentives not offered by retail outlets, so you’ll get more bang for your buck when playing online. Online scratchies winnings are also automatically credited to your casino account, so you don’t have to worry about overlooking matching symbols.
  • Online scratchies also use advanced technology to add some fun special feature to their games, which makes for entertaining gameplay. 

Online Scratchies FAQ

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