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You might get a laugh out of this.

The other day I was scouring Google for other high limit slots pages. And I came across this funny question: Why do people play high limit slots?

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a rhetorical question, either.

Anyway, we all know the answer – because we can!

I mean, playing these penny slots or nickel or dollar machines is just boring. Not when we can play for $500, $1,000 or $5,000 per spin. The penny pinchers will never get it. But that’s okay – we do.

And because we get it we also know where to go for the best high limit slots action. Casinos that:

  • Treat you like royalty, as they should, since you’re spending A LOT of money with them.
  • Offer you exclusive perks not available to normal players, like higher table limits, one-on-one support, cash back and high dollar match bonuses.
  • Make your cash out a priority. You’ll get them in a matter of hours, if not a couple of days depending on the method. Many are fee-free too.

Where to Find the Best High Stakes Slots Action Online

Four Benefits to Playing High Limit Slots Online

We said a second ago that small limit players just don’t get us.

But then we got to thinking – maybe some of these players could play for higher stakes, but for whatever reason choose not to. Maybe they don’t know about all the benefits that come with playing for higher limits.

So we thought it would be helpful to everyone if we shared what those benefits are and how they help high stakes players.

1. High Limit Slots Have Higher Payback Percentages

1. High Limit Slots Have Higher Payback Percentages

You’ll find proof of this across several forums and websites including the Wizard of Odds, Slots Fanatics and VegasChatter.com.

The gist is this – it pays to play fewer spins and bet more per spin. The difference when you do is pretty big.

According to VegasChatter.com (who used the NVGC) penny slots have payout percentages 3-5% worse than the $5 machines.

And according to a Slots Fanatics forum thread:

The higher denomination slots definitely have a better payout percentage. For example Mohegan Sun in CT posted an 89% payout for penny and nickel slots, but jumped up to 98.7% for $10 slots and 92% for $25 slots in March.

A 3-9 percent difference is HUGE when you’re talking about betting hundreds or thousands of dollars.

2. High Stakes Slots Players Receive More Attention

2. High Stakes Slots Players Receive More Attention

We don’t have many online examples. Instead we want to show you how well high stakes players are taken care of in a brick and mortar casino.

This is the attention and care you get when you play machines with limits as high as $5,000.

The High-Limit Slots salon, which is adjacent to the Sands Poker Room, offers a comfortable respite from the excitement of the resort casino floor, along with four parlors, each with four slot machines, a sofa, and a 55-inch LED television screen.

The new high-limit salon has the following features:

  • 118 slot machines
  • Parlors that feature the ability for customers to request their favorite branded machines
  • Completely remodeled décor, from ceiling to floor
  • A high-limit cashier “cage” to assist guests
  • 24-hour Grazie Gold Club Lounge with butler service and “light snack” selections, for gold and platinum Grazie guests only
  • LED televisions throughout the high-limit salon and Gold Club Lounge, allowing guests to play slots while watching their favorite show or sporting event

You can also request your favorite branded slot machine. And you can cash out from your own personal high limit cashier cage.

The point? Casinos will do everything they can to make sure their best customers (that’s you) are taken care of.

Online casinos take a similar approach. They will give you their undivided attention, one-on-one support and be available whenever you need something, have questions or issues to take care of.

3. High Limit Players Get Larger ? And Often Exclusive ? Deals

3. High Limit Players Get Larger – And Often Exclusive – Deals

Most casinos will offer better, bigger and exclusive perks for their high limit players. Sometimes this is advertised, other times it’s not.

That’s why we recommend the casinos we do. Other than the standard stuff (licensed, solid reputation, plenty of good games and banking options) they’re going to put more money in your pocket.

For example, many run-of-the-mill casinos will offer “tiny” $500 or $1,000 bonuses.


How droll. That’s like, what, 20% the size of your normal bet?

Better casinos will offer bonuses worth upwards of $10,000 to $25,000 – or more. You just need to stick to the casinos we tell you.

And that covers just the initial deposit bonus. High limit players will also become ‘red carpet’ VIPs that are usually invite-only. These come with perks like cash back, gifts, daily/weekly/monthly bonuses and junkets (trips they pay for).

4. Don?t Forget Improved Cash Outs

4. Don’t Forget Improved Cash Outs

Normal players have to wait days, sometimes weeks, before they get their withdrawals. And that’s after waiting a day or two for their request to be processed.

No thanks. We’re not going to wait.

But the good news is you don’t have to.

The casinos we recommend give their high limit players priority when it comes time to cash out. That means you move to the front of the line – AND – cash outs are often processed the same day, if not only a few hours later.

Oh, and there’s a good chance you won’t have to pay any fees.

This is one of our favorite perks because who wants to wait around for their money? We don’t – AND – we shouldn’t have to.

And because we play high limit slots at the casinos we recommend above …we never do.

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