Exactly How Much Does A Craps Dealer Make?


Exactly how much does a craps dealer make? While the average casino dealer can expect to make anywhere from $15K to $430K per year, these numbers are a little different for craps dealers.

Let’s take a look at the average craps dealer salaries in Vegas, and beyond.

What’s a Craps Dealer Salary in Las Vegas Make?  

In Las Vegas, arguably the gambling capital of not just the USA, but the world, a casino dealer at the craps table can expect to make an average of USD $31,244 (CAD $39,793) per year, or about USD $15 (CAD $19) per hour.

Which Cities Have The Highest-Paying Craps Dealer Jobs?

Overall, the national average salary for craps dealers in Canada is slightly larger than Las Vegas at about $35,000 (about $17 per hour). The top 10% of earners make about $40,000, while the lowest 10% of earners, or entry-level earners make about $24,000.

When it comes to which cities have the highest paying jobs, there’s more information available for which provinces offer the biggest salaries. Here’s a breakdown of what you could expect to make working in these provinces, from the highest to the lowest:

  • Alberta: $25,000 or $12 per hour
  • British Columbia: $39,000 or $18 per hour
  • Manitoba: $31,000 or $14 per hour
  • Newfoundland: $32,000 or $15 per hour
  • New Brunswick: $31,000 or $14 per hour
  • Northwest Territories: $38,000 or $18 per hour
  • Nova Scotia: $35,000 or $16 per hour
  • Nunavut: $37,000 or $17 per hour
  • Ontario: $31,000 or $14 per hour
  • Prince Edward Island (PEI): $35,000 or $16 per hour
  • Quebec: $45,000
  • Saskatchewan: $35,000
  • Yukon: Unknown

Which Jobs Are Well-Paid and Similar to Craps? 

If you’re looking for a job similar to a craps dealer and aren’t a fan of that game, your best bet (no pun intended) is to become a general table game dealer. You’ll likely work on blackjack online, roulette, baccarat, and any other table games that are popular at the land-based or online casino you work at. The pay for this job is vaguely similar, but being knowledgeable about a variety of casino games will give you more opportunities to earn tips and hours.

If you’re looking for something in the casino industry but aren’t interested in dealing, you could earn about $55,000 per year as a casino manager in Canada.

How Can I Become A Craps Dealer?

If you want to become a craps dealer, first you should become familiar with craps. Know the game inside and out, including how to identify if a player is cheating, quick mental math skills (not always as easy to come by as you think), and maybe most importantly of all, be a people person — or at least able to fake it.

Yes, people skills are important, even if you choose to work online. You’ll be interacting with players through an online chat, and being able to connect with a faceless username can be more challenging than in-person.

Prefer work in the digital space? Look for job openings that are seeking a live dealer — this means you’d be the dealer, but for an online casino instead of a land-based casino. If you prefer working in person, look for job openings from your local casino looking for a dealer.

If you wanted to take a more formal route, you could attend the Canadian Gaming Casino College, where they offer training to become casino dealers.

The good news? Casino dealer careers are expected to grow by 5% by 2028.

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