Heart of the Jungle Slot Review

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The Amazon jungle is quickly disappearing from the face of this planet! So, it’s highly advisable that you hold tightly on to this one , as it offers more than just online slot winning opportunities and sightings of the native inhabitants and rare fruits. Hidden deep in the Heart of the vast jungle are ancient treasures that await to be discovered. But, most people are scared of exploiting them because of the dangers that lurk in the Heart of the Jungle.

However, with a little assistance from Lady Goodchild and the Noble Savage (two natives to the Amazon jungle), you’ll be able to reach these hidden treasures and claim them all to yourself ! The best part , you don’t have to leave the house . All you have to do is:

  • Visit any one of the recommended Playtech Casinos
  • Start playing Heart of the Jungle slot machine and…
  • …hope that you trigger the 4 unlockable free spins bonus round…
  • …get the payment boosts…
  • …and hope the achievements feature is also triggered in the process to award you the highest pay in the game.

If you are curious on how to do this, continue reading our Heart of the Jungle slot game review!

About Heart of the Jungle Slot Game

Immerse yourself into the deepest part of Heart of the Jungle slot game, right from your living room as you seek to uncover the treasures it holds . This is a 5 reel slot game that features 50 adjustable paylines. Once you’ve fired the game’s reels, you’ll be welcomed by an introductory clip. Here, a lady narrates how she’s been saved by a noble savage and they are going back to the Heart of the Jungle to explore it together.

If you’d like to win some cash prizes, you’ll also have to tag along. And once in the jungle, you need to take care not to be devoured by the creatures and animals of the jungle. Follow them closely and they’ll show you the secrets of the forest. This includes taking you to the remote areas of the rain forest, where the treasures are hidden.

Symbols that you’ll come across include a chimpanzee, an elephant, the charismatic ti ger among others. However, you need to pay extra attention to the shield symbol . This one plays a very important role in ensuring that you land some wins.

How is the presentation of the symbols? The 3D rendered graphics will definitely catch your attention throughout the gameplay. And if you are looking forward to a great win, the free spins game and the unique butterfly boost feature are there to help!

Heart of the Jungle Slot Gameplay

Heart of the Jungle online slot isn’t your ordinary jungle themed slot. Why so? Because it has a very very wide betting range. The least that you can wager is set at $0.50 and goes all the way up to $2,500 per spin.

If you are lucky to land the required matching symbols on the reels (from the leftmost reel in succession to the fifth reel), then you’ll get a payout of between 1x and 2,000x your bet.

Heart of the Jungle online slot In-game Features

There are several in-game symbols that are triggered by special symbols. The shield is the first and most important symbol. Through it, you can land all the seven features as described below. However, you strictly need to land the shield symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously.

The Jungle Trails Free Spins Game

Like we’ve already stated, there’s a free spins game, right at the heart of the jungle slot. However, unlike your typical free spins bonus round, Playtech has added an adventure to it. There are five different locations to pick from, with each one leading to a different set of free spins and wild spins.

In order to trigger the free spins bonus round, you’ll have to land the shield scatter symbol as described above. If you are lucky enough to trigger more free spins, you are going to trigger the payment boost feature.

The Deep Jungle Feature – Unlocked On the 1st Trigger

This one is unlocked from the first free spins trigger. For this, you are awarded eight free spins and an Ultra spin. And while some of you might be scared that they are deep in the jungle, the fear will be gone in a matter of seconds when you get a 5x multipliers and during the Ultra Win spin, your win will be subjected to a 25x multiplier.

Crystal Falls – Unlocked On the 5th Trigger

If you are lucky to reach five free spins, then the watery world of crystal falls is triggered. Here, you are awarded 10 extra spins and some ‘jungle gold’ that comes in the form of real money. Furthermore, there’s a high chance that you could see up to four (4) reels turn into wild symbols.

Golden Mountain – Unlocked On the 10th Trigger

Even from the sound of it, a golden mountain looks like the place to be, especially if you are looking forward to a place filled with riches. And this is exactly what the Golden Mountain feature is all about. You are awarded 15 free spins, extra wilds that hold onto the reels and nudge up and down on every spin.

The Lost City of Zantar – Unlocked On the 15th Trigger

This is the last part of the free spins game and from the name itself, the free spins awarded are as glamorous as the Lost City of Zantra. Once activated, you are awarded up to a maximum of 25 free spins. Also, you get to receive wilds that shift horizontally as they also increase the multipliers.

Heart of the Jungle Online Slot

Achievements Feature

The Achievements feature in Heart of the Jungle slot(s) is just a nice little extra. If you look at the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see the ‘Unlocked Achievements’ button. This indicates that the feature is active.

While they don’t have any direct impact on your free spins bonus wins, or increase the chance of winning, they do have a slight effect on the storyline of the game. In our opinion, they show just how much Playtech put their hearts in developing this insanely entertaining game.

Time for Some Wild Fun

We are certain that any of our readers who’s played NetEnt’s Mayan Jungle slot will definitely love this game. The seven in-game bonus rounds and increased RTP is a brilliant idea. It increases the entertainment aspect of the game and winning opportunities. Combined with the fun theme, Heart of the Jungle slot(s) is definitely a must-try game for anyone who wants to experience a jungle tour from their home.

Visit any one of the licensed and regulated Playtech Casinos to try this game out. Once there, you can play Heart of the Jungle slot game for free before choosing to commit any real money to it.


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