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A Board Game Inspired Slot Featuring Colossal Reels and a Variety of Bonus Features

Battleships is a game played by generation after generation which has seen players try to sink their opponent’s fleet, before their own fleet disappears under the sea. The game can be played on pen and paper, while the plastic version introduced by Milton Bradley in the 1960’s is still popular today. The advent of the internet has seen the game move online too, while there are also a handful of slots based on the classic game.

This WMS version of the game is one of the best you’ll find, featuring a series of 1950’s style pin-up girls to add fun and style into the game.

Reasons to Play Battleship

Battleship is an enjoyable and action-packed take on the board game.

Here is what to expect when you take on the enemy fleet:

  • A main reel set and colossal reels too, giving 100 chances to win on every spin.
  • Land stacked wilds on the main reels and they’ll be transferred across to the colossal reels.
  • The ‘Battle Board’ feature which will offer a string of bonuses for a single spin – this can pay big!
  • Enjoy both Battleship Free Spins where you’ll aim to your opponent’s fleet, or Submarine Free Spins where the sub will fill torpedoes onto the reels and add wilds.

Battleships Slots: Battle Board Feature

On entering the ‘Battle Board’ feature, a 5×4 grid will fill the screen. In true Battleships style, the grid has letters representing the rows and numbers representing the columns. You’ll now have three picks to make on the board, each of which will be an enhancement to the upcoming spin. The awards uncovered include fully wild reels and numbers of single wilds, credit wins and increasing multipliers. If you’re lucky you might reveal an award which gives you an additional pick.

All of the awards are then applied to the next spin. With those extra wilds and multipliers in play, these spins can be extra rewarding.

1950’s Pin-Up Girls – Main Bonus Feature

Entering the main bonus feature of the game will see you presented with a screen featuring five pin- up girls. You’ll now pick one of the five which will reveal either entry into the Battleship or Submarine Free spins. If you’re real lucky, one of the pin-ups will reveal entry into both.

Battleship Spins

In this free spins game you’ll find yourself playing a game of Battleships on the upper screen. There’s a fleet of ships, including the highest paying aircraft carrier and each one you destroy will pay a prize. Missiles shoot to the top of the screen whenever you land a ‘fire’ symbol on the reels. A red pin will then appear in one of the slots on a ship, just like in the classic board game. Fill all of those slots with missile pins and the boat is sunk. The larger the boat, the bigger your prize.

Submarine Spins

This free spins feature sees a submarine firing torpedoes onto the reels, adding wilds as they go. The more torpedoes that hit, the more wilds you’ll have and don’t be surprised to see entire wild reels in this feature. If you’re lucky and reveal both the ‘Battleship’ and ‘Torpedo’ free spins, you’ll have the best of both worlds, with awards for sinking the ships and all of those added wilds.

Battle at Sea – The Battleships Slot Base Game

Battleship plays out on two reels sets. To the left of the screen you have the main reel set with a 5×4 configuration. To the right you have the colossal reels with a 5×12 set up. 25 lines feature on the main reels, while 75 lines feature on the colossal reels. The total cost for the 100 win-lines is 50 credits per spin.

Any time you land the stacked wild symbol so that It fills a reel on the main reel set, it will transfer to the corresponding reel on the colossal reels.

Battleship Slots WMS

Fun and Flirty – Battleship Design

The reels of this WMS designed slot are filled with the pin-up girls, who certainly catch your eye. These ladies are stacked four high on the reels and play a major role in the features, with some added fun animation. The backdrop to the reels features the blue of the sea, while the game has an entertaining Glenn Miller style soundtrack.

Will Battleship See You Sink the Casino and Take Their Cash?

Battleship is a highly entertaining slot with a cheeky sense of fun. With colossal reels in play, a win is never far away, especially with the stacked pin ups and those transferring wilds. The features add even more fun into the game, as those torpedoes fire, sinking ships and adding wilds to the reels. Some slots can give you a sinking feeling, but this one certainly won’t!


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