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Travel Around the Monopoly Board in this Feature-Filled Game

Monopoly is perhaps the most popular board game on the planet. A family favourite since Parker Bros released the game in the 1930’s, Monopoly is a trading game where your aim is to make all of your opponent’s bankrupt.

It’s a similar story when playing Epic Monopoly slots, where instead of your opponents, you’ll be hoping to make the casino bankrupt! This game features four sets of reels and a host of Monopoly themed symbols, including the classic pieces such as the hat, the boot and the car. Play your cards right and you’ll be guiding Mr. Monopoly around the board, picking up wins as you go.

Epic Monopoly is certainly an action-packed game.

Here are the key reasons to choose this title over the many other Monopoly themed slots from WMS:

  • A main reel set to the left, and three more reels sets to the right – four times the fun.
  • Watch those stacked wilds transfer from the main reel set to every other set.
  • Head to the Epic Wheel where you’ll find a variety of themed bonus features.
  • Head ‘Around the Board’ for a game of classic Monopoly.

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Epic Wheel Bonus Feature

Entry into the Epic Wheel bonus feature is activated by landing the monopoly board symbol three times or more on any of the four reel sets. You’ll now get to look up and spin the Epic Wheel. On this wheel you’ll find a variety of different prizes.

  • A simple credit award – always a nice cash boost to your bankroll.
  • Free spins – win 5, 10 or an impressive 25 free spins.
  • Spin Again Multipliers – you’ll gain another spin of the bonus, with the stated multiplier applied to your eventual win.
  • Around the Board – move to the Monopoly board with your set number of dice rolls and guide Mr. Monopoly around, picking up wins wherever you land.
  • Chance Card – Pick one of five cards to win a cash prize, or a further chance to go ‘Around the Board’.

Epic Monopoly Slots: Around the Board Feature

Having activated the ‘Around the Board’ feature, you’ll move to the real highlight of Epic Monopoly. The Monopoly board comes into view and Mr. Monopoly appears in his trademark top hat. You’ll now roll the dice and hope to pick up win after win. If the character lands on a property for example, you’ll get to pick from 5 cards, each awarding a prize (if you’re lucky you might land a pick again with a multiplier).

Just like in Monopoly itself, you’ll be awarded a cash prize for passing go. Pick one of four impressive trains when you hit one of the stations, each for a cash reward too. With chance and community chest cards, you’ll never know exactly what you are going to get.

Do Not Pass Go – The Base Game

Epic Monopoly is an unusual slot as it features four sets of reels. Each reel set features a 5x3 set up, with 20 win-lines. Your focus will be on the largest ‘main’ reel set, which appears to the left-hand side. Any time you hit a stacked wild so that it fills a reel on the main reel set, the same reel on each of the other reels will become wild too – land more than one wild reel and things get really interesting!

The range of symbols include monopoly tokens, male and female tycoons, the famed Monopoly dog and epic wilds.

Epic Monopoly Slots

Monopoly Mania - Epic Monopoly Design

With four sets of reels on the screen, the focus is certainly on the action, while the screen never feels overcrowded. The game features a classic bronze outline, which gives a nod to a 1930’s style, while also shouting money.

With a large bonus wheel on the upper screen, the game certainly is not going to be missed! The highlight of Epic Monopoly is certainly the ‘Around the Board’ feature, where the 3D visuals make you feel you’re in the game – and who doesn’t love Mr. Monopoly?

Will Epic Monopoly See You Create a Bankroll Empire?

Epic Monopoly is an action-packed and fun filled game from WMS. With four sets of reels, the base game is more than enough for the action junkies among you, but there is so much more to the game than that. Hit the bonus wheel and you’ll win from a variety of prizes. If you’re lucky enough to land the ‘Around the Board’ feature, it’s one of the best bonus games you’ll find in the casino. It’s little wonder that Epic Monopoly II has since hit the casinos.

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