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A Monopoly Themed Jackpot Slot Featuring Three Bonus Wheels

When you ask anybody to list their favourite board games, it’s a sure bet that somewhere in the list will be Monopoly. The family friendly trading game has kept generations happy and with new themed games appearing every year, there is no sign of this letting up. Monopoly is an ideal theme for a slot too, with the iconic symbols and the money aspect of the game, translating perfectly onto the reels. In the Monopoly Mega Movers slot game you’ll find symbols such as the hat, the train, the car filling the reels. No Monopoly based slot would be complete without Mr. Monopoly as the host.

Reasons to Play Monopoly Mega Movers

Monopoly Mega Movers is a fun and engaging themed game, offering the following range of features:

  • A 5×4 reel configuration featuring a total of 30 win-lines.
  • A Monopoly wild symbol, spreading extra wilds in the direction of the added arrows.
  • Look out for the ‘background’ symbols, activating the wheel features.
  • Spin one of three reels, with added wilds, free spins, upgrades and jackpots to be won.
  • Add an ‘extra bet’ to give those wheel rewards an added boost.

Wild Arrows on the Dice Symbols

The Monopoly Mega Movers slot game wild symbol features a pair of dice with the word ‘wild’ in large gold lettering below and appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. As the wild it will substitute for any other symbol in the game, however, this wild goes one better. Whenever it appears on the reels, you might see one or more arrows coming out from the centre and pointing in up to eight directions. Another wild will appear where the arrow points. For example, if the arrow points upwards, another wild will appear above. Occasionally you’ll see all eight arrows appear, meaning the single wild will now be surrounded by eight others, forming a 3×3 block of wilds.

Bonus Wheel Feature

During the base game every few spins will see the reels go dark, with some of the symbols being given a neon glow. These symbols, on stopping, will now feature the same cloudy background as the background to the entire game. Symbols will appear as usual on this background, but it’s the background and not the symbols (unusually) that activates the feature. If you can land 3, 4 or 5 cloudy backgrounds horizontally in a row, you’ll spin one of the three bonus reels.

There are three reels in total – the 3 in a row wheel, the 4 in a row wheel and the 5 in a row wheel. The prizes grow as you move along from reel to reel.

You’ll receive a single spin of the wheel and each will give you a variety of prizes:

Upgrade – This will see you move immediately to the next wheel (not available on the 5 in a row wheel).

Random Wilds – Receive one spin with the given number of wilds added to the reels (with arrows of course).

Free Spins – Win the number of free spins displayed.

Jackpot – Mini, Major, Mega and Grand Jackpots can be won. Win the Grand jackpot on the 5 in a row wheel only.

Rolling the Dice – The Base Game

The free casino game Monopoly Mega Movers features five reels and a set number of 30 win-lines. The usual cost of a spin is 50 credits, while players have the option of giving the game a boost. By paying 75 credits a spin, the awards on the three bonus wheels are more impressive, such as additional wilds and more free spins.

In the base game, Mr. Monopoly and the wild symbol are the highest payers at 250 coins. The rest of the symbols are the traditional Monopoly tokens such as the car and the hat, alongside new ones in a T-rex, a rubber duck, a penguin and a cat.

Monopoly Mega Movers Online Slot

Take a Chance – Monopoly Mega Movers Design

This WMS designed slot has a professional and slick design. The moving, cloudy, dark blue background to the game adds a slightly mysterious feel to the game, while the reels themselves are a pronounced mix of very colourful and the grey metal of the tokens. The accompanying music is very Monopoly and adds to the fun feel of the game.

Will Monopoly Mega Movers See You Pass Go and Collect Cash?

Everybody likes a slot with a bonus wheel, but this game goes one better, with three bonus wheels. Line up those cloudy backgrounds and you’ll be spinning away. The range of prizes available are nicely varied, making for a game that will be different each time (much like Monopoly itself). With the opportunity to pay extra for a boost and those wild arrows, there is a lot to like about Monopoly Mega Movers.


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