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A Double Money Burst Slot Themed on the Roman God of the Sea

In Roman mythology, Neptune was the god of the sea. He is commonly depicted with a trident – and engages in mythical battles with the fearsome Kraken. This saga provides a lot of material on which to base a casino slot.

Neptune’s Quest from WMS does a brilliant job of bringing this god to life. This is one of many titles based on ancient myths you’ll find from this slot software house. The best known include the Zeus slots series – and you’ll find Hercules, Kronos and many other gods too.

An usual reel setup and high-quality artwork are just the starting point for this game.

Here are the reasons that Neptune’s Quest is a slot that legends are made of:

  • Double Money Burst: This unusual reel setup gives you a fresh perspective on slot play.
  • Giant Kraken Symbols: Trigger multiple line hits with this vivid wild.
  • Free Spins: There are two ways to trigger free spins
  • Locking Symbols: Get matching symbols on the smaller left-side reels, and they lock into place.


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How the Neptune’s Quest Double Money Burst Setup Works

After just a few spins, the double money burst system becomes intuitive. When you first see the reel setup, it looks more complex than the setup of other slots.

Instead of a rectangular grid, you get two separate mini-reels on the left-hand side. These are separated – both joining a regular 3-reel grid on the right. Each has a 2x2 setup, while the right-hand reels each have 6 rows of symbols.

Neptune's Quest Online Slot

The name ‘Money Burst’ comes from the fact that if you match symbols on the smaller reels to the left, they ‘burst’ out into the bigger reels. This can give you multiple line hits – up to 50 can burst out of each of the 2 smaller reel sets.

As you will see, the big benefits of Money Burst comes when you get the free spins bonus.

Two Ways to Trigger Free Spins

Neptune’s Quest lets you trigger free spins in two ways.

First, you can get matching symbols in all 4 places on the smaller left-hand reel sets. This gives you up to 8 free spins (more for matching symbols on both sets). In this case, the symbols on the mini-reels will lock into place for the duration of your free spins. This gives you plenty of opportunities to win – especially if you trigger the bonus with the Kraken wilds.

Second, you can get 3 special bonus symbols on the bigger right-hand reels. This will get you 10 free spins. While there are no locked symbols this time, there is a huge Kraken wild on the right. This has an unusual 3-4-6 setup – forming a cone from left to right. It will really help with those money burst wins, especially if it hits the middle of the right-hand reels.

It is possible to trigger both free spins games at the same time. You can also retrigger the Kraken spins, with 3+ bonus symbols.

Winning Combinations on the Neptune’s Quest Slots

As well as appearing as a giant symbol in the free spins, wilds appear on both the smaller and bigger reel sets. These can appear as singles or in long stacks (which are long enough to cover entire reels). They substitute for the other symbols – with the only exception the Neptune bonus symbol.

Other winning symbols have an undersea theme. They include a mermaid, bull which seems to be riding waves, shells and starfish. Playing cards make up the smaller wins.



Striking Slot Design

The first thing that catches your eye with Neptune’s Quest is the unusual reel setup. You will see a vivid drawing of the God himself on the left-hand side. His hand is outstretched, with gold coins falling from it.

Reels are backed with water, and the symbols are bright and detailed. The giant Kraken wilds stand out, this creature looks equally bizarre and fearsome. There are not too many animations on the reels, though the quality of the artwork makes up for this.

While you spin a relaxed tune plays, this has a mystical feel.

Should You Swim with the God of the Sea?

There are now several Double Money Burst slots from WMS. Neptune’s Quest is a great example of how this system works. When the wins ‘burst’ from left to right you can count up a lot of line hits.

With two ways to trigger free spins, and a mix of locking symbols and giant wilds, there is plenty potential to unlock Neptune’s treasures.

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