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Feature Filled Action Based Around Your Favourite Seinfeld Characters

Throughout most of the 1990’s, Seinfeld was one of the most popular TV sitcoms on the planet. The show featured Jerry Seinfeld, who would play himself throughout the show, although a fictionalised version of himself. Seinfeld has been described as a ‘show about nothing’, as the series revolves around simple everyday life. Alongside ER, Seinfeld would be in the top two of the TV ratings through 1994 to 1998. Today Seinfeld is considered to be one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms ever made and has now hit the reels of a live casino slot.


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Reasons to Give Seinfeld Slots a Spin

There is a lot more to the Seinfeld slots than the TV show tie-in. WMS have created a game which is brimming with both character and bonus features.

Here are the highlights.

  • Innovative gameplay offered through the dreamscape cabinet, featuring reel sets based on Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine.
  • Motion gesture technology, offering some of the most interactive gameplay on the casino floor.
  • A randomly awarded bonus feature where oversized reels, multipliers and added wilds all come into play.
  • Enter bonus features based on some of the most popular aspects of the show, including the Soup Nazi and the Festivus.

Randomly Awarded Character Bonus Features

During the base game of Seinfeld, you are faced with four different 5x3 reel sets, each based on a different character. Randomly, the four characters will all give a helping hand on some spins.

First Elaine will come along and shove one or more of the reel sets, turning them into an elongated 6x5 set up. Then Kramer will enter the fray, adding wild reels to one or more of the reel sets. Next George will appear and add a multiplier to at least one set of reels. Finally, Jerry will come along and add a series of individual wilds across one or more reels sets. With this delightful set of added extras, the next spin is sure to line up some big prizes, especially if some of those awards all appear on the same reels.

Main Seinfeld Slot Bonus Features

As well as the randomly awarded feature, landing three or more bonus symbols opens up a series of other delightful bonus features.

In the Soup Nazi feature for example, you’ll see a conveyor belt of soup moving from left to right. You’ll pick a soup each time and you’ll usually win a cash reward. However, some soups will reveal a character, which will in turn lead you to take a spin of a bonus wheel. The round only ends when the soup-Nazi exclaims ‘No Soup for You’.

The Festivus bonus feature starts with a test of strength by shaking the pole using the motion gesture technology. The large bonus wheel above then spins, and you’ll be awarded an impressive cash prize. The Marble Rye bonus feature is an impressive, all-encompassing pick me feature. You’ll also enjoy a free spins bonus feature where colossal symbols hit the reels, making those big wins so much easier.

Ratings Winner - The Seinfeld Slots Base Game

The excitement levels are high from the very start when playing Seinfeld. With four reel sets in play in the base game, the action is thick and fast even without the added bonus action. The reels are filled with various characters from the show who light up the reels. Check out the logo wild symbols too, always on hand to give any spin a winning boost.

Seinfeld Online Slot WMS

Jerry and the Gang - Seinfeld Design

This WMS designed slot is one that can’t be missed on the casino floor. The wide dreamscape cabinet will catch the eye of all, and there is little doubt that there’ll be a crowd of people wanting to play this game. Throughout the many bonus features you’ll be treated to video clips from the TV show, while these features are based on iconic moments from the show too. Fans of Seinfeld, of which there are many, will certainly be impressed.

Will the Seinfeld Slot Top Your Ratings?

Seinfeld is a highly enjoyable and interactive slot that is a winner from the start. With those four sets of reels in the base game, the action is thick and fast, even without the bonus features. Land the randomly awarded bonus and you’ll have a single spin where the winning potential is huge. While entering any of the four ‘main’ bonus features sees an entertaining game based around a well-known moment from the show – and some of these wins can be big too. With the innovative technology and even Jackpot opportunities, this is a must play slot.

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