Space Invaders Evolution Slots

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An Interactive Slot Based on the Original Space Invaders Arcade Game

If people were asked to pick a single game that kick started the video gaming revolution, there is little doubt that Space Invaders would be a name that comes up again and again. Originally developed in 1978, the game involved shooting up a hoard of aliens before they reached the earth, with additional points awarded for shooting the mother ship.

The game seems somewhat basic now, but at the time was cutting edge technology and was the first mass produced video game machine – paving for way for games such as Pac Man.

Reasons to Play Space Invaders Evolution Slots

Space Invaders Revolution is one for all you retro gaming fans out there, it combines classic slot gaming with the option of a skill-based bonus round.

Here are just a few features:

  • An expanded 6×4 reel configuration offering more chances to win in the base game.
  • Hit three console symbols to enter the main bonus feature of the game, where you’ll have a choice to make.
  • The first option is to simply enjoy 10 free spins. Sit back and watch the action unfold.
  • Your second option is to play Space Invaders itself – a genuine skill-based game, where the better you are, the more you’ll win!

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The Space Invaders Bonus Feature

To enter the main feature of the game you’ll need to land three or more bonus scatters anywhere on the reels. You’ll now be given the option to choose whether to take 10 free spins or play Space Invaders. While the 10 free spins will suit some who don’t feel confident in their game playing ability (that being the case, perhaps the Space Invaders Evolution Slot isn’t for you), the full experience comes when you choose to play Space Invaders.

And, yep, this is the classic Space Invaders game. The game takes place on the upper screen, while you control the action on the control panel using left, right and fire buttons. Hit the green aliens at the bottom and you’ll win 5 or more credits. The yellow aliens each pay at least 10 credits, while the blue aliens are the highest paying worth 15 coins.

Mother Ship Level Up Feature

Just like the original Space Invaders game, your biggest rewards will come when you shoot the ‘mother ship’ which moves across the top of the screen. In this game you’ll either move to the next level, with bigger and better rewards, when shooting it, or you’ll win the progressive jackpot. This jackpot is only available in the game play section – which is another reason to play the arcade game and not take the free spins.

If you haven’t played Space Invaders for a while it might take you a couple of games to get warmed up, but you’ll soon get into the swing of things – the beauty of the game being in its simplicity.

The bonus feature ends when one of those small aliens fires one of their lasers and you get hit, or you run out of ammunition (the amount of ammo is limited).

Alien Invasion - The Base Game

The Base Game of Space Invaders Evolution plays out on an expanded 6x4 reel set up, much larger than the more usual 5x3 set up found at most games. The yellow, blue and green aliens also appear on the reels too, alongside the large hairy aliens that would appear on the side of the consoles (these aliens looking nothing like the pixelated versions). The standard symbols are completed by pixelated versions of the playing card symbols J, Q, K and A.

Space Invaders Slots WMS

Battle for the Galaxy - Space Invaders Evolution Design

This WMS designed slot does a fine job of keeping with the retro feel of the original game. The majority of the symbols in the base game have that same pixelated look as the original game, while the backdrop to the game shows a rocky surface of a planet.

Having chosen the Space Invaders bonus feature, you’ll be playing an exact replica of the original game, with the same basic but very familiar sound effects. Look out for those individual aliens at the end who start whizzing across the screen!

Will Space Invaders Evolution Take Your Gaming to a Whole New Level?

Space Invaders Evolution is one of the new range of skills-based games on the casino floor. While other games might have tiny elements of skill, this game is straightforward – the better you are at Space Invaders the more cash you’ll win. If you’re good, you might even get your hands on a progressive jackpot too. If you’re not so nimble fingered, but want to enjoy the Space Invaders experience anyway, take the free spins!

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