Teaser Bet Explained: What is a Teaser in Sports Betting?

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Sports bettors need to learn to walk before they can run. So, after mastering moneyline bets, spread betting, over-under totals, and parlays, some enjoy the exotic sports wager known as the teaser. Most commonly offered in NFL and NBA betting circles, teasers allow the bettor to adjust the point spreads in a multi-bet parlay wager. This guide will explain teaser betting in detail, provide real-world examples of teaser bets and answer frequently asked questions.

Best Teaser Betting Sportsbooks

Here are the best US online sportsbooks accepting teaser bets and independently reviewed by our team of experts:

What is a Teaser Sports Bet?

If you’re familiar in building and making parlay sports bets, a teaser is closely related. Teaser bets are offered most often on NFL betting and basketball betting online sportsbooks. If bettors aren’t comfortable with the point spread or point total of any one game, they may buy points, a.k.a. tease, the line or over/under up and down. Teasers are available on parlays of 2-or-more events.

With baseball, hockey, soccer, etc typically ending with lower run/goal totals, you won’t find teasers available in these sports.

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NFL Teaser Example

NFL teasers feature three key numbers, 6, 6.5 and 7. This is how many points the spread can be moved up or down ahead of a matchup. Here is a real-world, three-team, 6-point teaser:

  • Browns -7.5 vs Jaguars +7.5
  • Chiefs -6 vs Chargers +6
  • Patriots +2.5 vs Bills

Let’s say you are backing the Browns, Chiefs and Patriots. With a 6-point teaser, here are the new spreads:

  • Browns -1.5
  • Chiefs PICK
  • Patriots +8.5

In order for the teaser to cash, all three teams must cover the spread. If any leg of the teaser loses, the entire ticket loses. If the Chiefs and Chargers PUSH (tie), that leg of the teaser is removed and only the Browns and Patriots wagers are counted at lower odds.

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NBA Teaser Example

The key teaser numbers in NBA basketball betting are 4, 4.5, and 5. Just like with an NFL teaser, an NBA one affords bettors the opportunity to move the on a parlay of 2-or-more events. Here’s an example of a 4-team, 4-point teaser:

  • Lakers +2.5 vs Warriors -2.5
  • Cavs +4.5 vs Sixers -4.5
  • Nets +4.5 vs Bucks -4.5
  • Suns -9.5 vs Magic +9.5

Now, let’s say you’re backing the Lakers, Cavs, Nets and Suns in this 4-team teaser. Here are the new lines on your ticket:

  • Lakers +6.5
  • Cavs +8.5
  • Nets +8.5
  • Suns -5.5

In order to cash, all four wagers must be correct. Your odds are stronger because you picked four events, but the risk is also higher than if you teased just two teams.

Difference Between Teasers and Parlays

Though sports parlays and teasers are closely related, there is one big difference. Rather than write how that is, it’s easier to illustrate the difference between a parlay and teaser bet.

Parlay Matchups Point Spread Parlay Adjusted Spread 3-Team, 6-Point Teaser New Teaser Spread
Browns vs -4.5 No change Adjusts line Browns -10.5
Bengals +4.5 No change Adjusts line Bengals +10.5
Chiefs vs -7.5 No change Adjusts line Chiefs -13.5
Broncos +7.5 No change Adjusts line Broncos +7.5
Seahawks vs -2.5 No change Adjusts line Seahawks -8.5
49ers +2.5 No change Adjusts line 49ers +8.5

As you can imagine, with the Browns, Chiefs and Seahawks teaser lines becoming more difficult to cover, odds swing in your favor, while odds also improve if you backed the Bengals, Broncos and 49ers at comfortable spread because you need all three teams to cover their plus-spreads in order for the teaser bet to cash.

What if my Teaser Bet Pushes?

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Teasers are point spread / point total-adjusted parlay bets. All legs of a teaser must be correct for the wager to cash.

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If any one leg of a X-team, X-point teaser is incorrect, the entire bet slip loses.

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In the off-chance one leg of the teaser bets is a push/tie, the sportsbook will just take that off your bet ticket. However, if you only wager a two-team teaser and one pushes, your original wager will be returned to you.

Teaser Sports Betting Strategy

Teaser bets assume the bettor understands sports betting enough to buy points on games where they have an advantage (or think they do). For beginners, basic strategy makes a basic. Remember these teaser sports betting tips to avoid rookie mistakes.

  • Find -120 Teasers: These days, few sportsbooks offer -110 bets on teasers. Some only offer -130 bets, so the best teasers most bettors can find are -120. Look for these when shopping for teasers.
  • Bet on NFL Games: NFL games tend to involve parity more than most American sports, so they are best for teaser sports betting strategy. Don’t place teaser bets on most other sports.
  • Buy 3 or Buy 7: Since NFL winners tend to win by either 3 points or 7 points, buy 3 points or 7 points. Buying 6 points and 10 points also has value. When buying points, you get more value than if you buy 2 points, 4 points, or 8 points.
  • Reverse Teaser Strategy: When betting pleasers, the reverse logic applies. Since NCAA football games and basketball games often have higher margins of victory, it’s best to bet on college football or NBA games when placing a reverse teaser bet.

Teaser Sports Betting Odds and Payouts

Teaser odds vary from one sportsbook to the next. That being said, bookmakers are competitive and tend to have similar odds and payouts. Use the following odds ranges as a measuring stick when choosing when engaging in teaser sports betting.

Teaser Size 6 Point Odds 6.5 Point Odds 7 Point Odds
2-Team Teaser -110 -120 -135
3-Team Teaser +160 +140 +120
4-Team Teaser +265 +240 +215

Teaser Betting FAQs

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