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The state of Delaware is one of the few states that have legalized online gambling. Our intentions are to clarify the new online gambling laws for Delaware residents. If for any reason what we write here is confusing or you do not understand our synopsis of these laws, please contact a lawyer for a more precise explanation. We do not claim to experts of these laws or even lawyers, we only bring you an overview of them. We also share on this site some online gambling sites that are available to players in Delaware that are safe and trusted. These sites also offer everything in the way of games that live casinos and other gambling establishments provide.

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The online gambling laws were recently enacted and Delaware plans to have its online gambling venture operational by the end of 2013. The online gambling laws in the state of Delaware allow residents to play online video poker, online slots, and online casino games that will be overseen by the state lottery commission. Delaware is a gambler-friendly state, in which its residents have been gambling online for at legal gambling sites for years. This new legislation will help Delaware build its gambler-friendly reputation and open up more opportunities for jobs and revenue for the state. When the legalized online gambling sites are finally open in Delaware, they will only be available to Delaware citizens. Until these legal online gambling sites are available in the state, we have selected online gambling sites that are legal in Delaware.

The legal age for gambling in the state of Delaware is 18 for horse and dog tracks and lottery. Poker rooms and charitable poker rooms allow Delaware residents that are 18 to play but casinos will not permit poker players until they are 21 or older. When Delaware residents are 21 they are permitted to play in online and live casinos and video lottery depots and sportsbooks.

There are numerous selections for gamblers in the state of Delaware including online and live casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. The legalization of online gambling in Delaware will make gambling choice unlimited for residents by the end of 2013. For now, residents that gamble online have a variety of choices and we bring the most trustes secure sites to them. We offer online casinos, sports betting, poker rooms, and bingo halls that accept Delaware residents.

Online casinos are readily available and abundant on the internet, though not all of them are safe or legal. We have selected the safest online casinos accepting Delaware residents on the internet. These casinos provide residents with numerous gambling choices. Some of those choices include a variety of table games, bingo, card games, slots, and more for your gambling pleasure.

Delaware is one of the few states that allow sports betting to its residents, proving they are a gambler-friendly state. Residents of Delaware will be able to bet on their favorite sports on sites that are administered by the state soon. In the meantime, we selected some of the top sportsbooks on the internet that accept Delaware residents. Or sites give betters the choice of live betting and mobile betting, up to date sports news and scores, various betting levels, and more. Our sites are always free for Delaware residents to join and offer welcome bonuses with your first deposit. The online sportsbooks offered here are reputable and safe.

Our selected online poker rooms offer Delaware residents guaranteed hours of safe, fun poker playing. Residents in the state of Delaware are always welcome to join and play for money with the assurance that all of your transactions and information is kept confidential and secure. We offer different levels of poker play from beginner to advanced, poker tournaments, a wide range of poker games, tips to improve your game, and much more. Our online poker rooms offer so many choices we cannot list them all here. For a view of just what these sites offer, look at our list and click the link to browse these awesome online poker rooms.

Online bingo players in the state of Delaware are always welcome and accepted at our selected sites. We offer a variety of bingo cards and high payouts to residents in the state of Delaware that play in one of our online bingo halls. Choose your favorite today to begin playing online bingo with legitimate online gambling sites.

Delaware Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in Delaware?

Online gambling is legal in Delaware and was legalized in 2012 for Delaware residents. This law allows Delaware residents to play on state-regulated gambling sites without fear of prosecution. Delaware residents never had much to worry over because the old law did not prohibit online gambling.

Is online gambling safe in Delaware?

Delaware residents are safe from violating gambling laws in the state since online gambling has been legalized. Until the state online gambling sites are up and running we offer an alternative that is just as safe with our selected sites. Our sites accept Delaware residents and offer 24-hour customer support by phone or email should you have any issues.

Are online casinos legal in Delaware?

Online casinos are definitely legal in the state of Delaware. Delaware residents and visitor must be in the state to gamble in state-operated online casinos because these gambling sites are only available within the state’s borders. In other words, Delaware residents are unable to play in state-operated online casinos if they are in another state because these sites are only legal inside the state of Delaware. If Delaware residents are playing on one of our select online casinos in Delaware or any other state it is legal because these sites are offshore and monitored by an independent third party.

Are online sports betting legal in Delaware?

When residents of Delaware wager at our online sportsbooks it is legal because these sites are offshore and monitored by an independent third party. Online sportsbooks that are operated within the borders of Delaware are illegal and until their state-operated gambling sites are available, there are no legal sports betting sites other than offshore sites for Delaware residents.

Is online poker legal in Delaware?

Online poker is legal in Delaware and the state will soon have its state-operated online poker sites available to residents.

Will I be arrested for gambling online in the state of Delaware?

You cannot be arrested for online gambling in the state of Delaware. Delaware has legalized online gambling at its state-operated websites but they are not yet available. Residents that choose to play at our selected gambling sites will find that they are legal and legitimate so you are in no danger of being arrested.

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