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The state of Louisiana has one of the only state laws that makes online gambling illegal. Louisiana’s online gambling law applies to players, but it’s mainly focused on preventing unregulated operators from accepting bets from Louisiana residents. As of 2013, there have been no cases of players being arrested or fined for gambling online for money.

Online gambling websites that are not operated in the state of Louisiana and are licensed, regulated, and operated offshore are legal. It is important that we bring you the best in websites and information about gambling at these sites so we use and test them on a regular basis to ensure you are safe while gambling at our listed sites.

Review our list for welcome bonuses and reviews, click the name of the site to browse the sites, then choose your favorite and start playing right away. You will find an array of games, deposit options, tips, and tricks to improve games, bonuses, promotions, and fast payouts. We cannot list everything these sites have to offer so you will have to look for yourself and decide which gambling website is best for you. We guarantee hours of gambling entertainment for Louisiana residents at one of our internet gambling websites.

Best Louisiana Online Casinos, Sportsbooks & Poker Sites 2019

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Online casinos offer slots, table games, poker games, and more to players in the state of Louisiana. Our websites are legal offshore sites that are regulated by an independent third party, are legitimate, and secure for Louisiana residents. Look at the sites we offer for the most exciting online casino action on the web that is secure and legal. Residents of Louisiana are always accepted at our online casinos and are provided with free, easy registration, as well as a welcome bonus upon making their first deposit.

Sports betting is illegal in most states and Louisiana is no different on that matter. Because sports betting on land is usually outlawed most United States residents turn to the internet for the best sports betting action. We have provided a listing of all the best online sportsbooks for wagering, reading sports news and scores along with tips on how to improve your bets. Our online sportsbook sites are legal and safe in the state of Louisiana and accepts Louisiana residents. We are happy to bring Louisiana residents the best in sports betting action that allows live betting and mobile betting. Please browse our list and choose your favorite site for safe, legal online gambling entertainment.

There is a multitude of poker rooms available on the internet and we have brought you the safest most entertaining ones out there. Louisiana residents that cannot resist a good poker game we provide you with legal online poker rooms that are safe and fun. The sites we bring you accept Louisiana residents and provide you with bonuses, promotions, poker tournaments, different levels, and styles of poker games, and more. Your personal information is always protected, deposits and other transactions are secure, and we have fast payouts. Join one of our sites today and receive a sign on bonus with your first deposit.

Louisiana residents that have a love of bingo will find we have the most entertaining bingo sites listed on this page. We bring you online bingo sites that accept Louisiana residents, offer an array of bingo cards, games, and tournaments. With our list of selected sites, Louisiana residents can make secure deposits to play bingo for money and receive quick cash out of winnings. Join one of our online bingo sites to start playing today and good luck.

Louisiana Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in the state of Louisiana?

Online gambling is legal in the state of Louisiana if you follow the tips brought to you on this page and use our suggested websites. Online gambling websites are illegal in Louisiana and anyone who is caught operating one is in violation of the law and will be prosecuted.

What is the legal gambling age in Louisiana?

Louisiana prefers that its residents be of legal gambling age when taking part in any type of gambling activity within the state. For gamblers who are 18 years old you may participate in bingo, horse and dog racing, and online bingo in the state of Louisiana. At the age of 21 residents are allows to participate in gambling activities at live and online casinos, live and online poker rooms, lottery, and online sports betting. There are never going to be enough times we can stress the importance of following the states age requirements for gambling online and offline.

Are online casinos legal in Louisiana?

As long as you are only playing at an online casino, you are not in violation of any laws. Anyone who operates and online casino in Louisiana is at risk of being arrested and convicted of breaking the state gambling laws.

Are online sportsbooks legal in Louisiana?

You are not permitted to operate an online sportsbook in the state of Louisiana but you can play at one. It is highly unlikely you will be arrested and convicted for playing at any of our offshore internet sportsbooks because they are legal.

Are online poker rooms legal in Louisiana?

They are legal, as long as you use out tips and play at our selected sites. Our selected sites are legitimate, legal, authorized, online poker rooms that are located offshore and not illegal in Louisiana. We stated it is illegal to run and online casino or sportsbook in the state of Louisiana and the same is true for online poker rooms. If you are caught running one of these internet-gambling sites in Louisiana, you will be arrested and convicted for violating the state gambling laws.

Do online gambling sites have safe transactions for Louisiana residents?

Yes, our online gambling sites offer safe transactions for Louisiana residents. In order to play at these online gambling sites you must deposit money, which requires using a debit or credit card. When you use a debit or credit card at any website, you should make sure they offer SSL transactions. SSL are Secure Socket Layer transactions that encrypt information so that online predators cannot access it. By online predator, we mean anyone looking to steal you identity or money. There are sites out there that do not offer secure transactions but our selected internet gambling websites do offer them for your peace of mind


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