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Massachusetts is one of those gambler-friendly states that recognize the revenue the state earns from gambling. Massachusetts does not offer its residents any state regulated online gambling websites but does have options for offline gambling. Those who wish to gamble online in Massachusetts will have to use offshore gambling sites that accept residents in the state. In this overview, we bring residents of Massachusetts a look at online gambling laws and the best internet gambling websites available to them. Readers need to be aware that we are not lawyers or law experts and those who need information that is more detailed should contact a lawyer or law expert.

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Every state in the nation has a legal gambling age that residents of that state are required to meet in order to gamble online or offline and Massachusetts is not different. Playing live bingo, lottery, horse and dog races, and online bingo you must be 18 in the state of Massachusetts. Residents who are 21 one can play in live casinos and poker rooms as well as online casinos, online poker rooms, and online sportsbooks. You will be asked to verify your age at all of the sites listed here before you are allowed to register for gambling at them.

We provide readers with a brief look at the online gambling in Massachusetts and would like to stress we are not lawyers and you should contact one if you are in doubt of what you read here. Massachusetts has not legalized online gambling and does not regulate any state run online gambling websites. The law has not made online gambling a crime and does allow players in Massachusetts to play online at offshore gambling websites. The gambling laws in Massachusetts do make it a crime to run or operate an online gambling site in the state. If you are planning to operate your own gambling site, please do not try it in Massachusetts because it is illegal. It is not illegal to play at online gambling websites, only to own and operate one in Massachusetts.

There are any number of gambling websites on the internet that will gladly accept residents of Massachusetts and other states. But, are they legitimate, legal, and safe sites for gambling? Some are and some are not and we bring you the best internet gambling sites that are legal in Massachusetts and accept residents of the state. We recommend some online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and bingo halls that are secure, legal, safe and easy to use, and most of all entertaining. For the avid gambler who likes all four gambling venues we offer sites that have everything from casino action to bingo halls so you will never need more than one software for all of your gambling action. Our recommended sites have a multitude of games, bonuses, promotions, and more for all of your gambling wants and needs.

For residents of Massachusetts that prefer the excitement and variety of online casinos we provide you with information and links to the top online casinos on the internet. The online casinos we mention here accept state of Massachusetts residents, provide them with secure transactions, and protect their personal information. Online casinos offer table games, slots, card games, and more, all of which you will find a variety of at our suggested sites. Our sites are also legitimate and legal in the state of Massachusetts, so you never have to worry about breaking the states gambling laws.

Betting on sports can be a very gainful hobby and is only available online in the state of Massachusetts. The online sports betting sites we provide for you are legal, legitimate, secure, and accept Massachusetts residents. When you view our online sportsbooks, you will be pleased to see they offer various betting options, deposit and pay off options, and the latest in sports news and scores. These highly recommended and rated online sportsbooks offer easy registration and a welcome bonus with your first deposit. For the Massachusetts gambler that wishes to wager on sports, you cannot go wrong with our legal online sportsbooks.

Poker is one of the oldest and most famous card games on the internet and in live establishments. Our online poker rooms give players the impression of playing in a live poker room and accept Massachusetts residents. We offer tournaments, a variety of poker playing levels, different styles of poker games, and free registration. Best of all, our online poker rooms are legal, offer real money play, promotions and bonuses, and secure transactions. For poker players of every level, from beginner to professional, we offer an assortment of exciting options at our online poker websites.

Trustworthy and legal bingo sites can be challenging to find on the internet so we provide them for you on this page. Our bingo sites accept Massachusetts residents, offer free registration, different styles and levels of bingo playing, and are legal and safe. We have reviewed all of our sites to ensure they accept residents of Massachusetts and provide hours of fun, safe, legal bingo action.

Massachusetts Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal and safe in Massachusetts?

Online gambling is not outlawed specifically in the Massachusetts gambling laws, so it is legal to play at offshore online gambling websites. Many players worry that their information may fall into the wrong hands when providing it to websites. That is never an issue with the sites we provide here because these sites always protection your information with secure transactions.

Are online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks legal in Massachusetts?

Online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks are legal in the state of Massachusetts from players that play in offshore websites, which we offer here. Residents of Massachusetts that are considering operating an online gambling website are in violation of the law and will face arrest and prosecution.

Will online gambling sites cause viruses on my computer?

Online gambling sites and other sites may cause viruses on computers, but our suggested online gambling websites do not cause viruses. We have been reviewing and using these online gambling sites for years and has never gotten a virus or had our information compromised.

Will I go to jail if I gamble online in the state of Massachusetts?

We can honestly say we have never heard of an arrest for gambling online in Massachusetts. As long as you stick with the sites we suggest and follow our tips you will not have any legal problems and certainly will not be arrested for gambling online.