Wisconsin Online Gambling

The state of Wisconsin does not have any laws that appear to make online gambling illegal. We believe to the best of our knowledge that online gamblers in Wisconsin cannot be charged with any crimes. There are laws that apply to online gambling operators, which some may confuse to mean players, yet it simply does not. We have studied and muddled through the online gambling laws for Wisconsin and cannot find anything that makes online gambling illegal. We break those laws down into an easy to read summary later on this page. We also bring our best offshore gambling websites that accept Wisconsin residents.

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The state of Wisconsin has a set of gambling laws, written in a very confusing manner, that pertain to the legality of online gambling. We have deciphered this wording and brought it to you in an easy to read manner that helps you define what is legal and illegal when it comes to online gambling in Wisconsin. The wording that pertains to wire communications can be taken to mean that online gambling is illegal. That is incorrect; it means that operating an unlicensed online gambling website is illegal. It is not illegal to join and play at an offshore, licensed, and regulated online gambling website. Well, you are in luck because that is just the kind of sites we provide for Wisconsin residents, offshore, licensed, and regulated gambling websites.

We provide Wisconsin residents a wide range of choices when it comes to legal online gambling websites. Our websites are located offshore and are licensed and regulated there so they do not violate Wisconsin gambling laws and are legal. These websites offer a variety of casino games, sportsbook betting options, and poker choices. Review our sites for the best of the best for Wisconsin residents.

Wisconsin does not have any laws that target online casino players and the sites we bring you are legal in this state. These casinos are highly reputes offshore casinos that are regulated and licensed so you never have to worry about laws. Wisconsin residents will love that our casinos provide them with various games from table games to slots and more. Our online casinos accept Wisconsin residents and provide them with many tantalizing bonuses and promotions. View our list of online casinos today to choose one and start playing now.

We provide Wisconsin residents with a large selection of offshore, legal online sportsbooks to choose from. These online sportsbooks offer features like sports news and information, live betting, and secure depositing choices. Wisconsin residents will also appreciate our variety of sporting events from local, national, and international teams. You can bet on the go with our mobile app for phones and tablets, which also support live betting. These amazing online sportsbooks are some of the best online that accept Wisconsin residents. Don’t wait any longer to view our sites and choose one to join now.

If poker is your game but you are, worried about all the bad things you have heard you need not worry any longer. We provide Wisconsin residents with offshore poker sites that are legal, licensed, and regulated. These poker sites are nothing like the ones you heard about in the news. They are safe and secure and offer various forms of deposits for your convenience. Wisconsin residents can play poker for free or for real money and interact with professional poker players. You will also find poker tips, tricks, and news as well as various styles of poker games. You have chosen the right page to help you find the poker site you have been looking for. All you have to do is join and start playing right away.

There are still a few bingo players left out there and still a few quality bingo websites. Wisconsin residents will love our offshore, licensed, and regulated online bingo sites. You can play for real money at these sites, join in bingo tournaments, and much more. View our sites now for the one you want to join.

Wisconsin Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in Wisconsin?

We read the laws and did not understand their wording so we researched them and figured it out so we could explain it to our readers. We figured out that online gambling is not what they are referring to in the laws. What they are saying is that operating an online gambling site that is unlicensed is illegal in Wisconsin. Individual online gamblers are not in violation of the law. It is just like almost every other state; they concentrate on the operators not the players. Online gambling is not illegal in Wisconsin if you play at offshore gambling sites that are licensed and regulated.

What is the legal gambling age in Wisconsin?

The legal online gambling ages for residents of Wisconsin are pretty cut and narrowed. Wisconsin requires one age for all gambling activities whether they be land based or online and that age is 18. The age requirements cover land-based casinos, poker rooms, bingo, and lottery. Online gambling includes online casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, and bingo. Please note Wisconsin does not have horse and dog racetracks, and individual gambling entities may require players to be 21, whether they be land based or online. Obey these age requirements because they can get you in trouble if you choose to ignore them.

Are online gambling sites legal in Wisconsin?

Online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and bingo halls that are operated in the state of Wisconsin are unlicensed and unregulated and are illegal. Online gambling sites that are operated in offshore locations and are licensed and regulated are legal in Wisconsin. Residents that play at these offshore gambling sites do not have to fear the law because it is legal to play at them and join them.

How do I know if an online gambling site is licensed, regulated, and secure?

When you go on any page of the online gambling site you should see two or three symbols on the page that are the trademarks of the licensor, regulator, and securer of the website. These symbols are usually in the shape of a triangle and you should be able to click on them to open a new page for more information.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in Wisconsin?

It is not likely that you will go to jail for gambling online in Wisconsin. You will go to jail for operating and online gambling website in Wisconsin but not for playing. Stick with our advice and use our offshore, regulated, and licensed online gambling websites to be sure you are gambling legally in Wisconsin.