10 Essential Best Sports Betting Twitter Accounts to Follow

Did you know that top sports analysts share their betting cards on Twitter? Read on to find our 10 favorite Twitter accounts which share free betting picks across NFL, NBA, NHL & more!

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If you’re a fan of sports betting, Twitter is the place to be.  There you’ll find live commentary, expert predictions and plenty of fellow fans looking to connect with you.  However, what you might not know is that some of the best sports betting Twitter accounts could help you make a few bucks too! 

Here at Gamble Online, we are asked one question above all others; can I actually make money from betting online?  The answer is a resounding yes.  In fact, some of the top 10 richest gamblers in the world have made their fortune by real money sports betting, but it’s not easy!

Sports are unpredictable by nature.  The uncertainty is what makes them so fun, but it also means that betting on the right outcome consistently is impossible.  Factor in the vig which is built into the sportsbook’s odds and you can see how most sports bettors lose money in the long-term.  However, there are people bucking the trend. 

How do Handicappers Make Money Betting on Sports?

A sports handicapper is a person who attempts to make money betting on sports through rigorous analysis of past events. Handicappers take bet research to a new level, closely studying trends, data and analytics in order to make smart wagers. They pour over statistical and anecdotal evidence in an attempt to find information which could give them an edge when filling in their betting slips. 

Lucky for us, some handicappers choose to share their extensive sporting knowledge by way of sharing free picks on Twitter.  The question is: are you willing to trust a stranger with your bankroll? 

These Are The Best Sports Handicappers on Twitter

There are hundreds of Twitter accounts from both amateur and professional gamblers offering free picks for each sporting league.  That said, some are definitely better than others!

When compiling our list of the best sports handicappers who provide betting tips, we took into account the depth of their knowledge, the age of the account and the success record of their free picks.  While some featured bettors also offer paid services, tailing their free picks is a great way to see how you like them. 

It’s important to know that even professional sports bettors have losing days.  It’ll only take seconds of scrolling on any handicapper’s page to find a losing bet or even a reverse sweep.  Short-term losses in sports betting are common and unavoidable.  Thankfully, building your bankroll is a long-term plan.

If you’re looking to tail a sports handicapper, be sure that you’re in it for the long haul and manage your bankroll accordingly.  You should also do your own research on each bet to make sure you agree with their analysis before staking your cash.

Here are some of our favorite handicappers you can follow on Twitter right now.

patrick mahomes playing for kansas city chiefs

Best NFL Betting Twitter Accounts

Football fans should look no further than these top NFL betting experts:


  • A well-established handicapper who regularly shares a handful of free NFL, college football and hoops picks.


  • A sports consultant who specialises in high-value NFL parlay bets. 

Best NBA Twitter Accounts

With basketball season in full swing, there has never been a better time to follow some NBA betting analysts:


  • An over/under expert with a proven track record of recommending quality NBA bets based on statistical evidence.


  • An animated analyst who offers a ton of free NBA prop bets right through basketball season.

Sharks Forward Evander Kane cleared of gambling allegations

Best NHL Twitter Accounts

Though NHL betting is less popular than its NFL and NBA counterparts, there is still value to be found on the ice! Check out these top-rated NHL handicappers:


  • A little known hockey expert who runs a no-nonsense NHL account with a great two-season track record.


  • Though the account shares NFL and NBA bets too, it’s their NHL record that is particularly impressive. 

Best All-Around Sports Betting Twitter Accounts

They say you can’t have it all, but these analysts seem to! If you’re keen to bet across sports, give these accounts a follow:


  • As well as sharing quality NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, college football and NCAA hoops picks daily, this analyst highlights team trends to help further your knowledge. 


  • A little-known bettor who shares at least one free play daily. Past sports include NFL, MLB, NHL, tennis and international soccer.


  • A top handicapper with five years experience in sharing free picks across NHL, NFL and MLB.


  • An basketball specialist with an incredible record who also frequently dabbles in NFL, MLB and eSports. Pay close attention to the suggested value of the bets – they are a key factor in the success of this handicapper. 

Once you’ve found the perfect handicapper to tail, it’s time to find the sports betting site with the best odds! Head over to our sports betting reviews to find the top ranking US sportsbooks.  

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