Sic Bo Strategy and Tips

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When at the casino – be it in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or online – we’re all looking to swing the edge back in our favor. Even with the ancient Chinese game of sic bo, we want to think our betting system is the best. In our sic bo strategy guide, we’ll review the basic objectives of the popular casino dice games, review betting systems and share some tips to making your time at the sic bo table more enjoyable.

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Popular Sic Bo Strategy

sic bo table

Just in case you reached this page before reviewing our how to play sic bo introduction, let’s review the basics before delving into sic bo strategies and tips.

Game Basic Objective

Let’s preface this with the fact that sic bo is a game of chance and no skill or one strategy will help you win at sic bo all the time or more often over another. The odds are the odds.

Before you place a bet, let’s review what you’ll be working with at the sic bo table. It features an elaborate betting felt surface top similar to a roulette table. Rather than spin a wheel and wait for the ball to come to rest, sic bo features three dice that are rolled. The objective of sic bo is to guess the outcome or outcomes of the dice roll. Each bet offers unique odds and payouts and, just as in roulette, more than one bet can occur before every round.

Wagers include small bets, big bets, single number bets, double bets, triple bets, total bets and combination bets.

Beginner Strategy

This is what we’ll refer to as the K.I.S. (Keep it Simple) kind of bets. Most experienced players agree taking advantage of sic bo’s low-risked bets with the smallest house edge is a sound strategy. Much like in roulette, where EVEN/ODD, RED/BLACK bets pay 1-to-1, sic bo’s BIG and SMALL bets do the same. A small bet win at sic bo when the total of the three dice tally between 4-10, while a big bet wins when the total adds up between 11-17. 

However, just because the small or big bets fall within the specified range, doesn’t automatically make you a winner. If the all three of the dice rolled feature the same value (i.e. 5-5-5), 15 is not a BIG bet winner, it’s a triple bet winner. Although the lowest house edge on the board at 2.78%, big and small bets do carry that risk.

Mid-Level Strategy

Those with more chips to play with can implement this mid-level strategy. The returns are bigger because the risk is, too. The technique prioritizes multiple bets over single wagers. You’d have four unique chance of winning from the dice roll.

To execute this strategy, do one of two things. First, you can bet double betting options on the 1, 5 and 6, while also betting a single 9. Note: you’ll lose one of four, but odds are improved on other three. The other option is bet on 1, 2, 6 in doubles and combine with a 12 single unit bet. Same risk, reward an odds to profit.

Experienced Strategy

The sic bo betting strategy with the biggest risk applied to brick-and-mortar tables and online casino random number generator sic bo. The house edge increases with this, but the potential profits are larger than the previous two betting systems.

Like the mid-level, you’re combining bets with a focus on double and triple numbers. The first one has you wagering on 8 (three unit bet) and two-of-three doubles from 1, 2 and 3 (two unit bet). You’ll earn 9-to-1 odds by implementing this strategy.

Top Sic Bo Tips

Bankroll Management

This may seem obvious, but setting a sic bo budget before you start playing is the best tip for new players. If you don’t and hit a losing skid, emotion may take over and emotionally-fueled betting is the wrong path to follow. This is a game of chance, not skill, so set the budget, try to win some money and along with the budget, consider setting a clock of how long you want to play. No matter where your chip stack is at the end of the sessions, call it a day and try again tomorrow.

FREE Play First

New players must find a way to take advantage of free sic bo games. The best online casino want to let first time gamers try out new table games before they make a deposit.

New players must find a way to take advantage of free sic bo games. Most real money online casinos want to let first-time gamers try out new table games before they make a deposit. So, without the need to register a new account or bust out the credit card and play for real cash, players can study and learn what can be an imposing sic bo table. Once you get the hang of betting options and game flow, you can sign up, make a deposit and try for some big cash profits.

Loyalty Programs

If you find an online sic bo casino that you really like, stick with it. These days, most sites automatically sign up their players for a loyalty program, which can include deposit casino bonuses and cash back programs that reward you for sticking with one brand. The more rounds of sic bo you play, the better for your bottom line.


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