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South Dakota is unfriendly toward online gambling and does not permit it for players or operators of online gambling websites in the state. If you choose to gamble online at one of our offshore gambling sites then you are not committing a crime and will not have to worry about getting into trouble. We provide the residents of South Dakota an overview of the online gambling laws and some superior offshore gambling websites. We are not lawyers, do not claim, or try to be, and recommend you consult with one if you are in need of more information about the online gambling laws in South Dakota.

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South Dakota has implemented a strict age requirement to gamble in the state, whether it is online, or offline. When you are 18, in South Dakota, you can play bingo online and offline, state lottery, and bet on dog and horse races. We would like to note that there are many online bingo sites and other sites where bingo is available that require you to be 21 to join their sites regardless of the state law. At 21, in South Dakota, you are free to gamble in land based casinos, online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms. Please keep in mind, these age requirements are strictly enforce in South Dakota for residents and visitors alike.

South Dakota is a very strict state that adheres to the laws and has no problem prosecuting those who violate them. For that reason, we have carefully reviewed the states gambling laws to provide you with the information you need to safely gamble online. South Dakota does not state anywhere in its gambling laws that online gambling in offshore gambling websites is illegal for residents. Operating an online or offline gambling outfit is illegal and operators of these businesses are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This page provides you with legal online gambling websites that are operated and licensed in offshore locations. South Dakota residents are not breaking this strict law by joining or playing at the sites we provide you with.

We cannot say it enough; the internet gambling websites provided on this page are legal for South Dakota residents. Our preferred internet gambling sites are offshore and legal in South Dakota. They are secure and offer residents the ability to easily find the security information as well as anything else you want to learn about the website right on the home pages of the individual sites. All of our sites also offer 24-hour customer care in the form of e-mail, chat, and/or telephone. Customer care associates are always available to answer your questions and resolve any issues that might occur. When you join one of our many sites listed here and make a deposit, you receive a welcome bonus and various player bonuses for playing some games. Our sites also offer promotions for certain days of the week, holidays, and games. You are always safe when you join one of our offshore online gambling sites. Review our list today.

South Dakota residents will find an wealth of offshore online casinos that eagerly accept them in our list. Our online casinos offer various slots, table games, and card games for your gambling entertainment. We also offer South Dakota residents online casinos that act as a one-stop shop software for those who also enjoy sportsbetting, poker and more. We know not everyone plays only casino games and offer you this software so that you will not have to change between websites or have a lot of pages open on your computer. Review our list today to find the casino that is perfect for you.

We bring residents of South Dakota the best of offshore online sportsbooks that are legal and secure for your betting needs. You can wager on sports anytime of the day or night with secure deposits and withdrawals. Our preferred online sportsbooks provide South Dakota residents with a variety of wagering options, almost every sport imaginable, and up to date sports scores and news. These online sportsbooks eagerly accept South Dakota residents and our your best bet when it comes to wagering entertainment. Peruse our sites and join one today to get in on the wagering fun.

We provide you with online poker sites that are exciting and offer an large amount of options for playing and wagering on games. Our preferred offshore online poker rooms accept South Dakota residents and are legal. Our online poker rooms give South Dakota residents the chance to learn to play poker, improve their poker game, and join in on exciting poker tournaments. We have everything poker players in South Dakota can think of in our online poker rooms. Browse our poker rooms and join one today for a bonus with your first deposit.

South Dakota residents are not provided many land based bingo-playing choices. Our online bingo halls are located offshore and legal for South Dakota residents to take part in any bingo game they choose. These sites, that always accept South Dakota residents, are entertaining and offer bug jackpots and high stakes bingo tournaments. We have an array of options when it comes to online bingo halls so check them out to start playing now.

South Dakota Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in South Dakota?

Online gambling is legal in South Dakota, providing you play at our offshore online gambling websites that accept residents of the state. You are not allowed to start or operate your own gambling business in the state of South Dakota because it is punishable by law. As long as you are a player of these sites and not an operator, gambling is legal in the state of South Dakota.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in South Dakota?

This is one of the most asked questions on this website and the answer is no. no one in the U.S. has been arrested for gambling online that we know of thus far. The only time we have heard of anyone going to jail for anything related to online gambling are those that operate illegal gambling websites.

Are online gambling sites legal in South Dakota?

Online gambling websites include internet casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and bingo halls, just to clarify exactly what online gambling site means. The offshore online gambling sites we bring to this page are perfectly legal for South Dakota residents to join. There is nothing in the gambling laws that state these sites are illegal.

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