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For residents of Nebraska that intend to gamble online it is important to familiarize yourself with the online gambling laws we provide. Please keep in mind these laws are only summarized and that the laws are constantly changing. Also remember, we are not law experts or lawyers and if you would like more detailed online gambling laws you should consult with a law expert or lawyer. We have gathered a list of selected online gambling sites that accept Nebraska residents and are highly recommended by other online players. View our list and take the guesswork out of selecting a website for online gambling and enjoy yourself.

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One of the most important aspects of online gambling laws for any state are the age requirements. Please remember it is illegal to gamble if you are not of a certain age in the state of Nebraska and you may face arrest or prosecution. When you are 18 in Nebraska you can play bingo, at 19 you are permitted to play at the racetracks and lottery, and 21 year olds may play in casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. Please note that these age requirements are meant for online and offline gambling.

Nebraska gambling laws do not mention online gambling explicitly so it is safe to conclude online gambling is legal. Nebraska residents are not in danger of committing a crime when they dabble in internet gambling activities. Whether your favorite gambling website is casinos, sportsbooks, or poker rooms you can play without stressing about the laws. Pick one of our listed online gambling sites for your gambling pleasure.

There are a lot of gambling sites to be found on the internet. You will find online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and bingo halls that allow you to play for free or for real money. We have narrowed the search for online gambling sites to only the highest rated one on the internet that accept Nebraska residents. Nebraska residents will find these sites meet all of their needs from safety and security to gaming options and more. Feel free to choose a gambling website and take advantage of our welcome bonuses and start playing today.

There are literally millions of online casinos available on the world wide web. Some of those casinos may not be genuine or accept Nebraska residents. With our list of recommendations Nebraska residents will find these online casinos are 100 percent genuine and safe. We have chosen online casinos that accept Nebraska residents and offer a welcome bonus to all new players. Whether you enjoy slots or table games you are sure to find a casino listed here that will fit your needs.

Online sports betting has grown in popularity since sports betting offline is outlawed in most states. We offer a comprehensive list of online sportsbooks that offer welcome bonuses to all Nebraska residents that are first time sports betters. We also offer updated sports news and scores for your added accessibility. Choose one of our highly rated sights and start wagering today, you will not be disappointed.

We have examined an exhaustive amount of online poker rooms for Nebraska residents. In our list of internet poker rooms you will find the most authentic, secure, entertaining poker rooms on the world wide web. These poker rooms always accept Nebraska residents that are of legal gambling age as stated by Nebraska gambling laws. Choose a site to start playing poker online and receive a welcome bonus.

There are a limitless amount of online bingo sites to be found on the internet as with other online gambling websites. We have collected a list of the best online bingo sites that accept Nebraska residents and offer entertaining bingo fun. Our selected bingo sites accept Nebraska residents, offer tournaments, and a large assortment of cards. Our online bingo sites also allow Nebraska residents to play for free or for money. Joining one of our selected online bingo sites is sure to bring you hours of amusement.

Nebraska Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in the state of Nebraska?

There is no information relating to online gambling in the Nebraska gambling laws. The only ramification that players might have when it comes to online gambling is gambling under the legal age as stated by law. Residents of Nebraska must be 21 to gamble in internet casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites. If you are 18 you can play bingo on internet bingo halls.

Are online casinos legal in the state of Nebraska?

The Nebraska gambling laws do not outlaw or ban online casinos to residents that are of the legal gambling age. Online casinos are one of the more favored forms of online gambling available to people that wish to gamble on the internet because they offer an array of games. With online casinos you are not regulated to just one game, but a variety of games that are legal in the state of Nebraska. Consider our list of online casinos for secure, genuine online casino gambling.

Are online sportsbooks legal in the state of Nebraska?

Sports betting is impossible to find outside of Las Vegas, Nevada and as a result has become very popular with internet users. Residents in the state of Nebraska do not have to fear that online sportsbooks are illegal because they are not. Online sportsbooks are not referred to as illegal or at all in the Nebraska gambling laws. For added security chose one of our legal websites from out comprehensive list of online sportsbooks.

What are the best sites for betting on Cornhuskers games?

Nebraska football has a large fan base that enjoy betting on Cornhuskers games. When it comes to betting on these ever-popular football games we suggest Bovada. Bovada offers Nebraska residents high betting limits, easy payout options, and is a genuine, trusted website. Nebraska residents who wish to wager on the cornhuskers at Bovada must be 21 years old and be ready for some fun-filled, exciting sports wagering.

Is online poker legal in the state of Nebraska?

Online poker is as legal as online casinos and online sportsbooks in the state of Nebraska. Nebraska gambling laws do not ban online poker rooms in their laws, so it is legal to play in them on the internet. For the added safety of Nebraska residents we offer a list of genuine online poker rooms that are legal.