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Utah does not offer any form of land based gambling in the state. You will not find a land based casino, poker room, bingo hall, or pari-mutual betting facility in its boundaries. Utah does not even provide its residents with a state lottery. There are online gambling laws in Utah that we provide you with so that you can gamble online legally. Since online gambling is the only venue in Utah, we provide residents with an extensive list of the best offshore, licensed online gambling websites we could find. The online gambling laws in Utah are strict and we provide you with the best information possible but advise you to speak with a lawyer for details that are more informative.

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There are no land-based casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls, pari-mutuel betting facilities, or lotteries in the state of Utah so there are no legal ages for them. When it comes to online, gambling Utah has imposed a legal age of 21 for online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and bingo halls. These age limits are strictly enforced in the state of Utah and we do not suggest trying to go against them.

The state of Utah has passed some online gambling laws that are strict and enforced by authorities. Utah imposed an anti-gambling law in 2012 that allows the state to opt-out of online gambling even if it is legalized and regulated by the federal government. They also revised their existing gambling laws to include wording such as “online gambling” and “internet gambling”. The revision of the existing gambling laws was mainly so Utah authorities can target illegal online gambling entities operating in their state.

With that said, we would like to stress that there is nothing in the Utah gambling laws that prevents residents from gambling at offshore online gambling websites. You will not be charged with violating the current or past gambling laws for gambling at these online gambling sites.

Now that we have made Utah residents aware of the online gambling laws, we would like to introduce you to the websites where you can gamble online. We provide Utah residents with an extensive list of offshore internet gambling websites that are secure, licensed, regulated, and authorized for Utah residents. These gambling sites are located in offshore locations and licensed there so Utah residents do not have to fear they are illegal gambling entities in the state. These sites are also regulated by a third party and required to meet certain obligations with the regulators to stay operational. One of those obligations is security of player information. Utah residents can view the privacy policy of individual online gambling websites to learn about the security measures that they use to protect your information. You can also call an individual gambling websites customer service information center for more information about the site and its various policies.

Online casinos are the only type of casino gambling action available to Utah residents, unless they choose to travel to another state. We promise you that our online casinos are a better option than traveling, and cheaper. You will discover that our offshore internet casinos accept Utah residents and offer them an amazing welcome bonus with their first deposit. That is not the only deposit Utah residents will receive, these online casinos offer daily and weekly bonuses and promotions. Join one today for all the casino games you love.

Utah residents are always welcome to join our online sportsbooks to begin wagering today. Our online sportsbooks offer a variety of sports to bet one, betting options, and more. Utah residents will be satisfied with our online sportsbooks when they join one and begin wagering today.

Our online poker rooms are reputable sites that are legal and located offshore so residents of Utah can rest easy about committing crimes. Our sites are not illegal gambling businesses operating out of the state of Utah. Our poker rooms offer a wide range of online poker playing action for Utah resident and accept them. There is no way we can list everything our online poker rooms have to offer so we suggest browsing our sites. These poker sites are so sure you will join that they offer you a welcome bonus with your first deposit.

Utah residents do not even have land based bingo games available to them. There is nothing to miss or worry about because we offer the best offshore online bingo sites. Utah residents are always welcome at these bingo sites and will find they are just as much fun and entertaining that live bingo. We offer an array of bingo games and tournaments with jackpots. Join one of these sites today and enjoy.

Utah Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in Utah?

There is nothing we can find to convince us that online gambling at offshore websites is illegal in Utah. The only reference in the online gambling laws is to illegal gambling operations, they are not permitted in Utah. As long as you online gambling website is located offshore it is legal to gamble in Utah.

Are online casinos legal in Utah?

Offshore online casinos are legal in Utah. Casinos that are operated in the state of Utah are not legal or tolerated.

Is online sportsbetting legal in Utah?

Utah residents are not in violation of online gambling laws when they play in offshore sportsbetting websites. If you operate a sportsbetting online or offline in Utah you are in violation of the law, otherwise there is nothing to worry about.

Is online poker legal in Utah?

Online poker websites that are located offshore are perfectly legal in the state of Utah. Social poker games and poker rooms are considered illegal in Utah so these offshore poker websites are really your only option,

Will I go to jail for gambling online in Utah?

You will not go to jail for gambling in the state of Utah. If you gamble in offshore internet gambling sites, you are not in violation of the law and we have never know of anyone being arrested for playing at these sites. Utah does not leave residents any other choice but to gamble at these sites since every other form of gambling is outlawed in the state.