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Our Guide to Online Gambling in Colorado

Colorado has lenient gambling laws that make online gambling legal in the state. The state of Colorado offers few choices in the way of land-based casinos, which makes online gambling very popular in this state.

We provide Colorado residents with an overview of online gambling sites that accept residents and the laws that relate to online gambling in the state. With our top of the line gambling sites and information, Colorado residents should find their online gambling experience enjoyable, entertaining, and worry-free.

2021's Best Online Gambling Sites for Colorado Players

We’ve listed our favorite casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites accepting players from Colorado below. Pick a site and start playing!

Colorado Online Gambling Law FAQ

Colorado Online Gambling Laws

The only restriction regarding online gambling in the state of Colorado is the age restrictions placed on gambling. 


When it comes to lottery, bingo, and horseracing, residents in the state of Colorado must be 18 years of age to play. Residents who are 21 years old or older are able to play in online and offline casinos, sportsbooks, and online poker rooms. If you are underage and caught gambling, you will face criminal charges, so please only gamble in the state of Colorado if you are of legal gambling age.

There are many online gambling sites available to residents of Colorado, but only a few that are worth your time. Online sports betting is now legal and regulated in Colorado, while online poker rooms and casinos are still unregulated. We have provided you with the most trusted, safest, entertaining online gambling sites that accept Colorado residents. We have tested these sites to ensure the safety and security of player’s personal and financial information. In addition, we have chosen online gambling sites that offer the best games for Colorado residents.


While Colorado does have land-based casinos for residents, they will find more options online.

We have provided Colorado residents with the top rated most entertaining online casinos on the internet. These sites all accept Colorado residents and offer them a wide array of casino games for their enjoyment. These sites are trusted and secure so there is never a need to worry about anything except which game to play.


Since May 2020, Colorado residents have the option to bet in legal sportsbooks at land-based casinos as well as online through numerous regulated sportsbook operators.

If you still choose to play at offshore sportsbooks, we offer you sportsbooks that have excellent reputations and easy to use sites. If sportsbooks are your favorite form of betting, choose one of our sites and place a wager on your favorite sport today.


Colorado residents who love poker will find that our online poker rooms offer an array of options for beginners to advanced poker players.

Colorado residents who want to learn the game of poker can learn right from one of our trusted and secure online poker rooms. All of the poker rooms we list accept Colorado residents and provide hours of entertaining poker games.


There are two issues when it comes to online gambling being safe. The first is the issue of the laws related to online gambling. Colorado residents that visit gambling sites are safe from arrest or prosecution. The others issue is online gambling safety for personal and financial information.

If Colorado residents choose one of the sites we provide them with they can rest assured the sites secures their personal and financial information and does not share it with others.

The best way to ensure the online gambling site you choose is safe is to use one of the sites we have provided on this page. However, if you wish to choose an online gambling site outside of our list we can give you a few tips for reviewing websites for safety, security, and trustworthiness.

One of the best ways to learn about a site is to read reviews from other players. If the reviews are mostly or not all bad, please use that site. Another way to ensure the site is safe is to review everything on the website. Read the about us, contact information, and any policies or procedures provided on the site. Also, make sure the site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is used to encrypt personal and financial information so others cannot get a hold of it.


Issues do occur with online gambling sites from time to time. When an issue comes up it is best to contact the customer service department of the website to see if you can resolve the issue directly.

Sometimes issues occur because of misinformation or misunderstandings. Our trusted websites offer 24-hour customer service assistance to residents of Colorado. If directly dealing with the site you can search the internet for players’ advocates who mediate with the website and try to settle issues for you. Finally, if that fails, you can search the internet for organizations that specialize in these type of issues and report the website to them. Hopefully, you will not have to take these extra steps and that any issues are related to misinformation or a misunderstanding.


There are no written laws in Colorado that regulate online casinos or poker rooms. You will not go to jail for gambling online in the state of Colorado.

Online sportsbooks are now legal in Colorado. As far as we know, no one has been arrested in the state of Colorado for gambling online. Read through our CO gambling law FAQ above to get more answers to your questions.

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