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Virginia has gambling laws in place but only one that relates to online gambling and that is an age requirement. Provided you follow, the legal age required Virginia residents to gamble online you will not be breaking a single online gambling law in this state. When you choose an online casino or poker site please be sure the website is licensed and regulated so that your information or money is not stolen. We offer Virginia residents a quick review of the gambling laws and sites that are licensed and registered. Licensed and registered sites are the safest gambling websites you will find.

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Virginia is a great state for online gamblers, yet not so great for land-based gamblers. There are not many options for land-based gambling facilities in the state. There are no land-based casinos in Virginia and the only land-based options are lottery games, charity gambling, horse, and dog racing. Virginia residents do most of their gambling on the internet, which means you have to be aware of the state online gambling laws. At this time, there are not online gambling laws in Virginia. Online gambling is not mentioned, addressed, or banned one single time in the state of Virginia online gambling laws. You are free to play at virtually any online gambling website as long as the site is licensed and regulated. Always remember to adhere to the legal gambling age because it is the law. We would like to tell players that some online gambling sites will require you be 21 to join.

Our online gambling sites always accept Virginia residents and are licensed and regulated. We provide Virginia players with an array of gambling options at the various gambling sites we listed here for you. We have casino websites, sports betting websites, and poker websites that are some of the most played, reviewed, and acclaimed online gambling websites you will find on the internet. A lot of people prefer our websites because they are legal in almost any state in the United States. Our sites are constantly being review by our staff and others website reviewers, and are always found to be reputable gambling sites. Players love our sites because they are secure and offer hours of entertainment. We suggest you view our list of these online gambling sites to choose one now and start playing.

Virginia Online Casinos

Online casinos are all over the web and new ones pop up every day. How do you know if they are licensed and regulated? You can find this information in the ‘About Us’ section every reputable website has or calling their customer service number and asking. Our online casinos offer over 120 games on one casino website alone. If that doesn’t provide you with entertainment, we don’t know what will.

Virginia Online Sportsbooks

S 1116 passed the Virginia Senate in February 2019 by a 28-12 margin. In odd years, though, the legislature is in session only 30 days, so backers did not have time to legalize sports betting in the commonwealth. 2020 has more days in session, so expect to see S 1116 receive more attention in 2020.

Sports betting is trendy these days, with states like Pennsylvania legalizing such gambling. States like Connecticut and New York passed laws legalizing the practice before the U.S. Supreme Court repealed PASPA, but neither has defined their regulations or fashioned a licensing process.

Online sportsbooks are the best place to wager on sports games because you have access to numerous sports from different countries and even some high school sports. Our online sportsbooks allow users to bet on live games with our live betting action. You can also download our mobile app to play on the go on your phone or tablet. Enjoy big bonuses and promotions with these online sportsbooks that accept Virginia residents. Review our online sportsbook offered here and start wagering.

Sen. Carrico joined with Senators Lewis and Lucas on the S 1116 sports gambling bill.

Online Poker Virginia

Online poker rooms have been unsafe in the past and caused a lot of people to lose money. With our online poker rooms, you never have to worry because they are licensed and regulated. Our online poker rooms offer Virginia residents various options for playing such as different styles of poker games and different levels of playing poker. We provide you with various betting options and appealing promotions and bonuses as well as poker tournaments. These online poker rooms are always accepting Virginia residents. If you are ready for exciting poker action, join one of our online poker rooms to day to get started.

Virginia residents that are looking for real money bingo games will find them right here. Our list of bingo sites provides you with hours of different types of bingo games and cards that you are sure to enjoy. Bingo players will love our sites big jackpots and bingo tournaments. Whether you play bingo, every day or occasionally you are sure to find a perfect online bingo site here. Join one today and get in on the big bingo jackpots.

Virginia Online Gambling FAQ

Is it illegal to gamble online in Virginia?

Gambling online in Virginia is unregulated, like it is in most states. Without a law on the books, authorities do not prosecute players, though unlicensed operators could face charges. There are no references or prohibitions placed on online gambling in the state of Virginia so it is legal.

What is the legal gambling age in Virginia?

Virginia only asks that gamblers meet the legal age requirements to gamble online and in land-based gambling facilities. When residents are 18 they may gamble in land-based poker rooms, bingo halls, lottery, and horse and dog racetracks. Eighteen year olds are also permitted to play online bingo in the state of Virginia. Virginia residents that are 21 may play in land based casinos and online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker websites. Be sure you obey these legal gambling ages in Virginia whether you are a resident or a visitor.

How do I tell if a gambling website is licensed and regulated?

You can see on every page of a website a little symbol on the screen that says the site is licensed and regulated and by whom. You can also call the websites’ customer service to verify the licenses and regulations and review the information about the site or its privacy policy. Call the regulating authority. Once you know a gambling website is licensed and regulated, you can rest assured that it’s a safe website.

Embattled Gov. Ralph Northam would have to sign S 1116 into law for sportsbooks to operate legally in Virginia.

Are online gambling sites like casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms legal in Virginia?

Yes, these sites are legal in Virginia and must be licensed and registered to ensure your safety. Virginia’s gambling laws are non-existent, so it is okay to gamble online in this state. Please gamble responsibly and only use sites that are legal for online gambling.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in Virginia?

There is no way you can possibly go to jail for gambling online in Virginia. Virginia does not prohibit online gambling in its state. It is impossible to be arrested for a crime that does not have a law. There has to be a law for there to be a crime.

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