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Residents of North Carolina that are planning to gamble online will not have too much to worry about in the way of gambling laws. North Carolina does not have any online gambling laws in place for its residents on the federal or state level. At this website, we bring you a brief view of the North Carolina online gambling laws and a list of internet gambling sites that accept residents of the state. We have studied these laws, reviewed them, and update them constantly. Readers who do not feel our knowledge is secure enough need to talk with a lawyer about the North Carolina gambling laws for a more thorough explanation of them. After all, we are not lawyers and understand the need to feel secure.

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Please be sure that you obey all of the gambling laws and especially those pertaining to age requirements in North Carolina. Live bingo, online bingo, and the state lottery are available to North Carolina residents that are 18 years old. Live and online casinos, live and online poker rooms, and online sportsbooks become available to North Carolina residents when they reach the age of 21.

The gambling laws in North Carolina are very lenient about gambling online and offline. In North Carolina, there are no laws on the federal or state level that refer to online or internet gambling as a crime. The only crime related to internet gambling is operating an online gambling website, which is illegal, and age requirements. Just to be sure that you are not breaking any laws we offer North Carolina residents a list of internet gambling websites that are offshore, legal, and secure.

There are an array of online gambling sites on the internet that accept residents of North Carolina but none that are as reputed as the ones we provide you with on this page. We provide North Carolina with internet gambling websites that are safe, legal, licensed, and secure. Our listed sites accept North Carolina residents and allow for hours of gambling enjoyment. We have reviewed, tested, and regularly play at these listed sites so we know for sure they are as safe, entertaining, and legal as we profess. Your next step should be to look at our list, view these sites yourself, and choose one to start playing immediately.

Online casinos are the best alternative to a real casino because they offer as many, if not more, gaming options than land-based casinos. We have brought you the best online casinos available to state of North Carolina residents. These online casinos are legal in North Carolina, licensed, secure, and located offshore so there is no question of laws being broken. Check out our various online casino options for attractive bonuses and promotions almost daily.

Online sportsbetting is one of the most popular online gambling activities taking place on the web. Online sportsbooks are accepting North Carolina residents today, just view our favored sites and see for you. Sports bettors are sure to find things that satisfy them from one of these favored sites. They offer secure transactions, easy to use software, a mobile app, live betting, and updated sports news and sports scores. North Carolina residents can receive their winnings easily and quickly with these offshore online sportsbooks. Join today and you will receive a bonus with your first deposit.

North Carolina residents will love our preferred offshore internet poker rooms because they are secure, user friendly, and entertaining. Most of all, these preferred sites accept North Carolina residents and are legal for them to use. Our online poker rooms bring you many playing levels, different types of poker games, and poker tournaments. For North Carolina, residents that want to improve their poker game there are tips and tricks, news about professional poker players, online and offline poker laws, and live poker tournaments. Join one of these preferred online poker sites today and receive appealing bonuses and promotions daily.

Bingo has long been a favored game for internet gamblers in the United States and North Carolina. With our list of chosen online bingo halls North Carolina, residents are guaranteed an entertaining game of bingo every time. Our sites are located offshore so they are legal and accept North Carolina residents. You can play free or for money at these exciting online bingo halls that offer a wide range of bingo cards and even have bingo tournaments. If bingo is your game then join one of these chosen online bingo sites today.

North Carolina Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in North Carolina?

There is no state or federal laws that make online gambling illegal in North Carolina, so yes it is legal. Playing in offshore internet gambling sites assures you that you are not breaking any laws and these sites accept North Carolina residents all the time.

Is it safe to gamble online in North Carolina?

We can verify your safety at the gambling sites we list here because we play at them all the time and never had a safety issue. There are no laws pertaining to online gambling in North Carolina that makes it illegal so you are safe from breaking them. The best way to be secure when gambling online is to follow the advice we provide for North Carolina residents on this page.

Are online gambling sites legal in North Carolina?

Online gambling sites include casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and bingo halls, which are not legal to operate in North Carolina but are legal to play at as long as they are located offshore and not in the state. Join one of our legal safe offshore gambling sites today to ensure you are gambling online in a legal fashion.

Where can I bet on the North Carolina Tarheels?

Bovada is the best place to bet on the Tarheels because it live betting and mobile betting so that you can bet on college basketball anytime from anywhere. Live betting allows players to bet in real time while games are happening. Mobile betting lets bettors download a mobile app to their phone or tablet so they can bet on the Tarheels from anywhere. If you are at your favorite sports bar to watch the game with friends, you can also bet on it with these mobile apps. Bovada is always safe, secure, licensed, and legal for North Carolina residents.

Can I go to jail for gambling online in North Carolina?

It is unheard of that individual online gamblers have been arrested for gambling online n North Carolina. Authorities are more focused on arresting those that operate online gambling sites in North Carolina than those that play at them.