Does Over/Under Include Overtime on Bovada?

Overtime can wreak havoc on over-under point total wagers, but it's good to review Bovada's betting rules come OT.


Stick around long enough and you’ll see everything. That phrase could apply to many chapters of life, but when it comes to sports betting, veteran sharps will share over-under tales of yesteryear where the UNDER appeared to be a lock until some last-second, hail mary, WTF moment occurred to send the game, match, event into overtime. When the most unlikely scenario occurs, novice sports bettors may wonder does over-under point total bets include overtime on Bovada?

What Are Bovada’s Overtime Rules?

At online sportsbook Bovada or using a Bovada download, overtime rules may vary by sport. So, we’ll review how over-under wagers in the big four sports are impacted by overtime.

NFL Over/Under Overtime Rules Bovada

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Be sure to read the terms and conditions of any site before you place a bet or deposit money.

All point total wagers on the full NFL games and second halves included overtime. However, sports betting slips placed on 4th quarter odds do NOT include OT.

If you elect to give eSports betting a shot and place a wager on NFL sims, the game will be paused for five minutes if the game goes to overtime to allow for a new batch of wagers including over-under betting.

NBA Over/Under Overtime Rules Bovada

Similar to NFL betting rules, NBA overtime betting rules apply to every wager with the exception of the first half and quarter betting. So, if you have a player prop bet on Luka Doncic to score Under 30 points and he scores 32 thanks to overtime, you’re bet slip loses.

NHL Over/Under Overtime Rules Bovada

Full game and third period-specific wagers include overtime results as it pertains to goal total bets.

In European and International hockey competitions, all wagers included OT / Shootouts unless noted in fine print. What’s interesting to note for those new to hockey betting is that if a match is decided by a penalty shootout, one (1) goal will be added to the winning team’s score. So, if you had Team USA UNDER 2.5 goals and they head into a shootout tied 2-2 with Russia, but the United States win the shootout, Over hits thanks to 3 total goals awarded.

MLB Over/Under Overtime Rules Bovada

Although moneyline odds betting is the norm for MLB wagers these days, it’s important to know how over/under run totals are scored on Bovada, too.

For a bet to have action, both listed pitchers must START the game and the contest must go 9 innings (or 8.5 innings if the home team is ahead) for a run total over/under bets to remain active. This means extra innings count towards run total bets.

If a game is suspended or canceled due to weather, etc. while a game is in extra innings, the total over-under score will be decided after the last full inning unless the home team scores to tie or take the lead in the bottom half of an inning. In those scenarios, the total score is determined at the exact moment the game is called.

Tips for Betting Overtime

When sports betting for real money, it’s critical you know the online sportsbook’s overtime rules. Be sure to visit the sports gambling site’s FAQ section or, if you can’t find an answer, reach out to their customer support team for clarity before placing a bet.

Know that live sports betting odds are available for most sporting events throughout the game including overtime. So, if you’re looking to possibly hedge a bet, know that OT live betting is an option.

Do not chase losses in overtime. If an over-under point total wager is toast on Bovada once a game goes to overtime, it’s not the time to try to win it all back with some half-baked bet come OT. Remember, bankroll management at online sportsbooks is a critical part of an enjoyable sports betting experience.

For more information, be sure to read our full online sportsbook reviews.

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