Drake Gambling: Everything to Know About the Superstar

“I want things to go my way, But as of late, a lot of sh*t been goin’ sideways..." Drake has been on an online gambling tear lately — so how much has the rapper made, and more interestingly — lost? Dive into the world of gambling with Canada's-own.

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Money over everything, money on his mind — Drake said that with his chest. You know that if you’ve watched any of his recent gambling streams.

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known to the world as Drake, is an influential figure in contemporary hip-hop music. All seven albums from this Canadian hip-hop artist have reached the number one position on the US Billboard chart, and he’s claimed the honor of being the first musician to surpass ten billion streams on Apple Music — it’s an understatement to say that he’s left his mark on the music world. However, despite his masterful R&B sensibilities and lyrical prowess (and acting ability — hi, Jimmy Brooks), in the past few years Drake has also made major headlines for his online casino site activity.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Drake became more active on social media, posting stories about enjoying online casino games and sports betting. Recently, this pop-culture icon had over two hundred thousand viewers across two channels on the Twitch platform under the name StakeDrake, watching him play online roulette and bet millions. For comparison, these numbers were super close to those generated by the Apex Legends Global Series Championship on Twitch, an extremely popular event among video game fanatics.

As likely everyone that has heard about Drake’s gambling compulsion knows, his preferred gaming site is Stake, which he joined in December 2021. Two months after Drake became a Stake member, rumors began swirling online that he had wagered over a billion dollars on this platform on real money casino fun.

Even before his online gambling streaks began, the Toronto-born rapper had a reputation for betting big on land-based casino floors. The only difference now is that he’s discovered the allure that a quality casino bonus offers. In September 2018, a Drake story appeared in multiple media outlets, claiming that the artist lost $200,000 at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City while playing in a high-roller room. So, his gambling habits were well-known before his internet betting explosion began. Below, we rattle off a few facts about the wagering career of one of the world’s most famous musicians.


Drake loves roulette so much, that he got a custom $620K roulette watch from Jacob & Co.

Drake’s Favorite Casino Game

There is no debate regarding Drake’s favorite casino game — this is roulette. If you want to try your hand at Drake’s favorite game, I recommended reading casino reviews to find a site with generous no-deposit bonuses, a good game variety, and of course, your preferred deposit method. N

These sites have RNG-powered and live dealer roulette games similar to Drake’s preferred picks, and many also accept credit card deposits and digital coins.

In January 2022, a screenshot of an Instagram video made the media rounds showing Drake betting over $200,000 on a single roulette spin. However, the story proved false, as the site the Toronto native was enjoying (Stake, the famous crypto casino) for his mansion only allowed $20,000 per wheel spin.


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Though, it should get said that many doubt the legitimacy of Drake’s gambling activity, speculating that he has a sponsorship deal with Stake. And most controversially, some claim that he’s not gambling using his own money, although you could argue any money given to someone is theirs.

Nevertheless, whatever the truth may be, there is no denying that Drake loves roulette. In 2020, he debuted a $620,000 Jacob & Co watch called the Astronomia Casino, featuring a functional mobile roulette wheel. This wild timepiece provides free spins when Drake chooses via a four-arm setup, boasting a 1ct 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond.

How Much Has Drake Wagered and Lost on Sports Betting?

As much as Drake fancies himself a casino gambler, he is equally a fan of online sports betting. In particular, Drake loves wagering on MMA matches, basketball, and football ones.

This Canadian musical genius has made several high-profile real-money sports bets in the past couple of years. Some of his most famous losses include dropping $427,000 on Justin Gaethje to snag the UFC lightweight title and losing $393,000 on Odell Beckham Jr. to finish with over 62.5 receiving yards in the 2022 Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, his sports betting loss record are better than his wins. That said, he netted $250,000 at UFC 276, betting a cool million on Israel Adesanya, retaining his UFC middleweight championship with a win over Jared Cannonier.

  • Drake money won: $3,300,000+
  • Drake money lost: $2,820,000+

Drake has won and lost big betting on Odell Beckham Jr.

He also cashed in $450,000 after Odell Beckham Jr. scored a touchdown for the Rams in the 56th Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals and made $1 mill by accurately predicting that the Golden State Warriors would make it to the Western Conference final. So, he’s not wrong every time and would be wise to diversify his platform selection by picking one of the sites listed on our sportsbook review section, as many on there feature super competitive odds, some of the industry’s best.

Which Other Celebrities Gamble?

Another star from the music sphere that knows what a no deposit casino bonus is and loves betting on sports is 50 Cent. The NYC rapper has a history of betting on boxing and football, with his most notable wager being a $1.6 million one on Floyd Mayweather beating Manny Pacquiao in their 2015 showdown, which he did.

Actors known for their gambling habits include Ben Affleck, a renowned blackjack card counter, Jennifer Tilly, a WSOP participant, and Tobey Maguire. The Spiderman star has a documented track record of playing in Los Angeles underground card games, where he has gotten a reputation for being a sore loser.

Of course, no celebrity gambling list would be complete withOUT Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. These are two massive casino bettors who, in this digital age, would have no trouble meeting any bonus rollover requirement in hours. In 2006 ESPN interview, Barkley explained how he had once lost over 2.6 million in less than two hours at a gambling establishment, and according to rumors, Jordan has lost double this figure in one night in a Las Vegas spot.

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