6 Ways To Make Your Free Spins Last Longer

You've cashed in your casino bonuses, and you've earned free spins at an online slot game — now what? Here are 6 tips for playing slots and how to make your free spins last longer.

One of the best aspects of playing online slots at an online casino is that you can earn free spins as long as you’re a customer. There are free spins available upon depositing and then more if you’re keeping your eyes out on promos and then there are even ways to get wins from your free spins to really make these last.

If you’ve had a dose of free spins and are looking to extract the most out of them, we have six strategies that will help you do just that.

1) Be On The Lookout For Them

The first thing to know about free spins is that they’re not that easy to find. To start picking them up, you have to be on the lookout for them. That might mean speaking to customer service, being apprised of the different deals around and checking social media. Many online casinos will have free spins available to you on a regular basis as they aim to keep you engaged and playing. Also, they’ll offer free spins on games that are new as they want you to try them out.

Whatever the case, make sure your eyes are peeled. Monitor all of the company’s marketing channels and you’ll be sure to encounter plenty of free spins that can come your way.

2) Check E-mails

Following up on the first point, make sure you subscribe to the marketing e-mails and check your inbox frequently. Most online gaming brands will send out a weekly or bi-weekly communique where you can see all of the offers that are happening. For the people who are staying tuned in, there is usually a carrot in the form of a bonus of some kind or free spins.

Remember that some companies have multiple e-mail lists you can get on, which might be useful to you. Subscribe to all of them and give them a quick glance each week to see if you can pick up some free spins.

3) Play Sparingly

One way to stretch your free spins is to play them sparingly. Most of the time, when a player acquires free spins, they end up burning through them right away. It makes sense in many ways: it’s freebie and the chance of hitting a big win is exciting. However, if you are trying to make them last a little longer than usual, consider playing them in doses. If you get 25 free spins, try breaking it up in five increments. That way you can have them last you through five sessions. Or you can break it up into smaller or bigger segments; whatever suits you. The bottom line is that if you play them all at once, you’ll get a quick fix but will have nothing in the bank. Spread them out and have the fun last a little bit longer.

4) Make Deposits To Acquire More

One of the easiest ways to get free spins is to make a deposit at an online casino. Many of them will give you a big deposit bonus to sign up and that’s sweet as it is, but they’ll also often throw in free spins. Even if they don’t, you can always reach out to customer service and say “Hey, I’m thinking about depositing – can you throw in some free spins to sweeten the pot?”

For the most part, any good brand will pop some into your account, so that you can get a little bit more bang for your buck.

Keep an eye on deposit promotions as online casinos will have seasonal offers that will allow you to collect. Think about big dates on the calendar like the holidays or New Years, and be on the lookout for these offers. Then you’ll be able to start piling up the free spins.

5) Avoid Auto Spins

If you’re looking for ways to make your free spins last longer, make sure you keep the ‘Auto’ mode off. Auto mode just spins for you, so if that’s activated, you can end up going through spins of any kind – free or not – very quickly. If you’re goal is to have them last a bit longer, do the spinning yourself.

In general, auto spinning can sometimes lead to irresponsible gaming, so it’s often best to avoid it.

6) Win More Spins

One of the most obvious ways to make your free spins last long is to win. While that might sound obvious, the reality is that you can make your free spins last longer by playing lower volatility games. In other words, some games offer a massive jackpot but the wins from spin to spin are small. That means that you might want to look for games that have more paylines or more ways to win, assuming the ways to win are more frequent and the payouts are smaller.

If you do track down those games, that means you can take 25 free spins and have them last for hours and hours. You’ll spin a few times, win, top your total off, win some more and keep on playing. That’s a good way to get the most out of your free spins. And if you’re wondering, the best way to find these games is to check out the paytable. That will explain your probability of winning and the ways that you can cash in.

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