5 Must Know Casino Jackpot Tips

Winning a jackpot is mostly up to luck, but there are some tips you can use to make the most of your time playing casino games.


Whether you like it or not, your success in each spin of a jackpot slot game is down to sheer luck. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your overall chances of striking wins while playing exciting games like Hot Drop Jackpots! In fact, there are a few key factors like game selection and money management which can have a great effect on the odds. Read on to find our top five must-know casino jackpot tips. 

1) Play the New Games

While it’s a myth that new games are more likely to payout, don’t write them off completely! New online casino games showcase cutting-edge technology and world-class artwork. While you won’t necessarily have a higher chance of winning their jackpots, you’ll likely have more fun playing games packed with cool features which run smoothly no matter which device you choose to play on. 

From free spins and scatter symbols to bonus rounds with multiple paylines, it’s no wonder that most players lean towards the newer jackpot games. The best US online casinos add new titles every month, so you’ll rarely run out of fresh slots to try.

2) Check RTP

The Return-to-Player rate (RTP) is a key factor which you should always check before playing at online casinos real money. It represents the long-term amount which the slot will pay out to players over time. Higher RTPs are better for players. At Gamble Online, we recommend avoiding standard slots with a lower than 96% RTP. While RTP rates are not an indication of how often you can expect to strike wins, they are a good reflection of how much money is paid out (in the long term) for every $100 wagered.

Many jackpot slots have lower-than-average RTP rates of around 92%, meaning that for every $100 bet on the game, only $92 will be paid out to players. You can check the RTP of most slots by reading the fine print in the ‘rules’ section of the game. Note that some slots providers choose not to publish this information, but you can often find player estimates online. 

3) Read the Rules

If you’re looking to hit the jackpot, reading the rules is a must. As well as information about the paylines, bonus rounds, and special features, the ‘rules’ section of each online slots game usually includes terms and conditions. These can include maximum win limits, as well as stipulations about jackpot eligibility. One of the most commonly found rules states that players must bet the maximum amount in order to be in the running to hit the jackpot. Be sure to check the game’s information section in advance to discover if any such rules are in place.

On that note, be sure to read the terms and conditions of any casino bonus which you might want to use on the jackpots. Bonuses often come with strict game limitations, and jackpot slots are often excluded from play. Further, maximum bets usually apply which can limit whether or not you are eligible to win big money! Always read the fine print of any bonus prior to claiming it.


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4) Avoid Playing Wide Area Jackpots

If you’ve ever played at multiple sites, you may have noticed that some casinos have the same games. What’s more, you may have noticed that some games have the exact same progressive jackpot up for grabs. These are what’s known as ‘wide area jackpots,’ and they exist at land-based casinos too! 

A wide-area jackpot is essentially one prize that is shared by multiple different games or locations. This means it can be won by playing any of the games to which it’s attached to.  The chances of winning these games are therefore small, but they often have the largest, life-changing prizes up for grabs. It’s worth checking to see if you have local jackpots which are specific either to the land-based casino or to the website you play on. 

5) Manage Your Bankroll

If there’s one thing that every successful gambler knows, it’s how to manage their casino bankroll. Because slots are completely luck-based, it’s important that you make smart bets so that you can withstand any spells of bad luck which come your way. 

The first step toward managing your bankroll is to set a budget. Whether it’s a weekly, monthly, or one-time budget, make sure that you only deposit money you can comfortably afford to lose to a casino. If your preferred casino allows you to set a deposit limit, we’d highly recommend that you do so. 

From there, play smart. Keep your bets small and with a view to having the most fun for as long as possible. If your bankroll runs out before you’ve hit the jackpot, stop playing. Never chase your losses and keep an eye on how much you’re up (or down) at all times. 

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Cliff Spiller

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