Let it Ride Meaning & Other Poker Phrases to Know


What does Let it Ride mean? In casual terms, ‘letting it ride’ means to let something go or ignore it — this also goes for this unique poker-based casino table game. Basically, if a player doesn’t withdraw part of their wager, they ‘let it ride’. But where does this, and some other poker phrases come from? Let’s get into it.  

The precise origins of poker are not 100% clear. Some claim that the world’s most established card game has roots that go back to 16th-century Persia and As Nas, while others believe that its inception stems from a 10th-century Chinese domino game. Whatever the exact lineage of poker is, everyone can agree that it rose to prominence in the US during the country’s Civil War. And that it gained global notoriety in the early-2000s thanks to the rise of online poker.

Those who have explored internet poker variants or have visited physical card rooms more than once have likely quickly picked up that those who enjoy this gambling form regularly have created a distinct sub-culture with slang exclusive to this community. That is the main identifiable trait of those a part of it. They do not follow any defined clothing style, other than many of its members favoring keeping their sunglasses on indoors to better bluff rivals. The use of unique signs, symbols, and rituals are also characteristics that get often observed among card gamblers, but their language stands as their chief identifier.

Without argument, one of the most frequently used terms at online poker real money sites is ‘let it ride’, a word combo applicable to multiple gambling options. It refers to allowing something previous, such as a wager, to stand as a new bet. A more formal definition: It entails not taking a novel action to improve a specific, predefined situation in hopes of a better future result. It is also the name of a casino poker variant invented by John Breeding, Shuffle Master’s founder, in 1992. Let It Ride Poker is a player vs. dealer game, representing a casino variation of five-card stud that boasts a house edge of 3.51%, an operator advantage that is significantly higher than the one in blackjack and baccarat.

It is never wise to enter through the doors of a card room jam-packed with super savvy or semi-experienced players and not know their lingo. The same logic applies to using a poker app with a chat function. You need to know what others are saying to get 100% engrossed in the game and follow all its goings-on. To prepare you to talk poker, or just to get yourself familiar, we cover 15 phrases commonly said at the felt.

1) Angle Shooting

Angle shots get defined as underhanded, deceptive tactics that seek to take advantage of inexperienced opponents. In the past, angle shots got seen as a standard method of advantage play. Today, they have since gotten banned by various tournament organizers, and generally, the poker community frowns upon them, even if they are not against the rules. A classic angle shoot is card gamblers hiding high denomination chips behind lower-value stacks. They do this to give off a false impression of their session form. Someone intentionally miss-declaring a hand before laying it down to confuse others at their table is another traditional angle shot.

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