10 Haunted Casinos In Las Vegas & Around The Globe

This Hallowe'en we look at the most haunted casinos in the world. From tragedy to heart-warming stories, gamblers should keep a lookout for any ghosts on the spookiest night of the year.

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Ever tried your luck at a haunted casino in Las Vegas?

During Halloween, we all love a good ghost story to give us a good scare. So why not grab your Hallowe’en candy of choice, turn off the lights, and read on for the most haunted casinos in the world…if you dare.

If you’re looking for a spooky, seasonal setting to play your favorite table games, we’ve got you covered.

1) Flamingo, Las Vegas

Bugsy Siegel

An April 17, 1941 file photo that shows Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel poses after his arrest in Los Angeles. (AP Photo, file)

The oldest remaining casino on the Vegas strip, this casino has a famous ghost who visits his old haunt: Bugsy Siegel. A leading figure of the Jewish mob, Siegel was a pioneer in the early days of Las Vegas. With the opening of the extravagant Flamingo Hotel and Casino in March 1947, Siegel helped propel Las Vegas towards its position as the gambling hub of the United States.

Only three months later, Siegel was murdered by an unknown assailant at his girlfriend’s home in Beverly Hills.

Although Siegel never got to live to see his impact on Las Vegas, some say he visits from time to time.

Indeed, it seems that the spirit of Bugsy has chosen Flamingo as his preferred afterlife hangout. Casino patrons have spotted Siegel in the Presidential Suite, relaxing around the pool, in the wedding chapel, and even admiring his commemorative plaque. It seems that Siegel is still able to appreciate his casino from the afterlife.

2) Bullock Hotel & Casino, Deadwood, South Dakota

Seth Bullock Deadwood

Deadwood sheriff (and ghost) Seth Bullock, 1893.

The oldest hotel in the world famous Wild West town of Deadwood was built in 1895 by the sheriff of Deadwood, Seth Bullock (famously played by Timothy Olyphant in HBO’s Deadwood).

The beautiful and historic hotel and casino which dominates Main Street is well known for its paranormal activity. The most famous spectral resident is undoubtedly Seth Bullock himself.

Guests have reportedly caught glimpses of the former lawman in doorways and mirrors, perhaps making sure residents aren’t up to no good.

The hotel offers ghost tours of the premises and staff maintain that they only report unusual activity when they are lazing on the job. It seems Seth Bullock highly values a strong work ethic even from beyond the grave.

3) Palace Casino, Bucharest, Romania

This casino is located in the historic Casa Vernescu in the heart of Romania’s capital, Bucharest. Throughout the building’s history as a casino, rumors have abounded of once-wealthy players who, after losing it all, ended their lives within the confines of the beautiful Casa Vernescu. Nowadays, guests at the casino have noticed eerie cold draughts, furniture inexplicably moving, and some have even mentioned the lingering scent of gunpowder.

Despite the troubling paranormal activity, the casino staff at the Palace Casino take it all in step. At Hallowe’en, the dealers dress up and play all the usual casino games but with spooky twists. Hopefully, that’s enough to ward off any despondent spirits.

4) Tropicana, Las Vegas

This classic Vegas casino was once home to several large tiki statues at one of its entrances, creating a Pacific island theme. The largest of the tikis supposedly represented a god of wealth, which hopeful gamblers tried to touch for luck before heading inside.

The legend is that those who touched this tiki got more than they bargained for: a purple rash would soon develop across their body, but most prominently on their face.

If this wasn’t terrifying enough, it was said that photos of the tiki would sometimes capture a purple miasma emanating from the statue. Was the tiki possessed by some enraged spirit? We may never know as casino management removed the tikis from public view several years ago.

Was this a simple renovation, or is there a more sinister and macabre reason?

5) Bally’s, Las Vegas

Ballys Las Vegas

Bally’s Casino, formerly the MGM Grand

Perhaps one of the most tragic stories on this list, in 1980 the then-MGM Grand experienced one of the worst fires in US history as 85 people tragically lost their lives.

It was a truly terrible fire, exacerbated by a lack of safety features such as a sprinkler system. The casino was rebuilt and reopened only nine months after the deadly fire and the casino was sold and renamed Bally’s in 1986.

Some guests and staff have reported seeing ghostly apparitions in the upper halls where many people lost their lives in 1980. Indeed, supposedly the staff at Bally’s often avoid allocating rooms on the 23rd floor due to paranormal activity.

A phantom woman has also been spotted amongst the slots, playing two machines at once while smoking. Some have reported spotting this woman and, upon closer inspection, seeing that rather than a cigarette, the apparition’s clothes are ablaze.

6) Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The jewel in the crown of Monaco’s gambling scene plays host to Europe’s elite throughout the year, whether for the Grand Prix de Monaco or the allure of the roulette wheel. The glamorous casino is also home to a chic phantom: an elegant woman in a scarlet evening gown.

Although she would fit in amongst the glitz of Monte Carlo, this specter remains a mysterious visitor amongst the living players.

The story goes that she revels in snatching the Queen of Hearts from players and decks for some unknown purpose.

Perhaps this card held a deeper significance in life, or maybe she needs them for some shadowy poker tournament. If you find yourself at the Casino de Monte Carlo and are dealt the Queen of Hearts, hold onto it tightly.

7) Colorado Grande Casino, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Only about 100 miles from Denver, this gold mining town turned casino hub is now home to one of the most beloved ghosts on this list. The building in which the Colorado Grande Casino is housed was built in 1896 and has served many purposes (from drugstore to Masonic ballroom, to mortuary) over the last century before becoming a casino in 1991.

Visitors have reported seeing the apparition of a young, red-headed woman dressed in turn of the century clothing. As some have reported hearing this spirit singing with a distinctive Irish accent, she has been lovingly named Maggie.

What is perhaps most astounding is that Maggie has taken to playing the real money slots! Many have spotted this phantom lass sitting and playing at the slots late at night.

Maggie is truly beloved at the Colorado Grande Casino. Not only is the restaurant named Maggie’s, but the casino’s VIP program is even called Maggie’s Club. Surely Maggie appreciates the love and affection she is shown by the patrons of her casino.

8) Whiskey Pete’s, Primm, Nevada

The town of Primm lies right on the border between Nevada and California and hosts several casinos. Whiskey Pete was an early pioneer in the area who operated a gas station, but made moonshine on the side. When he passed away in 1933, he wished to be buried in the mountains standing up in order to watch over his land. Well now he overlooks a casino named in his honor, and some say he takes an even closer look.

The spirit of Whiskey Pete has been said to roam the halls and gaming floors of his casino, perhaps he’s proud to see that he is both honored and remembered almost a century after passing away. Some people even report coming to their cars after a night of gambling to find their gas tanks strangely refilled. Maybe Pete wants patrons to remember his humble roots?

Pete isn’t the only spirit associated with this casino. Whiskey Pete’s casino also displays the bullet-riddled car in which famed outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde were gunned down by law enforcement in 1934. The gruesome display of their car and Clyde Barrow’s bullet and the blood-stained shirt has disturbed casino patrons for ten years.

Guests have reported feeling uneasy energy around the display, perhaps linked to the shock, anger, and fear that the famous outlaws felt in their final moments.

9) Westgate, Las Vegas

Elvis the King

In this Aug. 1969 file photo, Elvis Presley is shown at the International Hotel where he made his first public stage appearance in 9 years in Las Vegas. (AP Photo, File)

In 1969, the then-International Hotel and Casino opened on the Vegas Strip.

Only months later, they announced that the king himself, Elvis Presley, would take up residence in the new casino in a comeback to end all comebacks. The King performed 837 shows over seven years until his untimely passing in 1977 at his home, Graceland.

Like Bugsy Siegel, it seems that Elvis has traveled in the afterlife to Las Vegas to revisit some of the most successful times of his life.

Only a few months after Elvis’ death, fellow Vegas legend and friend Wayne Newton said he spotted the King’s spirit in the balcony seats during a performance at the Vegas hotel. While it seems Elvis visited to enjoy his friend’s performance, he has apparently stuck around!

Guests and staff have spotted Elvis in and around the theater, particularly around the green room, and in the Tuscany Suite, where Elvis and his entourage spent much of their time during his residency in Vegas. If you’re ever in Vegas, make sure to keep an eye out for the King!

10) Glamis Castle, Scotland

While this isn’t a casino, it is a spooky gambling story. This historic castle near Dundee was the birthplace of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret (mother and sister respectively to the current Queen Elizabeth II) and is said to be the most haunted building in Scotland.

The legend goes that the lord of the castle, the Earl of Crawford, was playing cards with friends one Saturday night. As midnight approached, his companion stopped so as to not play on the Sabbath. The Earl refused, saying he’d continue playing even if it “with the devil himself!”

Soon, there came a knock at the door and the Earl invited in the tall, dark stranger at the door. The Earl and the stranger continued to play cards into the Sabbath.

The story goes that this stranger was the Devil himself and, over the course of the night, the Earl bet and lost his soul to the Devil. There is now a hidden, blocked-off room in the castle from which some people say, late on a Saturday night, that you can still hear the sounds of a card game through the stone walls.

It just so happens that this Halloween falls on a Sunday. So, if you choose to gamble online this spooky season, make sure to watch out for any devilish strangers… But if you’re brave enough, check out our online casino reviews for some terrifyingly fun online casino games for real money.

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