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Learn About Windows Mobile Blackjack Games

Launched by one of the largest companies in the world, Windows mobile is Microsoft’s attempt to profit from the mobile phone and tablet market.

The attempt to capture market share has been slow and painful for the company, but they’ve been able to grab enough to make casinos take notice.

Any mobile device that gains enough users will eventually have casino games developed for it.

If you want to play blackjack and use a Windows mobile device you’re in luck. The following casinos offer mobile friendly games for your device:

Real Money Blackjack Apps For Windows Mobile Devices

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Read the guide below to learn more about Windows mobile blackjack solutions.

What is Windows Mobile?

Windows mobile is the name used for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices using the Windows operating system.

It hasn’t grown as fast as Microsoft would have liked in the mobile space, with recent estimates of well under 5% of the total market share. Currently the two big players in the mobile space are Android and Apple, who control over 80% of the market between them.

Microsoft is one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, so I don’t expect their mobile solutions to go away any time soon.

Free Windows Blackjack

Free games are widely available for Windows mobile phones and tablets. I’ve included a section below about the best way to find free games, so I want to cover a few reasons why you might want to consider free games if you haven’t in the past.

  • Free blackjack games are a great way to pass the time.
  • You can play for free before playing for real money to see how a game plays and looks on your device.
  • People use blackjack and other card games to help kids learn about game strategy and how to add quickly.
  • If you’re learning how to count cards a free game is a great way to practice.
  • You can practice learning basic blackjack strategy on your phone.

Real Money Windows Mobile Blackjack

The only difference between playing Windows blackjack for free and real money is using chips worth actual money instead of play chips.

All of the game controls, game play, and procedures are the same.

If you follow my advice for finding the best games (included in the next section) you’ll be playing for real money on the exact same platform and system as you played free money games on.

Why play mobile blackjack for real money?

Many players love playing blackjack for real money because it has a low house edge and offers the chance to have winning sessions often. But some of them can’t get to the local casino as often as they’d like or have to travel a great distance to play a live game.

Windows mobile blackjack offers a fast, easy, and efficient way to enjoy your favorite game away from the regular casino.

How to Find Windows Mobile Blackjack Games

You can find free blackjack game options in the normal Windows app store where you find all of your other apps for your mobile device.

But if you’re interested in the best blackjack games there’s a much better way.

Online and mobile casinos that offer real money blackjack also offer free money play using the same solutions. Real money games are almost always better in every way than free only options.

The gambling industry is worth billions every year and the competition is fierce. This forces casino operators to develop the best games they can, often investing large amounts of money and other resources to produce top line gaming options.

They know players tend to play games for free before playing for real money so they let players enjoy their games for free. A percentage of free money players will make a deposit and play for real money so the more players they can get to try the game the more money they’ll make in the long run.

Visit your favorite online casinos to see if they have a Windows mobile version of their games available. Most casinos have a listing of supported mobile devices on their main page or in a mobile section.

Windows mobile isn’t as popular as Android and iOS devices, but you can find some online casinos that support the platform.

Once you find an online casino offering Windows mobile gaming simply follow the instructions they provide and start playing.

If you can’t find an online casino offering Windows mobile solutions, you may still be able to play on your device. Some casinos offer flash or other no download games. You can play these games in a browser.

Load the browser on your Windows device and try to play a free no download blackjack game. Depending on the size of your screen you may be able to enjoy blackjack without worrying about finding an app.

Don’t try playing in your browser for real money until you test the games for free. Some games aren’t playable on small screens.

How to Play Windows Blackjack Games

After you find a Windows mobile blackjack game and have it on your device (either as an app, download, or browser based application) sign up for an account with the casino. Online and mobile casinos offer free accounts and usually you just need to give them your email and set up a password.

You only have to sign up the first time. Every time after the original account creation you just log into your existing account.

Find the blackjack game and open it. Select how much you want to bet and hit the deal button to receive your first two cards.

Then choose if you want to stand, hit, take insurance, surrender, split, or double down.

You’ll quickly learn that playing blackjack on your mobile device isn’t much different than playing live. All of the decisions and game play are the same; it just uses a different medium.


The jury is still out if Microsoft has enough clout to make their Windows mobile division a long term success, but as long as they keep trying there’ll be options for blackjack players.

Once you find a Windows mobile blackjack solution you’ll be able to play anywhere you can get a phone signal or Internet service. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at the dentist, doctor, or at home you can enjoy a quick game of 21.


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