Do You Tip Casino Hosts? And 5 More Gambling Pointers

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Even though Nevada seems to be doing better than ever, with Las Vegas pulling in over a billion dollars in revenues per month. Moreover, the average casino hotel business employs around a thousand people.

Eight thousand working at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut alone. The number of staff at most gaming venues is in no way low, as it takes quite a few workers to ensure that a gambling casino runs smoothly and all its guests get quality service.

The types of casino resort jobs that exist are quite diverse. Ranging from jobs on the food and drink side to positions regarding lodging operations, security, management, gaming, maintenance, and custodian duties. One position vital to the functioning of any gambling venue that many veteran players risk thinking is unimportant is the role of a casino host.

Online casino hubs do not have anyone to fill these shoes with and assist players. Instead, they rely on FAQ pages and live support staff to carry this burden. At land-based gaming properties, the casino hosts are there to help and make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, forging relationships with players that they and their employers hope will result in loyalty.

Each venue determines its policies on cash gifts to hosts. Yet, as a rule of thumb, in most, handing out tips to a casino host is not common practice.

Read more to find out when you should and shouldn’t tip these hosts.

What Is a Casino Host?

It is a person that seeks to make everyone as comfortable as possible. They can also give out complimentary services to patrons. These are known as comps β€” free show tickets, meals, and accommodations. These employees can even hand out promos linked to casino games.

It is worth noting that these individuals work directly with the marketing managers at most casinos, and at some, they get considered a lower-end part of management. They must be communicative, understanding, and show a great deal of patience. The job of a casino host can be super dynamic and competitive, as hosts continuously try to generate repeat business by catering to gamblers’ needs.

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Is Tipping Your Host Expected?

In general – no. Some higher-end establishments have a no-gift policy. That means these employees cannot accept anything from players who win big on casino war or on any other table game or machine. We do not recommend trying to gift them anything after experiencing a long streak of good luck.

Naturally, a host will always put on an act and pretend to be grateful for any offering from a player. They often say they are overwhelmed by the gesture but cannot keep what a gambler wants to give them, per house rules.

The best way to show appreciation to a host is via a nice word, a letter to his supervising director, or a thank you voicemail. Remember, these people are only handing out perks they have gotten instructed to give. They are not providing anything out of the kindness of their heart. They only reward those that meet predefined criteria.

This Is How Much You Should Tip Your Host

As mentioned, most casinos do not allow their hosts to receive any money, gifts, or gift certificates from players. Many have a no-cash policy. However, they let their hosts accept physical gifts up to a specific value. Others have a vague term in their rules that states that they can receive gifts as long as these are not bribes, meaning visitors are not giving them expecting something in return. They are only showing gratitude.

If a venue allows casino host tipping, the smart play is to hand out a gift certificate for a nearby store in an envelope or leave it at the desk for the host to pick up. Money-wise, gratuity should not exceed $100.

Due to this tipping etiquette confusion and the potential awkwardness that may arise, many gamblers prefer to stay at a casino hotel but still take part in gaming fun at online gambling sites.

Five General Casino Etiquette Tips

chips on craps table

Craps table.

Casino host tipping aside, here are five more pointers anyone considering going to a high-end Sin City venue to enjoy a game of craps or bet on roulette spins must know, to not embarrass themselves.

  • Don’t Use Electronic Devices at Game Tables – Using electronic devices such as mobile phones is a big no-no. Doing so will draw the attention of pit bosses, who may suspect that the gambler is using software to cheat.
  • Talking to Others About Strategy – Casino gambling is not a team sport. It is players versus the house. If someone does not know the Martingale betting pattern or how to use it correctly, that is their issue. Commentary on how people should be playing at casino tables gets frowned upon and is generally considered uncool.
  • Tip the Dealers – Even premium gaming locales usually pay their dealers a minimum wage. Hence, it is common courtesy to throw them a little something at the end of a session or after a big win. These people do not get paid much by the operator. They cannot influence round results, only ensure that the game transpires smoothly.
  • Never Touch Chips in Play – Once a bet has gotten made, that is the end. Touching and moving chips in play is forbidden. It will evoke suspicions regarding an intent to cheat.
  • Be Gentle with Cards – Don’t bend them nor put drinks on them. Improper handling will likely cause the dealer or other players at the table to think that the cards are getting marked. And that will for sure cause problems.
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