Online Boxing Betting

Boxing is nothing new for land-based bookmakers, so it should come as no surprise that online betting sites tend to offer plenty of wagering opportunities for the enthusiasts of this particular combat sport, especially when it comes to heavyweight bouts. In fact, most major networks provide you with a chance to wager on all the weight categories and even put your money on the outcome of local contests, which allows experienced handicappers to compare the odds between different sites and go for the most profitable lines.

Nevertheless, being able to take advantage of this tactic requires the bettor not only to predict the outcome of each fight, but also to know how every popular bet type works. Thankfully, learning how to bet the money line or understanding over/under bets isn’t all that difficult – and while reading this guide won’t make you an expert, hopefully it will assist you in making the first step in the right direction. Top Sportsbooks

Boxing Online Betting Guide

Money Line Betting

A money line bet is the most intuitive type of wager you can place on a boxing match, as it simply requires you to predict the winner of the bout. Most online sports betting sites use $100 as a basis to calculate payouts. In this format, each line is marked with an integer. A negative line is used to denote the favorite and means that you’d be required to pay the listed amount for a chance to win $100. Conversely, a positive line denotes the underdog and indicated that you have to invest $100 for a chance to win the amount given on the site.

For example, a -350 line allows you to win $350 for each $100 you wager, while a +350 gives you a chance to win $350 for every $100 you put at risk. Keep in mind that unlike in the case of most other sports, the lines in boxing tend to get somewhat crazy when it comes to extremely lopsided matches. If one of the fighters is on a long winning streak and his opponent hasn’t been doing well in the past, it’s quite possible to find lines that go into the -2000/+1500 range, allowing you to collect a massive payout if you predict an upset. As a result, many experienced handicappers like to wager on the underdog with a good knockout punch from time to time, as they can afford making a few mistakes and still turn profit as long as one out of five or six guesses is right.

Over/Under Betting

Over/under bets are often referred to as totals and usually deal with the number of rounds rather than the score cards. Most boxing matches last about 10 or 12 rounds, so the totals are usually set at 7 or 8. If the total is set a 8, collecting on an under bet would require the bout to end during or before the 7th round. On the other hand, receiving a payout on an over bet would be possible only if the fight went the full distance or lasted more than 9 rounds.

Parlay Betting

Parlay bets allow you to wager on the outcome of two or more matches using a single ticket, but are different from placing more than one money line bet since they require all the boxers you picked to win. Consequently, if you parlay four bouts and even one of the matches doesn’t go as planned, you won’t be able to collect on your wager and you’re going to lose all the money that you put on the line. Quite obviously, this makes parlay bets inherently risky – but the increased payouts make them fairly popular among experienced bettors.

Draw Betting

Most boxing-friendly sportsbooks focus exclusively on standard money lines, but keep in mind that some sites also allow you to put your money on a draw. The odds for draw bets reflect the fact that very few bouts end with this kind of an outcome, which in practical terms means that you’ll be able to win more than $1,000 for every $100 you wager. Many experienced handicappers like placing a small side wager of this type each time they bet the money line on an evenly-matched fight, which allows them to collect a disproportionately massive cash out even when they lose the money they put on one of the contestants from time to time.

Proposition Betting

Proposition bets, also known as prop bets, allow you to bet on specific events that might happen during the bout instead of the overall outcome. For example, many sites offer props that allow you to predict the number of rounds, the method of victory or even the number of punches thrown. Each site offers a different set of prop bets, so you should always do some prop-related research before you pick your sportsbook if you’re really interested in wagers of this kind.