Best UFC Betting Sites in 2024

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The success of Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) spawned online MMA betting sites where you can bet on UFC and other MMA events. Similar to boxing, UFC betting options range from simply picking a winner, to method of winning, and which round the fight will be won and more.

In our expert guide we will explain how to bet on UFC fights and MMA events and what to look for in UFC online betting sites.

Top UFC Betting Sites for US Players

Our experts have compiled a list of the best online sportsbooks for US players to enjoy MMA betting, including UFC online betting:

What to Look For in UFC Betting Sites

Finding the best site for MMA betting doesn’t have to be tricky. Not only have our experts listed the very best sites for UFC betting online, but we’ve also listed below the key factors you should consider when you choosing a site for online MMA betting.

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US Players Accepted

Firstly, be sure to check that US players are accepted at your chosen online sports betting site. All of our listed sites offer legal online gambling to US players.

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Selection of Online MMA Betting Odds

In 2024, almost all of the top betting sites offer odds on UFC fights. But if you want to bet on Bellator or Invicta MMA fights, some sites may not have a great selection. Plus, some sites may only offer simple moneyline bets rather than a selection of bet types. In short, if you’re looking for more than simple bets on UFC, research the site’s offering of odds before signing up.

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Range of Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

We recommend players choose a UFC betting site with a range of deposit and withdrawal methods. While we always suggest players depositing using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, we believe that it is important a site accepts a range of banking methods including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, eCheck, and wire transfer.

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Bonus Offers & Promotions

A great sports or casino bonus can be a key factor in deciding between MMA betting sites. In 2024, you should never settle for a site which does not offer any bonuses as the vast majority of sites will offer new players a smorgasbord of promotions to entice new customers. That being said, always read the terms and conditions of a bonus before you accept it.

Brief History of UFC Betting

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has its origins in 20th century competitions in Japan and other East Asian countries in which combatants from different fighting disciplines went head to head. The concept first hit the headlines in 1976 when Muhammad Ali fought pro wrestling icon Antonio Inoki to a draw.

UFC began in November 1993 when the Ultimate Fighting Championship was held at McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado. The fights were also aired on pay-per-view headlined by the championship match between the legendary Royce Gracie who defeated Gerard Gordeau. This event laid the foundation for UFC and for MMA to challenge boxing as the most popular combat sport in the world.

Today, online MMA betting fans are truly spoiled for choice as they can bet on every UFC event as well as a myriad of other MMA competitions from around the world.

Online MMA Bet Types

Learning how to bet on UFC fights isn’t too difficult as most UFC betting options are similar to other sports:

Wager on who will win the fight

A moneyline in UFC betting is simple: bet on who you think will win. This is the most simple bet type which is familiar to fans of tennis betting and soccer betting as well.

Bet on how many rounds the fight goes

When placing an over/under bet for MMA fights, you’re typically betting on how many rounds the fight will last. So you could bet on whether a bout will last more or less than two rounds, for example.

Combine Multiple Bets for a Higher Payout

With a parlay, you’re combining the outcomes of multiple bets together as one wager. For a parlay to pay as a winner, alof the connected wagers must be correct.

Parlays offer a higher payout than individual bets because the odds of correctly predicting multiple outcomes is much lower. However, it is a great way to win big if you can pull it off!

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Round Betting

Wager on which round a fighter will win

Rather than betting on the outcome of the whole bout, you can also wager on which fighter you think will win a specific round or range of rounds.

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Method of Victory

There are a handful of ways to win an MMA fight

An MMA fighter can win a fight in one of five ways: knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), submission, points, or disqualification (DQ). Most online sportsbooks allow you to wager on a fighter’s method of victory and, in some cases, pair a fighter’s method of victory with the round that it occurs. These bets typically carry some favorable odds should you feel confident in your wager.

You can now also start UFC betting while a bout is in progress. You can wager on the fight as it happens and see live Vegas odds updates as the bout progresses.

More Sports Like UFC Betting

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UFC Betting Odds

Check out the latest UFC betting odds for upcoming events.

How to Read UFC Betting Odds

How Do UFC Betting Odds Work?

You might see UFC betting odds represented like this on betting sites.

Fighter Moneyline Total Rounds
Punahele Soriano +137 Over 1.5 Rounds
Dusko Todorovic -157 Under 1.5 Rounds

As you can see Todorovic is the favorite with a minus-moneyline of -157, which means every $157 wagered wins $100 should he win the fight. Soriano is the underdog at +137, which means for every $100 wagered, a Soriano victory pays $137 + bettor recoups their original bet.

Over/under odds are also offered on how long the bout will last.

UFC Betting Strategy

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Do Your Research

Before you start MMA betting, do you research on the fighters. Consider their fighting styles, recent form, and record against comparable fighters.

Read online MMA media, including the fighters’ social media, to get the inside scoop and bet smart.

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How Big is the Cage or Ring?

The size of the cage can make a key difference in the outcome of a bout. A smaller cage limits the fighters’ movements and generally leads to shorter bouts.

If an MMA fight is held in a traditional ring, this may be advantageous to striking-based fighters.

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Don't Bet Emotionally

Betting rashly and emotionally is a good way to lose money. Keep calm when betting and never bet without doing your research.

Base your MMA betting on objective research, rather than betting randomly or impulsively.

Best UFC Betting Sites

With so many UFC betting options on the market today, it can be a little overwhelming to decide which real money sports betting site to choose. The Gamble Online experts want to make it simple to help you learn how to bet on UFC fights by listing the best UFC betting sites:

Online Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Mobile Betting Ready?
Bovada Up to $750 Yes Play Now!
Everygame Up to $750 Yes Play Now!
BetOnline Up to $1000 Yes Play Now!
BetUS Up to $3,000 Yes Play Now!
BetNow Up to $500 Yes Play Now! Up to $1,000 Yes Play Now!

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UFC Online Betting FAQs

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