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If you’re looking to start tennis betting online, look no further! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help get you started. Our guide to betting on tennis online will cover types of tennis bets, tips for betting on tennis and more!

Top Tennis Betting Sites

Here are our favorite sites for betting on tennis in the US.

Tennis Bet Types

To get started, first, you should be aware of the different bet types that you can make on tennis. You can bet on pretty much anything, from simply who will win a match to how many points a losing player might get.

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Moneyline Bets

a.k.a. Outright Winner, Future Bets

This is the most popular type of sports bet, and arguably the easiest one to make. Basically, you’re betting on who you think is going to win the tournament. If your pick wins and is crowned the tournament champion, you win the bet. Unlike some other bet types you’ll learn more about below, the only factor that matters with a moneyline bet is who wins the tournament. Easy-peasy.

A player’s odds of winning are set by the site offering the bet, and they may be different across several sportsbooks. Factors like how well a player has been doing thus far in the year are taken into account to determine their odds.

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Match Bets

a.k.a. Match Winner Bet

Match bets are pretty similar to moneyline bets, but they focus on specific matches rather than the entire tournament. If you think a player is going to win some rounds but will ultimately lose, you can place match bets when you think they’ll win.

You can typically make a match bet at any point during a tournament, so you can wait and see how each player is performing before placing any bets.

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Handicap Bets

a.k.a. Spread Bets

Similar to how you may choose to place match bets, you would place a handicap bet if you think a player is going to outperform their expectations, but lose the match anyway. There are two subtypes of this bet type: set handicap and games handicap. As their names suggest, one would be betting on sets and one would be betting on games.

For example: if player A is expected to win by 2.5 games and player B is expected to lose by 2.5 games, you would place a handicap bet on either player A winning by more than 3 games or player B losing by 2 or fewer games.

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Over/Under Bets

a.k.a. Set Totals and Game Totals

This tennis betting type is what it sounds like: betting if the number of sets or games won will be over or under a certain number. If you’re looking for a more advanced bet type but aren’t ready to get into the specifics of handicap or prop bets, this is a great option. It doesn’t matter if the favorite or the underdog wins – if it goes under or over and you’ve bet correctly, you win.

For example: In a best of three match, you’ll have the option to bet on if the match will be decided in over 2.5 sets or under 2.5 sets. If you bet on it being decided in under 2.5 sets and it is decided in 2 sets, you win. If you bet on it being decided in over 2.5 sets and it takes a 3rd set to determine a winner, you win.

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Exact Score Bets

a.k.a. Set Scorecast

This bet asks you to predict the exact score of all sets, plus who will ultimately win. Since these are arguably the most complex and difficult bet types to make, they usually offer very high-paying odds. If you’re ready to take some bigger chances and delve into a complicated wager, this is for you.

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Prop Bets

Betting on anything other than the score

Proposition bets, a.k.a. prop bets, are betting on something happening or not happening during a match or tournament. Some common props include betting on which player will win the first set or if there will be a tiebreaker. If you bet on the thing happening and it happens, you win, and if you bet on the thing not happening and it doesn’t happen, you win.

Tennis Leagues

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Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP)

The ATP was formed in September 1972 to protect the interests of professional tennis players. They are the governing body for men’s professional tennis and three men’s tours – the ATP Tour, the ATP Challenger Tour, and the ATP Champions Tour.

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Women's Tennis Association (WTA)

The WTA was formed the year after the ATP in June 1973 on the principle of equal opportunity and is now the global leader in women’s professional sports. They govern the WTA Tour, the international women’s professional tennis tour.

Tennis Grand Slam Events

The tennis Grand Slam tournaments are the most important annual tennis tournaments. Sometimes referred to as “majors”, they are operated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). They consist of four tournaments played over a two-week period: the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. To earn the title, a player has to win all four championships within a calendar year in one of the five events: women’s and men’s singles, women’s and men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Winning all four at any point during a player’s career, but not consecutively, is known as a Career Grand Slam.

The Australian Open is held around mid to late January in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 1905 and is the youngest of all four tournaments. Before 1988 it was played on grass courts, but is now played on hardcourt.

2022 Dates: January 17-30
Location: Melbourne Park, Australia
Surface: Hard Court

The French Open is held between late May to early June in Paris, France and was founded in 1891. From then until 1907 it was played on sand, but it is now the only Grand Slam tournament played on a clay court. It is widely regarded as the most physically demanding tennis tournament.

2022 Dates: May 22 – June 5
Location: Paris, France
Surface: Clay
Defending Champs: Novak Djokovic and Barbora Krejčíková

Also called “The Championships, Wimbledon”, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, having been founded in 1877. It is held annually in London, England. It has been played on grass courts outdoors since its inception.

2022 Dates: June 27 – July 10
Location: London, United Kingdom
Surface: Grass
Defending Champs: Novak Djokovic and Ashleigh Barty

The United States Open Tennis Championships is held in New York City each year and was founded in 1881. It was traditionally played on grass until 1974, briefly switched to clay courts from 1975-1977, and has now been playing on hardcourt since 1978.

2022 Dates: August 29 – September 11
Location: New York City, New York
Surface: Hard Court
Defending Champs: Daniil Medvedev and Emma Raducanu

Tennis Betting Online Tips

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Research the Players

Take some time to really dive into each player and how they’ve played in the past in different weather conditions, under pressure, if they play better or worse after suffering a bad loss, etc. Taking note of these little traits will help you get a better idea of how a match could play out.

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What Surface Are They Playing On?

It’s definitely worth taking a look at how each player plays on the three different surfaces. If someone is used to playing on natural grass and tends to fumble while playing on hardcourt or clay, they may be at an advantage or disadvantage based on the court material.

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Avoid Complex Bets as a Beginner

Or just avoid complex bets in general if you don’t want to risk losing a lot of money. If you’re okay with small losses, feel free to make small wagers on handicap and exact score bets. But if you’re looking to boost your bankroll rather than burn it, stick to the basics.

Best Tennis Online Sportsbook Bonuses

If you’re interested in making an online tennis bet, be sure to take advantage of the FREE bonus money most online sportsbooks offer when simply signing up for a new account. These are the tennis betting sites with the best bonuses:

Online Sportsbook Bonus Accept Bitcoin? Mobile? Read Review
Bovada Up to $750 Yes Yes Bovada Review
everygame Up to $500 Yes Yes everygame Review
BetNow Up to $500 Yes Yes BetNow Review Up to $1,000 Yes Yes SportsBetting Review
BetOnline Up to $1,000 Yes Yes BetOnline Review

Tennis Terms Glossary

Tennis Betting Online FAQs

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