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The state of Kentucky is most famous for the Kentucky Derby and many people are not familiar with its gambling laws. There are no casinos in Kentucky and state gambling laws are very strict. Kentucky has a state lottery and permits parimutuel betting, bingo halls, and horse and dog racing. There are no laws that relate to online gambling, yet the state of Kentucky is against it. Other than age requirements, there is nothing illegal about online gambling for Kentucky residents. Here we provide an outline of Kentucky gambling laws and some legal online gambling sites that accept Kentucky residents.

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The state of Kentucky does not have any written laws, other than age requirements, that pertain to online gambling, so it is not illegal to gamble online. The Kentucky gambling laws are very strictly enforced and must be followed so as not to result in arrest. Keep in mind that this is a brief overview of Kentucky online gambling laws and residents should contact an attorney for more detailed information.

There are many gambling sites on the internet for Kentucky residents to choose from. Choosing one of these sites involves researching the site to ensure it is secure and legitimate and that it accepts residents of Kentucky. Choosing one of the sites we display on this page means you will not have to research it because it has been done for you and these sites are secure and legitimate. Our recommended sites accept Kentucky residents and offer a multitude of games.

We provide residents of Kentucky with a list of suggested online casinos that are safe, legitimate, legal, and accept Kentucky residents. Our recommended online casinos offer residents an assortment of table games, card games, keno, bingo, and slots. These sites also provide Kentucky residents with 24-hour play and customer service, secure transactions, bonuses and promotions, and protect your information from being compromised. Browse our list of online casinos that will fill the void of not having offline casinos in Kentucky, choose one, and start playing today.

Online sports betting sites are legal in Kentucky and our suggested sites offer a variety of options. Choosing our recommended online sportsbooks allows Kentucky residents to bet on their favorite sports without worrying about breaking the law because they accept Kentucky residents. These sites are highly recommended because they are safe, secure, and legitimate. When you choose one of our online sportsbooks you find different betting options, the latest sporting events and news, secure transactions, mobile and live betting options, and more.

Residents in the state of Kentucky do not have many offline gambling options and will love our suggested online poker rooms. Our online poker rooms accept all state of Kentucky residents that meet the age requirements for gambling online. These suggested sites are safe and secure and offer Kentucky residents a variety of poker games. Start playing today for a safe, legal, entertaining online poker playing experience.

One thing the state of Kentucky does allow its residents are offline bingo halls. For those who do not wish to travel there are many options when it comes to online bingo halls. We offer some of the finest online bingo halls for players in the state of Kentucky. All of our suggested online bingo sites accept state of Kentucky residents, are legitimate, secure sites, and offer a variety of bingo playing options. If you choose to play bingo online and are a Kentucky resident, opt for one of our mentioned sites for hours of entertainment and fun.

Kentucky Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in Kentucky?

At the time this review was written as far as we know there are no written online gambling laws for the state of Kentucky, therefore making online gambling legal. There are no laws that ban, regulate, or prohibit online gambling in Kentucky. The only requirement residents must meet is age requirements, which are listed above.

What is the legal gambling age in Kentucky?

While there are no laws in Kentucky that prohibit online gambling there are age requirements for gambling. Kentucky residents that are 18 years of old are allowed to play bingo online and offline, the state lottery, and horse and dog racing. Residents of Kentucky that are 21 years of age are allowed to gamble in online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms. These age requirements are strictly enforced and those caught gambling online or offline under the ages stated above may face arrest or prosecution.

Are online casinos legal in Kentucky?

There is no law in the state of Kentucky that states online casinos are illegal. There are not any offline casinos in Kentucky and the state is against online gambling but has not written any laws banning online casinos or online gambling. Residents of Kentucky can gamble in online casinos without worry of breaking the law.

Are online sportsbooks legal in Kentucky?

As with online casinos, online sportsbooks are not outlawed in the state of Kentucky. Residents of Kentucky that try to start their own online sports book may face problems but there is nothing in the gambling laws that states betting in online sportsbooks is illegal. Use one of our recommended sites and start betting on your favorite sports today because it is not a crime.

What is the best site for sports betting in Kentucky?

We recommend Bovada for the best in online sports betting. Bovada is a safe, secure, and legitimate online sports book. This site offers users the top five betting lines, a welcome bonus, promotions, live wagering, mobile wagering, and articles about betting on your favorite sports. Bovada also accepts state of Kentucky residents, it is free to join, and has secure betting and deposit options. Bovada is one of the most highly recommended legitimate online sportsbooks available. Join today and start betting on your favorite sports.

Is online poker legal in Kentucky?

As with online casinos and sportsbooks, there are no written laws in Kentucky that make them illegal. You can play your favorite online poker games without fear of violating Kentucky online gambling laws.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in Kentucky?

There have been no arrests made in the state of Kentucky for online gambling so it is unlikely you will be arrested for gambling online. As long as you follow Kentucky’s online gambling age requirements you are not violating any online gambling laws.

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