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The state of Ohio has some forms of regulated gambling and no existing laws for online gambling. The subject of the legal gambling age can be a little confusing too. We try to clarify the online gambling laws for Ohio here, but we are not attorneys. Contact an attorney if you would like a more thorough explanation of Ohio’s online gambling laws. On this page, we bring Ohio residents legal, offshore gambling sites that are top rated and secure.

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If you are thinking of gambling online and are an Ohio resident then you have come to the right page for a breakdown of Ohio gambling laws and the best gambling websites that accept Ohio residents. Ohio residents will find that some parts of the legal gambling age can be a little confusing. The land based casinos and poker rooms in Ohio are permitted to set their own age requirement for their gambling establishment. Per the establishment, you must be anywhere between the ages of 18 and 21 to play at land based casinos and poker rooms in Ohio. At the age of 18, Ohio residents can legally gamble at land based or online bingo halls, pari-mutuel betting, and state lottery establishments. When Ohio residents turn 21, they are legally permitted to gamble at online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. Whether you are going to gamble online or offline check with the establishment first for the age requirements.

There are no clearly stated online gambling laws in Ohio or gambling websites that are legalized or regulated by the state for their residents. The Department of Justice states that the Wire Act of 1962 does not apply to online gambling websites, which can mean that online gambling is not illegal in Ohio. With no clear laws for online gambling in Ohio it is impossible to determine whether online gambling is legal or illegal. What we know for sure is that authorities in Ohio prosecute operators of illegal gambling websites, not individual players. We can determine that Ohio residents are not committing a crime when they join offshore internet gambling websites and will not be arrested for using them. We guarantee Ohio residents will be so pleased with the internet gambling websites listed here that the search will end on this page.

With all the gambling sites out there, it can be hard to choose a legal, safe, licensed site. We cannot stress enough that our sites are all three things and more. Our preferred internet gambling sites are legal to Ohio residents because they are not operated illegally in the United States or any other country. These sites are licensed, regulated, and legal in other countries such as Canada and Panama and it is legal for Ohio residents and all U.S. residents to join and play. These offshore legal online gambling sites take great steps to ensure that all of your information is protected and transactions are secure. Each of our preferred online gambling sites has a privacy policy that explains the security policy used by each individual site. All of the gambling websites we suggest are regulated and must meet certain criteria to stay operational, which you can also view at the individual website of your choice. Now that we have addressed the areas of security and legality of our preferred gambling website we discuss entertainment.

The online casinos we give you on this page are the most entertaining and convenient sites on the internet for online gamblers. Online casinos provide you with the convenience of never having to leave the comfort of your home for all the gambling action you will find in land-based casinos. Ohio residents will find a multitude of games at these online casinos including everything from slots to table games. Deposits are easy to make and the listed online casinos found here offer a welcome bonus for new players. Ohio residents that want to gamble at online casinos will find everything they need and want at our preferred sites.

The online sportsbooks we bring to Ohio residents are easy to use, offer free registration, a welcome bonus, and updated sports scores and news. Ohio residents that enjoy betting on their favorite sports teams will find that our preferred online sportsbooks offer betting options for mobile betting and live betting. Download the app for mobile betting for your phone and/or tablet and bet from anywhere. In addition, sports bettors can bet on games while they are in progress with live betting. We offer an array of sports to bet on and Ohio residents are sure to find what they are looking for at our preferred list of online sportsbooks.

Preferred poker rooms that we list on this page offer a wide range of options for internet poker players of Ohio. In our online poker rooms, you will find there are different levels of playing options for learning to play, beginners, and all the way to advanced poker players. Our online poker rooms provide Ohio residents with daily and weekly tournaments, bonuses, and promotions. You can play H.O.R.S.E., five or seven card stud, Texas hold ’em, Omaha, and more with our variety of poker games at these preferred poker sites. Choose a site and begin playing right away for hours of poker entertainment.

If bingo is your favorite game then you are sure to find a satisfying online bingo hall on this page. Our online bingo halls offer residents different types of games, cards, and other options.

Ohio Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling safe and legal in Ohio?

Online gambling is safe for Ohio residents that choose to join one of our preferred sites that are found on this page. These offshore sites are legal and legitimate for Ohio residents. Our preferred sites are also safe and secure. We suggest reading the privacy policy at individual gambling sites for more information.

Are online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, other online gambling sites legal in Ohio?

Offshore online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and other online gambling sites are legal for Ohio residents. There are no written online gambling laws in Ohio so you are safe to play at these sites.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in Ohio?

Individual online gamblers are not at risk of going to jail for gambling online. Operators of online gambling websites are at risk of going to jail in Ohio because sites operated in the state are illegal.