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West Virginia does not offer many options in the way of land based gambling to its residents and many turn to online gambling. Online gambling is not specifically addressed in the West Virginia gambling laws so it cannot be said that it is illegal. We explore the online gambling laws in West Virginia to give residents a clearer understanding of what is and is not allowed. We also provide West Virginia residents with numerous options of the highest rated online gambling websites to be found on the internet. In case we haven’t mentioned it before we are not lawyers and suggest you speak with one if you are unsure of what you read here.

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West Virginia has considered legalizing online gambling but has not taken steps to do so yet.West Virginia does have a law that makes unregulated gambling illegal and could apply to online gambling but has never been used in this way. There is nothing that actually references online gambling in the state laws so we feel residents have nothing to worry about as of now. West Virginia authorities concentrate more on the operators of illegal gambling sites then they do players. If you play at the offshore websites, we provide here you will find they are legal because they are not located within the United States and these laws do not pertain to them.

We provide West Virginia residents with offshore internet gambling sites that are licensed and regulated. These sites are 100 percent legal for West Virginia residents to join and not fear the laws of their state. Our internet gambling sites consist of online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites. We feel you will be satisfied with everything the sites have to offer and you will keep coming back. Who wouldn’t come back for daily bonuses and promotions?

Online casinos provide West Virginia residents the convenience of gambling right from the comfort of home. Online casinos are as fun and exciting as land based casinos and offer a diversity of games. These online casinos offer West Virginia residents appealing bonuses and promotions daily, secure transactions, and a plethora of gambling options that you may not find in live casinos. When you browse our selection, you will be surprised by the number of casinos we offer. Choose one to join today and begin having fun right away.

If you are looking to play the odds, you will find a lot of options for West Virginia residents. We provide residents with the best in online sportsbooks. You will enjoy our updated sports news, schedules, and scores as well as tips to improve your odds. West Virginia residents will love the mobile betting options and live betting options our sites provide. These online sportsbooks are 100 percent legal and safe for West Virginia residents. Peruse our lists and join today to being wagering.

Poker players will find while other sites have been shut down ours never will because they are licensed and regulated. We take the worry out of playing in illegal poker rooms for West Virginia residents. We offer online poker rooms that have bonuses, promotions, and high stakes games with large jackpots. West Virginia residents are always welcome to join in on a poker tournament, a few quick hands, or any of the various playing options our poker sites provide residents. You have to see these sites to believe all they have available to you. View one today and join to ante up in these exciting poker rooms.

We never forget our bingo fans and always provide them with bingo sites that are just as entertaining as our other online gambling sites. You can play from your own home and join in on tournaments that offer real money play. West Virginia residents will be pleased with the various bingo cards and playing styles offered at these online bingo halls. You never have to worry because these sites are legal for West Virginia players and safe.

West Virginia Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in West Virginia?

Online gambling is legal in West Virginia because there is nothing in the laws that refer to online gambling being illegal. West Virginia residents do not have to fear they are breaking the law or will be arrested when they play at the offshore gambling sites we provided.

What is the legal gambling age in West Virginia?

You must follow the age requirements in place because they are part of the West Virginia gambling laws. These age requirements are pretty much the same, as other states require. West Virginia residents that are 18 can play land based and online bingo, state lottery, and online bingo. Residents of West Virginia that are 21 can play land based casinos, poker rooms, and dog and horse racing. Residents who are 21 can also play online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms.

Are online casinos legal in West Virginia?

Online casinos that operate in a jurisdiction other than West Virginia are legal in the state. All of our listed sites operate in remote offshore locations and do not violate the state laws so they are legal in West Virginia.

Are online sportsbooks legal in West Virginia?

The online sportsbooks we provide for West Virginia residents are operated, licensed, and regulated offshore and are legal in West Virginia. There are no proper online sportsbooks laws so there is nothing to prevent residents from gambling at these sites.

Are online poker sites legal in West Virginia?

There is no evidence of online poker sites being mentioned in the state of West Virginia’s laws so it is not illegal for residents to join and play. The online poker sites we provide residents are legal in West Virginia because they are operated from a remote location. These sites are also regulated and licensed from the remote location where they operate.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in West Virginia?

We have searched and searched and not found evidence of anyone going to jail for gambling in the state of West Virginia or any other state in our nation. Besides there are no laws in the West Virginia gambling laws that refer to online gambling or make it a crime in any way. We can safely say it is not likely that you will go to jail for gambling online.