10 Casino Betting Systems to Try Online

Casino betting systems are a perfect way to upgrade your online casino experience. We count down the top 10 casino betting systems which can help manage your betting, extend your bankroll, and lead to big wins!


Players know that the thrill of gambling is chance: the possibility of winning big and overcoming the odds. Although many players correctly think that online casino games are luck-based, a strong betting strategy can help experienced players to overcome the odds and walk away as a winner. Although you can’t always affect your chance of winning, a solid betting strategy can help make the difference over the course of an online gambling session.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a few of these casino betting systems: Martingale, d’Alembert, Fibonacci. Although they can sound confusing at first, they are solid systems for managing your betting strategy while gambling online. Read on to learn about ten of the top casino betting systems to try at the casinos online in the USA.

1. Martingale System

Probably the most famous and straightforward casino betting system, the Martingale system looks to ensure that you cover your losses and maintain (and hopefully extend) your bankroll. The gist of the martingale strategy is this: double your previous wager after a loss. It really is that easy!

To give an example: you’re betting $10 a hand on blackjack. If you win, bet $10 again on the next hand, but if you lose, bet $20. If you also lose the next wager, the next bet will be $40, but if you win, you go back to $10 a hand.

The Martingale is beloved by gamblers (especially with online blackjack players) as it is easy to keep track of and can help cover losses. That being said, if you go on a losing streak then the wagering amount can get huge fast. Make sure to check your bankroll management strategy before using this strategy.

2. Reverse Martingale System

This is almost exactly the same as the Martingale system but with one important difference. Instead of doubling your wager after every loss, you double your wager after every win! This strategy is a positive progression system as it looks to capitalize on winning streaks, as opposed to covering losses.

You will have to consider when to stop doubling your bets when on a winning streak: the pros suggest doubling your bets two or three times before returning to the original wagering amount. Just remember: if you continue doubling up and lose, then all your winnings will be wiped out.

3. Labouchere System

Get your pen and paper ready! The Labouchere system requires you to keep notes in order to track your progress. The gist of Labouchere is that you want to choose a winning goal (for example, let’s use $100) and then note down a set of amounts that all add up to your goal.

For $100 that could be: $10, $20, $40, $20, $10. In your first bet, your wager amount will be the sum of the leftmost and rightmost numbers on your list (so for our example: 10+10 for a wager of $20). If you win the bet, cross out the two numbers. If you lose, add the sum ($20) to the right of the list and follow the strategy (where your next bet would be 10+20 for a wager of $30).

The endgame of Labouchere is to win your original goal (in our example $100). This strategy is great for players who want to aim for a goal in their gambling session but watch out for increasingly high wagering amounts if you go on a losing streak.

4. Reverse Labouchere System

If there’s one thing that you should get used to about casino betting systems, it’s that most of them have a reverse version. The reverse Labouchere system is no different and, like the reverse Martingale, you increase your wagering amounts after wins as opposed to after losses.

Just like in the regular Labouchere system, you keep track of your series but add the wagering amount to the right of your series after every win. When you lose, you cross out the outside numbers on your list. You continue until you win your original starting goal.

5. d’Alembert System

The d’Alembert system is particularly beloved by online roulette players who cite this as one of the best roulette strategy systems. The d’Alembert system feels like a hybrid between the regular and reverse Martingale systems. If you win, you decrease your wagering amount. If you lose, you increase it.

Let’s say your starting bet is $10. If you win, the next bet is $9 and if you lose, it would be $11. This strategy is easier on your bankroll as the increases are much smaller and incremental than in the Martingale system. So you can expect smaller wins but you’ll be able to play more in the long run.

6. Reverse d’Alembert System

You had to have guessed this was a thing, right? The reverse d’Alembert operates in the same way as the regular version but, as with most reverse versions, you increase your wagering amount after a win and decrease it after a loss.

The reverse d’Alembert is an effective and safe option as far as casino betting systems go. Remember to have a winning goal in mind so that you know when to walk away with your winnings.

7. Fibonacci System

Now you may have heard about Fibonacci in a high school math class, but don’t sleep on this strategy! It follows the famous mathematical sequence where each number is the sum of the two numbers to the left of it. For example: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.

This sequence is found throughout nature (in everything from pine cones to artichokes) and can also be utilized at real money online casinos. First, you start by deciding your wagering amount, for our example let’s use $10. If you lose the first wager, your next bet will be two numbers to the right in the system. So if you lost your first bet, the next bet would be $20. If you win, your next bet will be the next number to the left.

As with other casino betting systems which focus on recouping losses, the issue is that a losing streak could soon leave you unable to continue the system. In our example, after four losses in a row, your next bet would be $210. As always, take a close look at your bankroll management system to see if this betting system is compatible.

8. Paroli System

The Paroli system has a lot in common with the reverse Martingale system. Not only do you increase your bets after a win, you in fact double your wager after a win. The main difference between the Paroli system and the reverse Martingale is that this system has a built-in limit to how many times you can increase your wager.

With the Paroli system, you are limited to three consecutive increases. You should return to the original wagering amount after three consecutive increases, even if you’re on a hot streak. This can help alleviate the risk of the reverse Martingale where your winnings can be wiped out by chasing bigger wins in the short term.

9. 1-3-2-6 System

Casino betting systems are all about number sequences, but this system is one of the easiest around. The aim here is to win four bets in a row, progressively moving along the sequence. You start with 1 unit (let’s say that’s $10). If you win, the next bet will be 3 units ($30) and so on through the system. If you lose, you go back to the start of the system (1 unit).

If you successfully win four bets in a row, you will have 12 units ($120). This strategy is best utilized in games where your chances are 50/50, particularly roulette and baccarat online.

10. Hollandish System

This is a riskier system for online roulette, but it has the potential for big wins if you can pull it off! The first thing to know about the Hollandish system is that you will be making three points per round: all on even money bets (red/black etc.).

Your first wager amount is 1 unit per bet. If two or more bets lose, you increase all the wagers by 2 units (to 3). If you win, 2 or more bets, you go back to the original wagering amount. With every loss, you increase the wagering amount by two units for all bets.

The advantage of the Hollandish system is that, by virtue of making multiple bets a round, you can win even on a losing round. This helps to alleviate the losses on this otherwise aggressive system. As with other negative progression systems, you need to ensure that your bankroll can handle losing streaks.


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What Casino Has the Lowest House Edge?

When choosing between casino betting systems, you need to consider a few important factors. You should always choose the best strategy for your favorite game and always consider the house edge. The house edge varies between casino games and even between variants of the same game.

Pai Gow poker, for instance, has a fairly reliable house edge of 2.5% but online slots can have a house edge anywhere between 1% and 15%! Online blackjack has the best house edge at only 1.5%. Read our guide to casino games with lowest house edge here.

What’s the Lowest Risk Gambling Method?

If you’re looking for a low-risk gambling experience, games with a low house edge like online blackjack are for you. With a house edge of only 1.5%, you can safely use systems such as Fibonacci or Martingale to guide your betting strategy during the game.

Unfortunately, all casino betting systems come with risk. Online casino games are, for the most part, games of chance and there is always an inherent risk in gambling. These systems do not influence the outcome of a game and are purely ways for you to manage your bets. All of the above casino betting systems can be played safely if you adhere to the system and your casino bankroll management system.

Now that you’re an expert in casino betting strategies, why not read our online casino reviews to find your new favorite online casino. Claim a huge welcome casino bonus and try out your new betting strategy.

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