Top 5 Ways To Blow Your Vegas Winnings

So, you've won a good chunk of change in Vegas, now what do you do? If you want to soak in some of the finer things Vegas has to offer, here are our favorite ways to spend your Vegas winnings.


Everyone dreams of hitting it big in Vegas but what do you do with the winnings? At some point, you have to step away from the tables and celebrate with your spoils. The beauty of Sin City is that there are so many avenues for you to take when you have that cash in hand.

If you’ve been wondering what’s the best play, our editors have compiled their five favorite options to spend lavishly in Vegas and feel like royalty.

Spa Day

Gambling often comes with a side of stress. There’s the possible stress of losing, stress of strategizing & managing your bankroll, and even the stress of winning when you get the adrenaline rush. If you need to ease out of it and release some of that tension, a lengthy spa day might be in the cards.

The great thing about Vegas is that they have some of the best spas in the world. From first-class masseuses to all sorts of unique amenities, you’re going to feel like a new person once you’ve had a treatment.

  • Spa Of Choice: Bellagio

You really can’t go wrong with a lot of spas in Sin City as the Wynn, Cosmopolitan, and Aria all have good options. The spa at the Bellagio is a slight cut above, though. What’s nice about this spa is it’s a little bit smaller and quieter than, say, Aria, but it still has incredible amenities. There are indoor tubs and dipping pools, and an outdoor pool. There are steam rooms and luxurious showers. You can enter for as little as $50 for a Spa Pass or you can overindulge in 100-minute custom massages. The latter might be the pampering you need to reward yourself for the wins.


There was a time when dining in Las Vegas was buffet-oriented. While there were all sorts of other options on the menu, the buffet was the main course and everything else was just scraps. However, over the last 20 years, Vegas has transformed into one of the dining capitals of the world. Many celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay and Giada Di Laurentis have jaunts on The Strip and you’ll even find Michelin-starred options. Sure, you can still get a quite bite here and there, and the buffets have also upped their game, but fine dining is a great way to indulge if you’ve got some bank to back it up.

  • Restaurant Of Choice: Joel Robuchon

You really can’t go wrong with a signature steakhouse like STK in Cosmopolitan and nobody would fault you for choosing Nomad in Park MGM, but your best bet for the most opulent, luxurious, incredible experience is Joel Robuchon. Sadly, the iconic French chef has passed away but his restaurant lives on in Las Vegas. It’s collected Michelin stars and has also earned accolades like Forbes Five Star, AAA Five Diamond, and Wine Spectator’s Grand Award. It’s an out-of-this-world experience.

While it is pricy, it’s worth every penny. It’s the type of meal you’ll talk about forever. From a bread cart with seemingly endless options to a menu that’s likely to include black caviar, gold flakes, and only the finest cuts of meat, every bite will feel like a win. The tasting menu is usually out of reach for the average person but if you’re coming off some serious winnings, you’ll be in good shape.

Hotel Room

Vegas is a place that caters to all. That means you’ll always be able to find a deal on a room in the $100-$200 range, which gets you a comfortable bed and a safe place to lay your head before you dive into the craziness of The Strip. However, Vegas also caters to the high-end and if you are dealing with a handful of winnings, putting that bag towards a sweet hotel room will open your eyes to what’s available.

Vegas has some of the nicest hotel rooms in the world. You can get in-room butlers, masseuses, dealers, pool tables, and much more. You might only be staying for a few nights but it’ll feel like you’re staying in Drake’s penthouse. Those types of experiences are worth splurging on.

  • Recommended Room: Aria Sky Suites

Of course, you can go much higher than the Sky Suites in Aria in terms of luxury. However, this is a price point that’s expensive but still attainable if you’re coming off some big wins, and it’ll give you a taste of opulence. These rooms are accessed via a special entrance at Aria and are high above the regular rooms on the lower floors. These Five Diamond suites come with a personal concierge, luxury airport transportation, and a special Sky Suites lounge. As far as each room itself, they’re over 2000 square feet of space with bedrooms, living rooms, and a spa-like bathroom. There are individual tubs, powder areas, and even a steam room shower. And make sure you take advantage of the pillow menu. It’s over-the-top but that’s what you’re there for.


There are all sorts of entertainment offerings in the evenings from strip clubs to night clubs to ranches and much more. Keep this in the somewhat clean realm (we’ll leave you to discover the others on your own), investing in a good pair of seats for some of the incredible shows is highly recommended.

What’s great about Vegas is you have so many options. Want to see incredible acrobatics? Cirque Du Soleil has plenty of shows nightly. Want to be wowed by magic? Criss Angel and others will dazzle you. Into live acts? Crooners and performers are readily making their way through The Strip. Especially if you’re with your significant other, make a fun date night out of it, get dressed up and go sit front row for something special.

  • Recommended Show: Lady Gaga

It’s somewhat of a fielder’s choice here and you can’t go wrong with a number of options, but if Lady Gaga is in town and she’s your cup of tea, she’s worth every penny. She’s a hot ticket, so don’t simply assume that you’ll be able to get one – especially a seat that’s up close upfront – but if you can, it will be a night to remember. Not only is she an iconic singer, she’s an iconic performer who does a fantastic job of putting on an electric show.

Natural Adventures

Vegas is an adult playground unlike any other and while most of the activities happen on The Strip, there is some really cool adrenaline rushes to tap into beyond that one area.

Nevada is mostly desert but there are some really incredible natural wonders to explore like the Hoover Dam. If you’re looking for something more active, there’s whitewater rafting, ATVing, and much more. Some people find these to be too expensive as it costs a lot more than just your average show, but remember, you’re a high roller, so the money ain’t a thing.

  • Recommended Adventure: Grand Canyon

For most people, the Grand Canyon is out of reach because of distance and cost. It’s a ways away from Vegas and most people come to hang out on The Strip. However, if you’re a baller and you have some money to blow, you can get to the Grand Canyon via a helicopter tour. You can do something as simple as a flyby or you can go as elaborate as a tour of the top and bottom, and have a boat tour when you’re at the bottom. Any type of ride from above is jaw-dropping as it provides a perspective that you simply don’t get when you’re walking around the rim.

grand canyon orange sky national park arizona scenery

The Grand Canyon.

It’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world, so if you have the funds to hop in a helicopter and fly by, this is one of the best ways to see it.

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